25 July 2013

A little ray of Sunshine and the 15 minute challenge

Squid back problems have finally shown signs of improvement its only taken 4 months and 6 different opinions.  The latest is physio twice a week and various exercises... the pool once a week and finally the muscles have softened and she is starting to get movement in the joints again she now only has a knot in a 2" strip of muscle instead of the 2 tough bands down either side of her spine.  Are we any closer to knowing why this happened NO but fingers crossed we are on the right track.

The pool has been good for me too got to 30 laps this week which is more than I have ever been able to swim before.  Squid doesn't do many laps and does a lot of walking in the water but we have couple of exercises for her to do with the water as resistance next time we go and she has been given the go ahead to play tennis on the weekend, just a doubles game mind you but she is looking forward to it and we have strict instructions of what to do before and after from the physio.

On to the challenge, have to say I have romped it in this week.  In fact I sewed for 3 hours on Monday (had a day off work the first day back at school for the kids) and it was wonderful.  No one knew I was home and I just sewed all day.

In fact I have just finished the 12 stardust donut (I call them donuts because they haven't a centre or border yet).  Each new starburst has been my favourite combination so I am hoping that is going to look fantastic when it is all together.  I am planning on a queen size quilt but because I have only cut out 14 blocks and I really don't want to purchase any more fabric I decided on a 12 blocks and will put horizontal sashing between the blocks to fill in the space.  It looks great in my head wether that translates will be news to you and me.

I wont do a run down because it was all starbursts with a bit of hand piecing thrown in.  

I'll show you my final project in Xmas in July another gift idea. 

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16 July 2013

Attitude Adjustment & 15 Minute Challenge

I've decided I need a bit of an attitude adjustment.  Creatively I have been a bit stagnant over the last couple of months, Squids ongoing health stuff which I am finding pretty draining and work has been pretty foul the last couple of weeks and I have been toying with the idea of looking for something else closer to home (I'm probably too loyal an employee to actually go through with it though and I do like my boss).  If I don't do something to lift my spirits creatively I think I am going to go bonkers.

In line with this attitude adjustment I have been making time for the 15 minute challenge. I have reacquainted myself with this quilt and have put together 2 more stars, just have to do the centre and outside border... sorry no picture....

I also have hemmed 5 pairs of pants for Squid and myself (I don't actually count that as sewing though).  

And started this block from Jen Kingswell's The Circle Game which is all hand pieced.  I have completed the circle from one of the other blocks but I don't like it, so I think I will be starting again on that one but this one seems to be just my style.  

So the challenge went like this:

Wednesday - Nothing
Thursday - Circle Game
Friday - hemming and Circle Game
Saturday - Star Burst
Sunday - Star Burst
Monday - Starburst / Circle Game
Tuesday - Starburst

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Here is my project from last week's Xmas in July.

12 July 2013

School Holidays

The kids have been lucky with the weather for the school holidays we had another full day yesterday.   I had a massage book for the morning and Squid had a physio session.  We then headed to Waterfall Gully as Squid is entering a Science Competition in the photography section so we needed to take some pictures of running water and I thought this was the best place to do that.

We have also been doing an experiment or two and capturing that as well.  A couple of more shots and she should be able to put her piece together.  

Obviously the in thing to do for the uber cool is to drive to Waterfall Gully in your lunch hour and walk to Mt Lofty in your lycra, because there was lots of pretty young things just doing that.  Luckily I assed a park between a couple of 4WD's.

After we climbed to the top of the waterfall, there was no way I was heading to Mt Lofty, Maestro decided that we needed to go to Bonython Park playground.  Which was packed with more kids than I really need to be in the vicinity of, but the kids had fun.   Squid even felt like getting on the flying fox which I wasn't sure was a good idea but there were no consequences to her back so all's well.

04 July 2013

Xmas in July

Its Xmas in July over at Quilt Fabric Delight's.  Its not too late to join the fun has only just begun.  You may have missed out on Bingo though.

This year Sarah gave me the opportunity to do some gifts instead of Xmas themed items and I jumped at the chance.  Here is my first gifty item.  Before you gift the journal you can put a few of your favourite recipes on the pages.

There have already been a lovely Xmas Quilt and Xmas Wallhanging, Xmas in July is always great value for money.  So head on over and join in the fun.