30 May 2011

Biggest Morning Tea Thank You

Biggest Morning Tea is over for another year, though there will be a repeat at sewing on Tuesday as I over catered again.  Still have a few doz scones that need finishing off, so they have been popped in the freezer ready for tomorrow.  The lemon butter is all done and dusted though.  So it will just be jam and cream for the girls.  

I'd like to thank everyone who has donated, I have just about doubled last year's donations already.  No pictures from yesterday though I am afraid, though I did find a few on my iphone today I don't think I will be sharing them with you they were taken by Squid and most of them a blury or very unflattering pictures of me and I don't think they need to be found on the net, and I am sure I can get some mileage out of the ones of Kay, Helen and Leanne before I delete them lol.   

Can't say that I achieved a lot yesterday but we had a lovely lazy day of chatting, flicking through books and relaxing.

The applique on the large table runner or pillow topper is finished now to quilt and bind and  I will be doing a cushion cover as well, but I need to do a couple of other projects first and then I will work on the cushion which will be ready for the class, I might even do 2 if I have time.  

26 May 2011

Biggest Morning Tea

Today is the official Biggest Morning Tea Day but you can hold your tea any day in May.  I am hosting a morning tea at our monthly sewing get together this Sunday.  And I will be baking Lemonade Scones making a batch of yummy Lemon Butter and whipping up some cream on Saturday to bring to the ladies.

If you haven't made it to Biggest Morning Tea event and would like to make a donation you can do so online here. You will receive a tax invoice instantly and help a worthy cause.  

20 May 2011

Favourite Things Friday

My favourite thing this week is the newest member of the family.  Coco the black schnoodle or as Leanne likes to call her Coco Channel, though I don't think she quite lives up to that name yet.  Maybe next week after she has been to the parlor for her first clip and beauty treatment.  She kind of reminds me a bit of a woolley bear at the moment.

These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago.

She has been weighed this week and she has put on 2kg since her vaccination at 11 weeks.  I am hoping that she slows the growing down a bit because she is at the size I expected her to be now but I think there will be a bit more growing to go.  My husband is concerned that she won't be able to be carried around, which is what Squid likes to do, I think it will probably be a good thing if Squid can't carry her around because I was beginning to wonder if she could walk at times.

She has had one puppy class which left her exhausted the next day. Yesterday I took her for her first official walk and she slept for most of the afternoon, I am ashamed to say we didn't even make it round the reserve at the front of our house so she isn't a high energy dog which at least means she hasn't got up to too much naughtiness when we are at work and she is in the laundry.  She now stay's outside during the day and I think she is quite enjoying that, but having a dog that doesn't chase birds is a bit strange (I have had foxies previously and they chase anything that moves).  The pigeons are have a lovely time stealing her dry food as she watches them from the step.

Toilet training hasn't been too bad and we haven't found too many nasty surprises in unlikely places (and the one that we did find my hubby had to find it of course... who has the dog under sufferance).  He did concede today that she is a friendly little thing.

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19 May 2011

Our Creative Spaces

The next project I worked on for Let's Stitch can now be revealed as the ladies have seen it.

The pockets are lovely and deep, great to wear if you are working a market stall because the central main pocket is deep and wide enough to carry your float.  And there are other pockets for your mobile phone and pens and more.  It would also serve if you were taking a craft class to keep some of your tools on hand at all times and there are interchangeable decorations to add depending on your mood.

Today I have a few hours spare and I think I may work on my Applique Sample again. I am having a design dilemma.  The idea was that it was going to be a table runner but I think that it may be a little big for that so it might end up being a wall hanging instead, or a pillow topper which means a major rethink.

For more creative endeavors head on over to the new home of  Our Creative home.

Our Creative Spaces

The next project I worked on for Let's Stitch can now be revealed as the ladies have seen it.

The pockets are lovely and deep, great to wear if you are working a market stall because the central main pocket is deep and wide enough to carry your float.  And there are other pockets for your mobile phone and pens and more.  It would also serve if you were taking a craft class to keep some of your tools on hand at all times and there are interchangeable decorations to add depending on your mood.

17 May 2011

15 Minute Challenge

I have pretty much again sewn at least 15 minutes everyday this week.  Apart from last night, I just decided to have a bit of a break as I am heading to sewing today after a 4 week absence and I will put in 2 hours there.  

The work on the applique sample continues and I will post a photo in this post later today as I am up to the last leaf and then I have to spirals to applique into the circle flowers.  It is probably a bit much to ask beginners to do but I will show an alternative easier way to do it or they can just leave it out if it is all to hard.  I did a few solid hours on the piece this week.

The Squid and I headed to the sewing room to make a cushion.  She ended up having to use my machine which was interesting, had to use my handy IKEA footstool so she could reach the pedal.  Her little machine seems to be dead, I think something might be bent inside so I might have to think about getting her something a bit more sturdy, maybe a second hand machine.  

I have made a start on "My Sewing Room" project and have done a very rough prototype.  When I say rough it has been unpicked half a dozen times re-stitched, remeasured, and is more like a shaggy dog than a piece of fine needlework lol.  I need to start again this week but I have measurements all worked out and a rough sketch of the stitchery which will be on one section.  I see myself making a couple till I get the steps all worked out but even my wonky prototype is fit to purpose so I am more than happy with the work so far.  Oh well that is about it for my creative week.

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12 May 2011

Our Creative Space

I have to go to work all day today but tonight I will be doing some more of this.  This is the class sample for my Needle Turn Applique Class that I am teaching in August here.  This is the section where they will learn about points.

Want to see some more creative space go look at the new home here

10 May 2011

15 minute Challenge

I didn't do a post for the challenge last week as things just seemed to be getting on top of me.  My work days have been changed round for a couple of weeks and it has really upset my routine and every facet of my life.  I have kept up with doing 15 minutes a day at least of sewing though.

This week has seen me make a start on the sample for the Applique Class I am teaching in August.  The sample has to be done by early June which I think I will make with ease as long as the wheels done fall of. I have decided to do a large tablerunner with an smaller cushion option also available.  The centre panel of the table runner is almost complete just have one more flower and the leaves to finish as well as some more detail work on the circles.  When designing I was mindful of including all the basics that the ladies will need to learn so when they go home they know everything they need to complete the project and any subsequent projects they want to tackle.  I also made the pieces large so that they are easier for beginners to handle.  Also decided on a subtler colour combination than I usually use.

I almost forgot I also did some soy wax dyeing which was quite fun and great learning experience.  I think next time i will use two completely different colours when overdyeing as my results were a bit mixed. Well I think that pretty much covered my week.  Next week I am hoping to baste my single bed quilt and start on my next deadline as well as start a birthday pressie.

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08 May 2011

Happy Mothers Day

I've had a lovely weekend so far. Have spent some quality time with Squid, checking out Bowerbird Bazaar which is on this weekend.  I limited my spending to lots of lovely screen printed from Ink and Spindle and a few other vendors who's name escapes me.  There was lots of yummy stuff there just wish I had a bit more cash to spend.

Yesterday morning was Maestro's first footy match for the year and he played a bottler and had 17 kicks.  In the afternoon while he was entertaining a friend, Squid and I hit the sewing room to make a little something (a softie) which I finished off last night and left on her bed.   Which she was very happy with this morning.

This morning I was awoken with a couple of cards and a pressie, which was Nikki's new book which is amazing.  I plan to read it cover to cover then get started on projects in between my current sewing commitments which are mounting by the minute.

I really should be putting my face on.  Have Mother's Day morning tea with the ladies in the street.  For all the mum's out there have a good one and I hope you get spoiled.

06 May 2011

Favourite Thing Friday

This is my favourite thing this week a cup of Lady Grey Tea.  

I quite like the loose leaf variety as well but I don't have time to do that this morning so the bag will do.

This week is short and sweet because I haven't made my kids lunches yet.  

And we are leaving straight after school pick up this afternoon to the Bowerbird Bazaar which is on this weekend.

And I can reveal this which is my stitchery design for Lets Stitch at QFD.

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05 May 2011

My Creative Space

I have finished the single bed version of Jelly Squares.  It is a nice full sized quilt and covers the pillow and almost touches the ground on either side of the bed.  It will shrink up a bit with quilting and washing but I am please with the overall look.

I plan to play with some dye's today weather permitting, so hopefully this time next week I can show you some yummy pieces.  I am going to try soy wax batik.

Lets Stitch is in full swing at Quilt Fabric Delights and we have already had 3 projects to make.  A stitchery (mine), a bag and a quilt.  It isn't too late to join.

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