25 October 2021

15 Minute Challenge Things starting to Slow down

Not much to show this week.  It was a 6 out of 7 week for me.  Just didn't feel like doing anything one night but have been slowly working on socks and cross stitch progress below but i'm way behind but will just keep plugging on.  On the weekend I prepared the backing for Quick Quilt 5 and basted the layers ready to quilt it. 

I had a massage on Thursday and I was pretty sore afterwards today is the first day that I've been without back and neck pain.  My neck was pretty jammed up so the pain was expected, thankfully the headaches that have plaguing me on and off for the last couple of weeks have gone.  

Mo got a heap of pottery fired last week and they all came out quite beautifully.  A couple of the pieces were experiments and some are for gifts but they have turned out lovely.  

Work appears to be turning a corner and we are in slow down just about so I am hoping to be able to catch up on things over the next couple of weeks and am planning my summer holidays.  

19 October 2021

15 Minute Challenge

 The quilt top for Quick Quilt 5 is done I've decided not to add a border this time.  Will have to search the stash for some suitable backing and get it quilted hopefully I will get a chance on the weekend to start that.  Quick Quilt 6 is done as it is a pattern I have already got on file and it is Christmas theme so this is the last quilt to finish for the year.  What ever was I thinking.  

There has been more progress on the Cryptid Cross stitch. The next monster is nearly done.  I got a delivery of Blackbird Patterns today, its from a 2017 Loose Feather's I have managed to track down 6 of the patterns there are 9 in all any they can be all done on the same cloth, will see if I can get the other 3 if not I will do them separately who am I kidding I will be 101 by the time I get them all done.  

Sock knitting is going along I'm onto the foot of the first green sock and up to the heel on the red.  

Finally get to go out to dinner with the girls this week, we've all been hibernating so we haven't had dinner for at least 6 months, should be good to meet up again.  

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11 October 2021

15 Minute Challenge and a Milestone

 Maestro turned 21 yesterday, he took some friend out to dinner on Friday night and is planning to take out people from work later in the month.  He didn't want a party or presents so we just gave him the money to pay for his friends meal.  He sent us a picture of himself that his coworkers took of him asleep on his break the next day, I think he had a good time.   

Mo has only a couple more weeks of Uni and she is finished her first year.  

My husband hopes to finish up at work soon though the official end date is end of December he is going to take leave for as much of the remaining months as possible.  Things are going to be changing for us.  

So what have I been up to.  All the blocks are finished for quick quilt 5, this one has only been a semi quick quilt but we will go on with the theme.  This will be the last quilt I need to make as I already have a quilt done for the final block.  The last couple of months have been a bit of a slog a quilt every 2 months has been a lot of work I think there will just be one quilt next year.  

More sock knitting this week and some more work on my cryptid cross stitch.  I found a group of Black Bird Design patterns on instagram that I just had to get.  I managed to find 5 patterns at the one shop there are 9 all up so I will be on the hunt for the next 4 or maybe just 1 more for an even 6.  

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05 October 2021

15 Minute Challenge Lovely Long Weekend

 This past was a long weekend the first day was glorious with lots of sun shine, then we had 2 days of rain and wind, but that was fine.  I really needed a break from work so it was good to have that extra day to recharge the batteries.  It was also the start of day light savings here and I needed some extra sleep to recover from that as well.  

Quick Quilt 5 is all cut out and I have put together 4 blocks.  I probably could have done more this weekend but decided to do other stuff than staying in my sewing room all weekend.  

I finished another pair of socks and have started 2 more pairs.  

There has been a bit more progress on the cross stitch front, one cryptid is finished.  

Here is a sneaky peak at what Mo has been working on in the pottery shed ( I took a couple of sneaky pics while she wasn't looking).  She has another pot with more sculpture on it but she hasn't finished it yet.  She is so clever.  

Thats it for this week.  

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