25 October 2021

15 Minute Challenge Things starting to Slow down

Not much to show this week.  It was a 6 out of 7 week for me.  Just didn't feel like doing anything one night but have been slowly working on socks and cross stitch progress below but i'm way behind but will just keep plugging on.  On the weekend I prepared the backing for Quick Quilt 5 and basted the layers ready to quilt it. 

I had a massage on Thursday and I was pretty sore afterwards today is the first day that I've been without back and neck pain.  My neck was pretty jammed up so the pain was expected, thankfully the headaches that have plaguing me on and off for the last couple of weeks have gone.  

Mo got a heap of pottery fired last week and they all came out quite beautifully.  A couple of the pieces were experiments and some are for gifts but they have turned out lovely.  

Work appears to be turning a corner and we are in slow down just about so I am hoping to be able to catch up on things over the next couple of weeks and am planning my summer holidays.  

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Kate said...

Glad you've been able to get relief from the neck and back pain. Mo's pieces look great. I really like that one with the flowers on it, very pretty. Hope you had a good week of stitching time. It's finally starting to feel like fall here. Hope you've got lots of nice summer weather to enjoy.