31 August 2008

Roxanne Glue Convert

Here is my gift for Relle, in the birthday Swap. Hope she likes it.

As you can see I have been having a bit of a play with Photoshop Elements and actually got it to work. I really need to do a course to find out what you can do with this program because I am sure there are lots more things I can be doing.

Have been working on my Pockets of Posies and have nearly finished appliqueing the centre block. I have tried using the Roxanne Glue to secure the pieces and just drawing round the template and I must say I am now a convert love the fact that there are no pins to get wrapped up in. I always liked using the freezer paper as it makes it easy to turn the fabric under but I am pretty happy with the results though some of my circles are a bit wonky I think it will just come with practice. I haven't done any applique for about 12 months and must say that I am really enjoying it, I needed a break from Seasons I had better go back to it soon though so I can start quilting it.

28 August 2008

Quilt Fabric Delights

I have joined a referral club with Quilt Fabric Delights where I earn points for everyone I refer to their website and they subsequently purchase. I am really happy to do this as Sarah's services is exceptional. Every time I have ordered through the site I have received my parcel the next day so you can't complain about that. I know that she is in Adelaide and so it only takes a day for mail to arrive but it also means that she is very organised and is able to fill her orders straight away.

I am doing a couple of BOM through her including the Pin Cushion of the Month which I can't wait for that one to start in September. So if you would like to help me help Sarah grow her business use the link on my side bar.

24 August 2008

Finished Another Birthday Swap

Friday I finished another birthday swap pressie and it is ready to post on Monday. Have taken a photo and will post it once Relle has opened it.

Went to the playground yesterday with the kids and I took my camera. Here is my favourite shot of the afternoon. My son was kicking the footy and every picture he was pulling a face so none of those were worth sharing but this one shot I was really happy with.
Might go to the Stamping and Scrapbooking Fair today, I need some stamp connections don't have any idea where to get stamps from in Adelaide and I want to for my mixed media collection. Have no money so won't be buying anything but will be scooping up business cards and ideas.

21 August 2008

Stash Shopping

Got the next installment of the Pockets of Posies from Mrs Martins yesterday and decided that I need to get some fabrics together so that I could start. I don't really want to buy any more fabrics as I should be working on decreasing the size of the stash which is full to bursting so went hunting through a few bags of "projects" that haven't been started or just started and which I don't think I am honestly going to get to and managed to pull about 20m of fabric without even trying as well as a stack of charm packs that will be good to use to get that scrappy look that the quilt has, all without spending any money. Does that make it free? Probably at a stretch. Did I make much of a dent in the stash not really...

Have been deciding on what fabrics to use for Gail's December Garden and am going to go bright so will be very different from the original.

Mrs Martin is also having another Cyber Stitching day and a little bird has told me I am hosting again, with the list of people the little bird thinks we should invite we might have to get a venue lol.

18 August 2008

You Have Mail

Got my order from the Fat Quarter Shop today and the next part of Little Bluebirds. This week is going to be a good mail week all round cause I have been a bit naughty doing far too much internet shopping.

Went to Hetties for some of her yummy flannel for some PJ's for me and it was bargain price and picked up the last piece of fabric I needed for Little Bluebirds so will be able to make a start soon as I finish a few things on my to do list.

I can strike off my Winged Things and Halloween Ornie swaps they are now complete, just have to parcel them up and then they are on their way to North Queensland to the Swap Mamma who will sort them all out and send them back to us in early September.

14 August 2008

Off to Market to buy.....

By popular demand (not really) here is a close up of block 7. Think I am going to have to save up for that macro lens, but first have to stop buying stuff on the internet. Cathy Penton just released some new charms and I have snapped one up and this morning I ordered that PJ pattern on QFD, because I saw some yummy flannel fabric on Hetties Blog (I do need new pj's though lol).

Headed to the Central Market this morning...I love shopping at the Market. Lots of lovely fresh food smells, must admit the bread stalls were very tempting but I resisted. Got lots of yummy things to cook for tea which I had better start now because the kids are starving.

13 August 2008

Another Project Nearer to Completion

Here was the view from my front door this morning at 7am brrrrrrr... it wasn't much better at 8.30 and at 9.30 when I was driving through the Parklands on the way to work the soup was just as thick.

Blue sky's now though..

Last night I finished putting the borders on my version of Seasons by Gail.

I haven't finished the border stitchery will get to that this week but I am pretty happy with the result, though I am not happy with some of my thread colour selection should have gone for a few shades darker on some of the blocks so they stood out more but guess what I'm not unpicking I'll live with it.

12 August 2008

I'm Avoiding again

Ok Ok its Tuesday and I am avoiding the housework again lol. Just a quick note then I had better get back to the cleaning. Got my hands on the latest Janet Evanovich novel Fearless Fourteen, not reading it very quickly like I usually do because I have been a bit tired the last few days and keep falling asleep (not that I am saying the book is no good it is fabulous and full of laughs as usual) I am putting it down to the fact that everyone in the house except me has got a bug and my immune system is working overtime so I don't get it.

Painted my winged ornies last night and they have come out too dark so am off to the shop on Thursday for different colour and I am just about out of the colour I need for the Halloween ones and some of them are looking a bit wishy washy so a trip to Spotlight is needed.

Did some blog surfing on the weekend and ended up on Heather Baileys blog which led me to a machine quilter Vivian Love and she has a 3 part on how she quilted one of Heather's quilt which is absolutely amazing. Check out the strawberry pin cushions, had to get me some of those so I ordered the pattern from Heather's shop you could also order kits but I was very good and didn't lol.

Here is the birthday swap item that I made for Mon from the P4P group I gave a sneak peak a couple of weeks ago but now I can do the whole reveal. Posties just come with the latest Quilting Arts Mag (just done the kitchen floor better start the ironing before I sit down with that maybe over lunch).

08 August 2008

oooooh it hurts

I have had a bit of a stiff neck since the drive up to Loxton, my Chiropractor suggested that I have a massage to help it as my neck muscles were very tight and not allowing the adjustment to stay put. So I booked in for a massage after today's visit I am now reaping the reward. My neck was the least of my problems my hips were the worst so my the bottom of my back and the my neck and shoulders are now very tender. At least it only really hurts when I touch it...but it is still quite painful when that happens...and she said it will be worse tomorrow..oh what joy... Well I booked in for another round next Saturday so she can work a bit more of the knots out that's if I survive the weekend lol.

06 August 2008

No 1 Finished

Here is my version of Sally which was Rosalie Quinlan's project, my daughter has grabbed her and declared her hers so this is probably the best she will look and it will all be down hill from here. I have also finished the needle case and scissor keep from Gail's project but I have given that away as a birthday pressie so will have to make another for me.

Have had some failures with my ornies and scrapped my original "winged things" design and have started again with new bodies. Halloween is starting to come together hopefully I can get them all stuffed during the week and start painting on the weekend to make them all lovely and prim. Then it will wrap and label them and send them they have a long way to travel this time. I also have a couple of birthday swaps to come up with in the next few weeks so will be busy with things to give away and then I suppose I will have to start thinking about Christmas.

I did some major damage at the Fat Quarter Shop this week ordering a couple of Jelly Rolls and the fabulous Michael Miller Black and White Box set. The Jelly Rolls are for one of Viv's patterns and the Black and Whites are to do another version of Leanne's Loxton Vines for my son.

02 August 2008


I have a mountain of housework to do and yesterday was my first day home for nearly 2 weeks so of course I went shopping. Well I just had to buy some new work pants because, my usuals were in the wash (which I hadn't done) and then when I went back to some of my old faithfuls they looked like a bag on me, so Thursday went to work in jeans. Picked up a couple of shirts for work they were 2 for $15 (original price $50). A pair of grey pants (half price) and black ones (full price). Also saw this little bag by Nica, couldn't justify some of the bigger bags as I bought a Nica bag for my birthday in February and I love it, this one is just a tiny one to hold keys and phone and not much else but will be great for school drop offs when I don't need to take the whole rig so that came home with me. Might end up going back for one of the others though they are just soooooo yummy.