23 November 2011

15 minute challenge

This week has been less sewing than last week but I probably managed to do more than 15 minutes a day.  Lots of binding (which I just hate).   And pattern writing, Month 1 is ready for the printer, Month 2 is drafted and the cutting instructions are finalised only 5 more patterns to go.

On the weekend I whipped up a couple of placemats for a friend, who want to give them to her 91 year old neighbour for Xmas and yesterday I did the binding on those as well... yuck.

Last night I did start on the kids teachers xmas gifts, which mainly consisted of purchasing fabric and making and stitching these last night.  I am planning on modifying slightly my rotary cutter caddy into pencil cases using fabric for the top instead of stitchery but inserting the teachers name across the corner.  Got some lovely Amy Butler, Lark fabric to do it (bought enough to have leftovers for me too.

Luckily silly season isn't too silly this year so far I only have the last 2 weeks before xmas that are looking a little fully booked and we are yet to broach the subject of where Xmas lunch is going to be this year.

Head on over to Kate's place to see what everyone else has been up to.


SpinningStar said...

Binding is not my favorite thing either. I like the design process and the piecing....the other stuff, like actually finishing up a quilt is a problem for me. So I agree on the binding - yuck.


Kate said...

I don't mind the minding, it's squaring the quilt up before I can sew it on that I'm not overly fond of.

Lots of progress this week. Good luck with all your Christmas sewing projects.

thea said...

I actually like the binding. Guess there's something wrong with me. What I like about it is that once I'm done, the quilt is done.

Good week!

Pat said...

I'm with Thea. I like sewing the binding. I find handwork very relaxing.

Shay said...

Placemats, teacher gifts, frenzied binding, pattern writing . When did you sleep this week?

Binding isn't my least favourite part - the quilting is!

Leanne said...

Amy Butler fabric I hear you say.