27 January 2020

15 Minute Challenge & Happy Australia Day

It s the Australia Day long weekend.  Yesterday was the day and today is the holiday.  We have 3 weeks of lovely mile weather, there has been a bit of rain and temps in the mid 20's for most of that time.

Mo goes back to school for year 12 tomorrow which happens to be her birthday, we plan to go out to tea just the 3 of us as Maestro is working.  Although he is invited she isn't going to pressure her incredibly shy boyfriend to come so it may be 4 we will play it by ear.  He did make her the most amazing cheese cake covered in berry syrup for her birthday.

I am just about finished the top row of Spring Time Romance, the books are done and I have finished the flower centres on half the flowers.  Next weekend I should be able to put the top row on the quilt and I will get started on the bottom row of appliqué.

This week was a 7 out of 7 for me.  I'm hoping to get the quilt top finished by the end of February if not sooner so I can start the pattern writing for the final putting it together.


20 January 2020

15 Minute Challenge & Milder Weather

We had rain overnight and today is almost like a winters day.

It was a 7 out of 7 week and I have been doing stitching every night.  The flowers on the top border are done apart from flower centres and I have started to stitch the books and they are looking like books so I'm pretty pleased with the results.

I'm really tired today so this isn't much of a post.  Here is my progress photo of the border of Springtime Romance.

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13 January 2020

15 Minute Challenge and Back to Work :(

After 4 weeks of not having to get out of bed before 9.30 it was a rude awakening this morning when I had to go back to work.  I spent the morning sorting through a months worth of emails but I am nearly on top of them.

I was expecting to have to start on a major job of boxing up all our old paper files, however the when I got into the office the boss had already done it.  So at least I won't be doing that.  There are still a few things that need to be sorted but the majority of the work has been done.

I purchased a new Yazzi bag this week to store my Wonderfil Efina threads.  I have been working on the top border for Springtime Romance and have one spray of small flowers to go before starting on the books on the end and flower centres.

My tally this week was 6 out of 7 nights.  The one night I didn't stitch was another scorcher so I decided to lay under the air conditioner and read a book instead of stitching.

Mo had me make her more pads so that took up a fair bit of the weekend.

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06 January 2020

15 Minute Challenge & Cool Ties for FIreys Sewing Bees

I will be joining the 15 minute challenge again this year.  It was an excellent way to make sure that I took the time each evening to sew.  It helped to give my life balance over the year and was instrumental in helping my stress levels when in the past work took over.

This week was another 7 out of 7.  The last couple of days I have been working on Cool Ties for Fireys.  All around Australia people are having sewing bees to make cool ties filled with water crystals for the necks of fire fighters.

Here is my contribution.  I'll be dropping them off at the local quilt shop for distribution to where they are needed.

The news has been heart breaking and the coming months are going to be hard for those directly effected by the fires.  Kangaroo Island where my kids went last year for a week long camp has had a 1/3 of its area destroyed, they estimate 25,000 Koalas have perished and countless Kangaroos and Wallabies not to mention all the livestock that farmers are having to destroy to put them out of their misery.  The mental health toll will be heaving in the coming months and years.

I have one more week of holidays to go the weather is heating up again unfortunately.

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01 January 2020

Free BOM Springtime Romance Block 7

I can't believe we are at Block 7 already.  In my last post I had a picture of the top border progress.  I've been doing a lot of sewing and am having a bit of shoulder problems at the moment so progress is a bit slower than I would have liked but it is coming together.

Block 7 was originally going to be the centre block but I think it works better as a corner block to the quilt.  The block will be available to download for free from today until 7/1/2020.  If you have missed any blocks you can purchase them from my Etsy shop at www.seabreezequilts.com.au.  All 9 centre blocks are now available.   Borders will be available once the quilt top is finished.