06 May 2011

Favourite Thing Friday

This is my favourite thing this week a cup of Lady Grey Tea.  

I quite like the loose leaf variety as well but I don't have time to do that this morning so the bag will do.

This week is short and sweet because I haven't made my kids lunches yet.  

And we are leaving straight after school pick up this afternoon to the Bowerbird Bazaar which is on this weekend.

And I can reveal this which is my stitchery design for Lets Stitch at QFD.

Head on over to Mrs P for more FTF.


Kate said...

Very pretty stitchery!

A cup of tea is such a relaxing thing. Great favorite!

Kris said...

Hi Amanda! I saw the stitchery on the QFD blog and loved it!

thea said...

I like both coffee and tea -- but for relaxing tea is so much better. thanks.

Rachael said...

Happy Friday to you!
Your mornings sound like mine - lucky that you even have time for a cuppa LOL. Lady Grey is lovely isn't it?
Enjoy your weekend!

Michelle Ridgway said...

I love Lady Grey too !! Beautiful stitchery.

Shay said...

I drink tea from about 11 am every day . Since Im not as classy as you I usually go for Tetley ! I find tea totally soothing (and it doesnt keep me awake all night)

Love your design Amanda. I'll have to see if I can get to the Bowerbird Bazzaar this weekend.
Thanks for dropping in to FTF this week (I know you were flat out !)

Katie said...

I love a little tea pretty much every day although I prefer Irish Breakfast or some dragonball tea.

Marg said...

I love your stitchery design, very pretty!
I'm not a really big traditional tea drinker, I like English Breakfast however I do love Lemongrass tea.

Mrs A said...

gorgeous stitchery Amanda, i like my tea in the evening it seems to relax me after dinner, and i usually dont have time in the morning!