30 November 2011

15 minute challenge with Kate

Not really an awful lot achieved this week.  The teacher's pressies are still half finished as I was hit by a migraine on Monday, which left me with a headache still on Tuesday so I wasn't up to doing any more sewing, though I did work on Pattern writing for Blueberry Botanicals and I think that still counts.

I did finish the drafts of blocks 2 and 3 and they are with my official pattern checker, and I am just finishing the drafts of blocks 7 and 9 ready to send off.  Then I just have the centre block and border to write up which hopefully won't be as involved as the outside blocks.

Think I might head out to the sewing machine tonight to do more on the teacher's gifts as i have a few other things that are becoming pressing as well which need to be started.  Can't believe that the kids have only a little over 2 weeks left of school... mind you they have both had a sickie this week (my son today). Some bug they have picked up which has just left them achy and tired and lethargic I am sure the stupid weather we are having at the moment doesn't help (stinking hot one day and freezing the next).

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28 November 2011

Girly Day Update

Progress was made on teachers gifts, but I was thinking that I would have them finished but as you can see they are only halfway there and I still have another one to do.  Got to say love the blue one and am going to make another for myself.

Squid took a pile of Molly Makes and decided and the Cheeky boy Hamster from one of the issues.  The front is finished, we'll work on his back another day.  She didn't last the whole day and Dad came to pick her up just after lunch and she went home for a swim.  We had another girlie day today because she pulled a sickie... she has been very quiet so I don't think she was faking it.  Hopefully she will be up for school tomorrow.

25 November 2011

Favourite Things Friday

Sorry Guy's I know I posted this yesterday seems Blogger is playing games.

Its that time of the week again for Favourite Things Friday.

I have a couple of ideas but I have settled on this one.

Its a Girly Day with Squid.  Sunday we are heading off for a sewing day with a group of friends to stitch the day away.  She has come along to a couple of sewing days, at first it was because the boy's had gone to Footy but now she really looks forward to coming along.

Last time she made an Owl softy which she gave to her teacher.  This time she has picked a few things out of a couple of issues of Molly Makes to do.  I bought her some supplies yesterday and she is all set to go.  And what will I be doing well I will be making teachers pressies.

I have seen a sneak peak of the Dec Molly Makes and I can't wait to get that one....

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23 November 2011

15 minute challenge

This week has been less sewing than last week but I probably managed to do more than 15 minutes a day.  Lots of binding (which I just hate).   And pattern writing, Month 1 is ready for the printer, Month 2 is drafted and the cutting instructions are finalised only 5 more patterns to go.

On the weekend I whipped up a couple of placemats for a friend, who want to give them to her 91 year old neighbour for Xmas and yesterday I did the binding on those as well... yuck.

Last night I did start on the kids teachers xmas gifts, which mainly consisted of purchasing fabric and making and stitching these last night.  I am planning on modifying slightly my rotary cutter caddy into pencil cases using fabric for the top instead of stitchery but inserting the teachers name across the corner.  Got some lovely Amy Butler, Lark fabric to do it (bought enough to have leftovers for me too.

Luckily silly season isn't too silly this year so far I only have the last 2 weeks before xmas that are looking a little fully booked and we are yet to broach the subject of where Xmas lunch is going to be this year.

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18 November 2011

Favourite Things Friday

My favourite thing this week has been a favourite for quite a time and I have quite a collection.  Back in the 80's or it may have been early 90's I use to go about pay day and look at the new scarves at the Tie Rack and I would usually come home with 1 maybe 2.  I had quite a collection.  Then came change in jobs and then marriage and motherhood and I forgot about the collection for a while.  Probably scarves went out of fashion ... well the big square ones with multi colours did anyway.

Then last year one of the mum's at school started working for a scarf wholesaler distributing scarves to boutiques and she would bring the occasional 2nd's to school to sell to the mum's... and of course I was tempted.  This year she has set up a little shop in her garage which is open a couple of times a week which is even more tempting.

Do I have to tell you that I get frequent buyer discount.... it is very handy for birthdays' but somehow I always manage to come out with a scarf or 2 for myself.  Today I saw a scarf very similar to one I bought a couple of weeks ago (it was a 2nd which I picked up for $5 slightly different fringe I didn't worry about looking at the price but it wasn't a cheap shop that I was in so it was probably pretty pricy) featured in photo right (the dark one I forgot that I even had).

These are a couple of my everyday winter scarves.
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Oh I forgot to announce the winner

The winner of the Cutter Caddy Pattern is

Kellie Schache who commented on my facebook page.

So Kellie if you would like to email me your snail mail address I'll send the pattern to you.

17 November 2011

And the Journey comes to and End

I had to look back into the archives and see when I started this.  It was way back on the 5th of August when I announced I had come to a decision.  I showed you a bunch of fat quarters and some beautiful Cottage Garden Threads.  And what was that decision ... it was to design a Block of the Month.

I had been given some fabric by the lovely Sarah and I figured it would be good to invest the fabric into my business.  So I got out the pencils and started drawing.  If you are a regular follower of my blog you have seen my "big project" grow over the last 3 months and you are probably a little sick of it but it is really all I have been doing since August.

Today even though it was pretty hot here in Adelaide I realised it was the only free Thursday I had till Xmas so I planned to go to the Botanical Gardens to photograph the quilt.  Then hubby decided he was going to have a day off as well....lets just say he is very practical which doesn't always fit with my creative vision and he was full of "good ideas" which he kept sharing with me...most of which I ignored and just did it my way.

We spent and hour and a half walking around taking happy snaps and I have a few that I am quite happy with.

What I really wanted to do was take a photo in the Wisteria Arbour, I checked the map at the entrance and  worked out when way we had to go only to discover that the Wisteria Arbour is just a metal frame now and it has all been pulled out.  We did find a lovely rose Arbour but there was a couple snogging there and they just wouldn't take the hint.... surely it was too hot for that nonsense .... or am I just showing my age.

Now for the fun part the pattern writing.  If you would like your local quilt shop to stock the pattern get them to email me or you can keep an eye on Sarah's site I am sure there will be an announcement soon.

15 November 2011

15 minute challenge - finishes

I had one day this week without sewing, Wednesday but all the rest of the week was filled to the brim.  It went like this:

Tuesday - spray basted quilt with Leanne at sewing/ and worked on my This and That Paper pieced quilt
Wednesday - no sewing but I did put my Cosmo thread onto cards
Thursday - Quilted from 11am - 2pm
Friday -  Quilted from 7.30pm - 11pm
Saturday - Quilted for 2 hours throughout the day and evening
Sunday - Quilted 6.30am to 9am, binding/hanging sleeve on 4pm - 4.30pm, burrying threads 8.30pm - 9.30pm
Monday - more burrying threads and hand stitching binding.
Today I hope to finish the binding - then I might have a little rest - oops no I have to finish writing the pattern.  Plus I have a commission to make before next Thursday .... might be another busy weekend.

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PS there is a giveaway in this post ends Wednesday evening leave a comment to be in the running.  

11 November 2011


Blueberry Crumb Cake is hitting the shops I really wanted this quilt finished by then.  Might have to fit in a couple of all nighters this weekend.  The girls at Hetties have convinced me that less is more for quilting this quilt, but that still means a few thread changes and quite a bit more of quilting to do.  Two solid hours yesterday did get quite a bit done though so maybe it can be done over the weekend.

09 November 2011

Pattern Release - Sewing Bee Cutter Caddy

Finally I can show you my project for Country Hart's POM.  Everyone should have there kits now so I can release the pattern for sale.  It is a lovely safe home for your rotary cutter.  If you would like your Quilt Shop to stock the pattern please get them to email me.  At the moment you can get them from Hetties Patch and through my Craftumi Store (by the end of the week).

I am also running a giveaway over the next week.  Leave a comment here or on my Facebook page and you will be in the running for a copy of the pattern.  I will draw it Thursday 17th November.

08 November 2011

15 Minute Challenge

As already reported this week I finished the big quilt.  Today at sewing it got basted.  Thursday I plan to start quilting.

I have to admit though I had 2 sewing free days. Sunday after the market I was bushed (who would have thought doing nothing would be tiring).  I was going to take my hexagons to sew but thought I would be too busy to bother so I didn't... how wrong I was.  And Monday was dog obedience with Coco.. there was a minor accident and my right had was a little sore so I didn't do any sewing.

While I was at sewing today I grabbed a few more Cosmo threads to add to my collection.  Tonight I will be winding these on my floss cards and putting them in their right place in my floss box.... I like them in numerical order.  Also bought some yummy fabric, and added a few extra cosmo threads to match... don't know yet what it is going to be but I am sure I will come up with something.

If I get my act into gear tomorrow I will be launching a couple of new patterns and there will be a giveaway.

Head on over to Kate's to see who else met the challenge.  

06 November 2011

What a Week

Its been a big week.  I didn't think I could have a busy week like I did before our trip but the week after has been worse.  On my day off on Thursday I don't think I sat down at all for the whole day.

It was also a week full of some highs and some lows.

The high point is the quilt top is finished and I have backing and wadding ready to baste at sewing this week then I will be quilting like a demon and writing up the pattern.

Another high was the fact that Hetties rang and they had sold out of my Ipod pouch patterns.  

The low point was the Gilles Street Market today.  I didn't think it was possible to sell nothing but I did (I did sell 4 purses to the girls that I shared the stall with heavily discounted so I don't think I will count those).

Even this prop (which I bought at the market) didn't help, at least it will be good for photo's in the future and it was a real bargain.

03 November 2011

A Little Fun in the Sun

As you can see from the previous post the family has been away on a trip to the Gold Coast.  It wasn't a test for you it was a test to see if blogger would work from my iphone.  Wish I had found that app before I went away because I could have posted from there.

My hubby and I haven't been away for a big holiday since our honeymoon and the kids have been telling us for years that they are the only ones in the school that haven't been to see the "Worlds" so we bit the bullet and decided to go.... the thing is I finally got off my butt and organised it otherwise it wouldn't of happened.

 This was the kids first trip on the plane, my daughter gets bad motion sickness so I was a little apprehensive about it.  Armed with Kwells we headed off in the early hours of Monday morning we were at our Apartment in Surfers by 10am.  Shocking view isn't it.

The building you can see below is the local surf club and we became members for the week so we could get all the members deals.  One was the big breakfast which we did the first morning after being up since 3.30am we needed it.
 Here's the view from the surf club dining room.
Day 2 and 3 saw us at Dreamworld and White Water World.

 Day 4 was shopping at Harbour Town which the kids weren't happy about but after 2 days at the Worlds we all needed a break.  We walked to Skypoint in the evening to see the view which though spectacular would have been better if it wasn't so overcast.  I will be interested in seeing some of my pictures on my big camera... these have all been taken with my Iphone.
Day 5 was Seaworld which I enjoyed the most (I wanted to be a Marine Biologist when I was a kid) I loved looking in the Shark Tank and the kids loved the Dolphin and Seal shows.
This ride was pretty cool the kids got soaked I think my Son went on it about 4 times.

The final day we couldn't get the kids out of the apartment they were spent.  Finally after lunch we walked into the main strip of Surfers and a quick look around then headed back and packed up the car for the airport.

We arrived to the kaos of the Qantas Shutdown luckily we flew Virgin so checked in and waited for the plane not without a few hassells going through security.  My son had bought a nerf gun at Harbour town which we had in carry on luggage still in the pack but it was confiscated.  Off course he wasn't upset MUCH I think he was ok by the time we got back to Adelaide.

We have been back nearly a week and it has flown I have been sewing my butt off to get the quilt finished. I have lots of running around to do today and I am doing a Market on the weekend.  So if you are going to the Gilles Street Market this week drop by and say hello I will have a few goodies on sale... great for Xmas pressies or stocking fillers.