25 November 2011

Favourite Things Friday

Sorry Guy's I know I posted this yesterday seems Blogger is playing games.

Its that time of the week again for Favourite Things Friday.

I have a couple of ideas but I have settled on this one.

Its a Girly Day with Squid.  Sunday we are heading off for a sewing day with a group of friends to stitch the day away.  She has come along to a couple of sewing days, at first it was because the boy's had gone to Footy but now she really looks forward to coming along.

Last time she made an Owl softy which she gave to her teacher.  This time she has picked a few things out of a couple of issues of Molly Makes to do.  I bought her some supplies yesterday and she is all set to go.  And what will I be doing well I will be making teachers pressies.

I have seen a sneak peak of the Dec Molly Makes and I can't wait to get that one....

Head on over to Mrs P to check out what everyone else's favourite is this week.


Shay said...

Sunday sounds like the perfect day. I love spending time with Miss P doing crafty things or just shopping. Girly days are so much fun!

I'd love to see what Squid gets up to ..make sure you post pictures.

Kate said...

Girly days are very fun things. Yours soudns like lots of fun. My Kiddo won't sew, but we do other things for girls day out and always have a great time. Enjoy your girly Sunday!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

How lovely that you share the sewing bug together :-)

thea said...

Hope you had a wonderful girly day!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Oh how great that she enjoys going along....good to start them young. We need new generation stitchers!!