06 January 2020

15 Minute Challenge & Cool Ties for FIreys Sewing Bees

I will be joining the 15 minute challenge again this year.  It was an excellent way to make sure that I took the time each evening to sew.  It helped to give my life balance over the year and was instrumental in helping my stress levels when in the past work took over.

This week was another 7 out of 7.  The last couple of days I have been working on Cool Ties for Fireys.  All around Australia people are having sewing bees to make cool ties filled with water crystals for the necks of fire fighters.

Here is my contribution.  I'll be dropping them off at the local quilt shop for distribution to where they are needed.

The news has been heart breaking and the coming months are going to be hard for those directly effected by the fires.  Kangaroo Island where my kids went last year for a week long camp has had a 1/3 of its area destroyed, they estimate 25,000 Koalas have perished and countless Kangaroos and Wallabies not to mention all the livestock that farmers are having to destroy to put them out of their misery.  The mental health toll will be heaving in the coming months and years.

I have one more week of holidays to go the weather is heating up again unfortunately.

Check out who will be joining in this year at Kate Life in Pieces.


Shasta Matova said...

The whole world is thinking about the horrible fires in Australia. It's so nice of you to make the cool ties for the fire fighters.

Kate said...

The magnitude of the damage is almost inconceivable, it's hard to watch/read the news coming out of Australia. Hopefully it helped you mental health to stitch for a bit on something useful. Enjoy your last week of holiday, hope you get in lots of stitching time.