25 January 2021

15 Minute Challenge and New BOM taking shape

Mo turns 18 this week I really can't believe it.  She is all signed up for Uni, and we tried to book her in to get her learners permit but there is an 8 week wait due to covid restrictions.  She wants to go to a desert cafe for tea on her actual birthday and then is having a small group of friends over to celebrate next week...no big party for her.  

 It was a 7 out of 7 for this week.  A few hours on the weekend to finish my first 1 block quilt.  I also did a few more crochet squares.

I took the photo below and then found another one in my crochet bag, so 18 are finished getting close to half way through the book.  I need to get a board to block them and I have started weaving in the ends now as soon as I finish a square because that is a thankless task that I probably don't want to leave to the end.  

Here is the first of my Quick Quilt series.  I need to hunt around for some batting, I have quite a bit but most of it is earmarked for quilts, I don't really want to go out and purchase some,  but I might have to.

I think I will release a pattern every 2 months, one of the blocks I have already used in a pattern so I will release that last.  At the end you will have 6 blocks (2 blocks each design) which you can make into the final Deer Folk sampler quilt.  Most of Quick Quilt series will all be 13 blocks on point which makes a small lap size quilt.  

We had a real swelter of a weekend 43C yesterday and not much lower the day before, there was a fire bug lighting fires in the Mount Lofty ranges which is pretty close  to the city.  They have arrested someone but I think there were a couple of houses lost.  This morning we woke to smoke blanketing the city, it was like driving in thick fog.  

This afternoon we had a torrential rain storm our backyard flooded so hopefully it rained in the right place a helped put the fire out. 

18 January 2021

15 Minute Challenge and New BOM Thoughts

 The first week back at work was hard, mainly because people were still at home sleeping in while I had to get my butt out of bed.  It was even worse today when I slept in so no walk for me just up and get ready and go.  

It was a 6 out of 7 week for me,  I did quite a bit of appliqué, and a couple of nights of crochet (latest squares below) and thought about what this years BOM might look like. 

I wanted to base this years BOM  on this quilt which I used as a teaching sample about 5 years ago.  The name of the quilt is Deer Folk and was completed in 2015.  The instructions for each block are done but I didn't want to just redo this quilt.    

The first thought was that I would do a sampler quilt with various sized blocks but I just couldn't get much enthusiasm to finish a sample on EQ let alone get fabric out so I have changed my mind. The quilt consists of 6 blocks and when I did the original teaching notes, I supplied a graphic of what a quilt would look like made up each of the blocks. 

I had a bit more of a play in EQ and have decided to do a series of 1 block quilts utilising some of these blocks.  I have decided to call them the weekend quilt series as you should be able to make a small quilt using the blocks in a weekend (if you don't do anything else that is).  Personally this only happens when I go away for a girls weekend, I can't sit and sew for that long at the machine without feeling it but in theory it is doable.  

Here is the first block,  I have cut the whole quilt out and have used just over 100 different fabrics.   I just need to trim the stitched units and sew them together as 9 patches.   I'm hoping to get the first quilt pieced by next weekend at the latest.  The pattern will be released here to download for free for at least a month, and the plan is to release further patterns throughout the year.  I'm being careful not to overcommit  myself just incase things go belly up again.  I will probably use this quilt as a present so it is sure to be finished sooner rather than later fingers crossed.  

Mo got out into the potters shed this weekend and she made a tea pot.  Everything she does is a bit of an experiment until she is able to be consistent about shape and size of things.  She has set up a new instagram account for her art and pottery and she hopes to take commissions in the future.  

So how did your week go.  Head to Kates to see how everyone is going this week.  

11 January 2021

15 Minute Challenge & New Pottery Shed

My husband usually has a project for his Christmas holidays this year's was a Pottery Shed for Mo.  He decided against lining it which made it an easier job.  He just put in a window and painted the inside, redid some of the concrete floor and put down vinyl floor to make it easy to keep clean.  The bikes had to stay and she won't be able to throw when it is really hot but it is a good space for her.

He is now waiting for the arrival of another shed to put some of the crap that was in this one away, I'm really hoping that the gym equipment that hasn't been used in 15 years is going to go to hard rubbish but I'm not holding my breath (because he is going to use it when he retires apparently).  

I did some hand appliqué this week which is the first time I've done any patchwork for a couple of months.  I finished off the stems of the top motive on my whole cloth appliqué and have made a start on the flowers.  There are 8 flowers, I have finished 2 and there are six with 3 of their 5 petals done, the next step is a mass of leaves to be done.  

It was a 7 out of 7 week as I didn't do much, Mo stayed at her boyfriends house for a couple of days and Maestro worked for most of the week so it was pretty quiet.  I binged watched Sandition (which I found unsatisfying after The Brigeton's).

I met up with the girls for our not Christmas Dinner, it was just easier this year to do it all after christmas.  As per usual we were all spoilt. 

Here are the ornaments that I made them and the stash of presents I came home with.  

 Check out how everyone went this week.  Hopefully I will be able to keep up after being at work this week.  

04 January 2021

15 Minute Challenge - New Year

Did you all have a lovely new year.  Mine was spent mostly on my own the boys went to the cricket and Mo went to a party. I was designated taxi and she rang a 12.03 to be picked up so at least she made it till midnight, Mo is anything but a party animal.  

We have had a slow couple of days since then.  Mo and I went shopping yesterday and managed to forget the one thing I wanted to buy.  She picked up some jeans at a bargain price and a couple of new bra's that weren't and I got a new small handbag.  The one thing that has gone by the wayside in 2020 was a handbag, my life now is pretty much on my phone. I only use to carry a little cash money now its none.  Most of my cards are accessible on my phone so I don't bother taking a wallet.  However I am about to get a new set of glasses ( and they had better come soon) so I need something to hold them in.  

I have been toying with the idea of doing a sampler quilt for this years BOM, its in my head at the moment I want to see how I feel and what time I have when I go back to work and the extra time I may or may have when Mo starts Uni.  I'm not really enthused to go out to the sewing machine so its just a glimmer of a thought at the moment.  

This week was a 7 out of 7.  I worked on my gifts for the girls and I will show you the pictures new week. 

I have been working through Granny Square Flair and have done a total of 7 squares the last one took a couple of days.  I still like the floral one best and I might do a coloured version down the track if I stay keen.  

 I must get back to my cross stitch.  I want to round my squares up to 8 then I may have a rest for a bit and go back to my cross stitch projects for a bit.