04 January 2021

15 Minute Challenge - New Year

Did you all have a lovely new year.  Mine was spent mostly on my own the boys went to the cricket and Mo went to a party. I was designated taxi and she rang a 12.03 to be picked up so at least she made it till midnight, Mo is anything but a party animal.  

We have had a slow couple of days since then.  Mo and I went shopping yesterday and managed to forget the one thing I wanted to buy.  She picked up some jeans at a bargain price and a couple of new bra's that weren't and I got a new small handbag.  The one thing that has gone by the wayside in 2020 was a handbag, my life now is pretty much on my phone. I only use to carry a little cash money now its none.  Most of my cards are accessible on my phone so I don't bother taking a wallet.  However I am about to get a new set of glasses ( and they had better come soon) so I need something to hold them in.  

I have been toying with the idea of doing a sampler quilt for this years BOM, its in my head at the moment I want to see how I feel and what time I have when I go back to work and the extra time I may or may have when Mo starts Uni.  I'm not really enthused to go out to the sewing machine so its just a glimmer of a thought at the moment.  

This week was a 7 out of 7.  I worked on my gifts for the girls and I will show you the pictures new week. 

I have been working through Granny Square Flair and have done a total of 7 squares the last one took a couple of days.  I still like the floral one best and I might do a coloured version down the track if I stay keen.  

 I must get back to my cross stitch.  I want to round my squares up to 8 then I may have a rest for a bit and go back to my cross stitch projects for a bit.  

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Kate said...

Nothing wrong with a quiet New Year's. There weren't any parties for SIT this year, cases here are surging badly. But she and I spent a quiet evening up in my sewing room. The SIT decided to learn embroidery. She's on project number 2 and so far hasn't slowed down any.