29 April 2011

Favourite Thing Friday - DMTV and New Blog

Followers of my blog will probably know that I love DMTV (Design Matters TV) which is a web based video that I subscribe to, created by Linda and Laura Kemshall who are two amazing textile artists from the UK.  I haven't watched the videos for a while and I am way behind and have lots to catch up on, but it is good to put on when I am doing the ironing which I did this weekend (two weeks worth which wasn't fun but the video's made it all go very quickly).

They now have a blog so you can follow on with what they are doing in the studio.  If you are remotely interested in dyeing, fabric painting, art quilting or just interested in trying something new, look around their blog and there website.  DMTV is pricey but well worth the investment there is new content every week and lots to learn.  I have just got some soy wax to try batik again and I am going to get some discharge paste next week to try some of the other techniques that I came across on the weekend.

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27 April 2011

My creative Space & 15 Minute Challenge

I've doubled up today, as I will be working on this some more today.  I have managed to do a little bit of sewing each day this week.  I have a single bed quilt on the go and this paper pieced number which I am plodding away at each night in front of the TV I think I have been pretty good as it is school holidays at the moment.  

Have a couple of deadlines looming next month so I think I will be able to continue with at least 15 minutes a day.  There is also this coming up which means that there will be lots of new projects to choose from during the month of May. If you would like to join in the fun and lots of projects, chats with designers and  competitions head on over to QFD to sign up and for your chance to win access to the event comment on Sarah's blog post here and by spreading the word you get more than one entry.  

Want to see who else is joining in the 15 minute challenge go to Kate's blog. 
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25 April 2011

So how has your Easter been?

Mine has been quiet, which I think I have needed.  I am fighting off a sinus infection, and today is the first day that I have been able to bend over without the feeling that my eye was going to exploded.  Still not 100% but at least my eye has stopped weeping and a few more doses of the old salt spray should help and I can avoid a trip to the  emergency dr's surgery on a long weekend and antibiotics.

I have finished my pattern writing for Jelly Squares tonight just have to do the images and slot them in.  The Sherbet Pip's version is slowly coming together, and I just love that fabric it is just so naive and pretty.  At night I have been doing my 8 pointed star paper pieced thing.  You have to check out Cathy's lovely colourful version which is what I am going to do next, I am sure I have enough in my stash to make something similar.  I'll post a picture of mine again soon, just halfway round another circle.

The kids wanted to go to the beach today (what else is new I hear you say).  They went by scooter, I drove the car in case they were too tired on the way back, (actually it was for my hubby's benefit because he and my son had already gone on a long bike ride in the morning).

The beach was wonderful, just a slight breeze and the weather is perfect this weekend.     Apparently I never get in pictures so here I am.

21 April 2011


Do you hear that its silence, apart from the tap tap tap of my fingers.

It's school holidays and the kids are at Nan's for the night because I mentioned something about going grocery shopping early in the morning.  They decided that they would sleep at Nan's to avoid it.  

My hubby and I decided on the way home from dropping them off to do the bits of grocery shopping for the weekend.  Yeah this morning I got to sleep in a bit, and have made the dash to the bakery to get hot cross buns and now I am having a few quiet moments with a cup of coffee. The puppy is on my lap and I am reading some blogs .... just lovely.

Have a good easter break everyone.   

20 April 2011

15 Minute Challenge with Kate

I have had deadlines this week so there was plenty of stuff going on, not necessarily sewing though.  To projects had to be handed in to Sarah at QFD for the May's Let's Stitch online event.  Most of the creativity was writing the patterns, I dragged my tail on the last project but it is all with Sarah now and she will be revealing bits and pieces over the next couple of weeks to wet your appetite.

I worked on the paper piecing project as well, I started making a separate star but then it wouldn't go together nicely with the other star that I started so I have unpicked it and started back on the original, with a new plan.

Tiny sneak peak of second project.

Wednesday night was no sewing night as went out to tea with the girls for Kay's birthday, but we did talk a fair bit about sewing related matters so it probably counts as well.

Head on over to Kate's if you want to see how every one else went.

19 April 2011

Biggest Morning Tea

I'm hosting a Biggest Morning Tea this year at my monthly sewing group, in fact there have on been a couple of years when I haven't hosted one.  Like many families mine has been touched by cancer.  Both my grandmother's died of Non Hodgkin Lymphoma, my Dad and FIL had Prostate Cancer and my Father in Law was taken by stomach cancer 10 years after he survived Prostate Cancer and I am sure many of you have similar stories.  The Biggest Morning Tea is my way of remembering them and hopefully one day my kids won't have to deal with Cancer.

If you would like to make a donation to my morning tea, please follow this link.   Or even better if you want to host your own Morning Tea head on over to the Biggest Morning Tea Website and they will send you a host kit, you will also find recipes and lots of information on how to go about it hosting an event.

I'm making a couple of batches of Lemonade Scones and a big jar of Lemon Butter for the girls.

18 April 2011

Lets Stitch

I have given you a few sneak peeks at what I have been working on and here is the announcement. It is another online event like last years Christmas In July where you get lots of great exclusive tutorials, chat to the designers and generally have lots of fun.  So what are you waiting for head on over to sign up.  

15 April 2011

Jelly Squares

I finally finished the the binding on this baby this week, the light wasn't very good for photo's yesterday. So a better photo shoot is in order.  I will be listing this for sale on Made It and writing the pattern.   I have decided to make it again in Sherbet Pips which I bought a stack of yesterday, I think it will great on Squid's bed with a border.    This quilt is 154cm square and can be used as a bed topper or just folded at the end of a bed for show.  

14 April 2011

My Creative Space

This week my creative space will be my Mac Book.  I have two deadlines this week and the sewing bit is done and now is the writing bit and photo shoot for the tutorial.  Here is a little sneak peak of the 2nd item that I need to finish this week.  

I also have a list a mile long of things I need to do today, the last free day before school holidays.

There aren't any links for Creative Space this week.  But I am sure there are some you missed last week so check it out.

13 April 2011

Week Round up and An Announcement

Well I romped in the 15 minute challenge this week.  There was more binding action, it takes me ages to bind a quilt because I can't stand to do it for any length of time and really I am just putting of the joining the ends together and sewing that last foot.

Had a couple of deadlines looming and they are finished apart from writing the pattern (which is very nearly finished just have to edit photo's for the tutorial).

And I started something new.   Don't know where it is headed yet but there is a slight plan in my head.

And now for the announcement.  I am booked to teach a Needle Turn Applique Class at Hetties on the 7th August 10am to 4pm.  So if you are hankering to give it a go, ring the shop and book in.  I will be working on a class sample in the next month and it will be in the shop early June.  This will be a no pressure class and will be a relaxing afternoon stitching (no sewing machine required).

07 April 2011

My Creative Space

Lots happening here creatively today.  I need to do something with this little pile for Sarah.

Finish binding on Jelly Squares and get back to writing the pattern.

I have worked 3 days in a row this week so I have 2 days of in a row instead so I am looking forward to just doing a couple of errands maybe a smidge of housework and sewing.

I also have free shipping on my Made it Shop until Sunday.

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06 April 2011

15 Minute Challenge - 5 April

Ok I am a day late but worked yesterday and also had some other things to say.

So here is the run down of my week.

Tuesday - 2 hours stitching QFD Project at Sewing
Wednesday - No stitching (Meeting with Sparkles so that is always creative)
Thursday -  1 hour Rosalie Quinlan Embroidery from Pirie Trip
Friday - 1 hour quilting Jelly Squares Quilt
Saturday 2 hours quilting Jelly Squares Quilt
Sunday - quilting and binding on Jelly Squares Quilt
Monday - Photographing project for QFD Project and Binding
Tuesday - 1 hour more binding sewing (hate binding sewing).

Check out more following the 15 minute challenge here.

05 April 2011

Free Postage

On all my items in my Made It Store (applicable to post within Australia).  Offer valid for all orders place by 5pm Sunday night 10/4/2011.  Postage will be refunded through Paypal.

04 April 2011

Great Weekend

The weather in Adelaide is divine at the moment, not hot but lovely sunny mild days.

We headed to the beach late yesterday afternoon, as my Husband says "It may be the last good weekend we get!" Now the kids are a wake up to it "You always say that Dad".  I don't know who enjoys building the sandcastles more, I suspect it is hubby.

And of course after Dad has made the sandcastle the kids have got to jump on it before we leave for home.  

Finished a project for Sarah today, didn't manage to start the next one but I do have two days off in a row this week and not much booked in, so I will be able finish that this week.  Finished quilting my Jelly Square Quilt, and have put on the binding.  

01 April 2011

Favourite Things Friday

For those of you who are regular readers of this blog, you might suspect that this week it may be Coco but no, until she is fully toilet trained and has a few more manners I think she will be off the favourite list.  Though she is a dear and it is lovely to have the unconditional love of a 4 legged friend, who jumps for joy when you walk in the door.  

This week has been a busy one, as well as the usual run around it was Parent Teacher Interviews,  which were all good, and then on my usual day off   I worked at Hetties for a few hours this week which was quite fun.  Only trouble was I had the time to look around and see a few things that I just have to have so I don't think I will be making any profit from that exercise.

Those who know me know that I love gadgets and this weeks FTF is a gadget that I have had for a while and it always comes in handy for needle turn applique.  They are Perfect Circles, and they will help you make the perfect needleturn applique circle in a jiffy.

There are two sizes Bigger Perfect Circles and the standard smaller size which come on a handy little ring so you don't loose them.    I just happened to take them away to Pirie with me and I was surprised to find that Rosalie hadn't heard of them.

I got mine from  www.ozquilts.com.au but I am sure if you ask at your local quilt shop they will be able to get you a pack or two.  

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