17 May 2011

15 Minute Challenge

I have pretty much again sewn at least 15 minutes everyday this week.  Apart from last night, I just decided to have a bit of a break as I am heading to sewing today after a 4 week absence and I will put in 2 hours there.  

The work on the applique sample continues and I will post a photo in this post later today as I am up to the last leaf and then I have to spirals to applique into the circle flowers.  It is probably a bit much to ask beginners to do but I will show an alternative easier way to do it or they can just leave it out if it is all to hard.  I did a few solid hours on the piece this week.

The Squid and I headed to the sewing room to make a cushion.  She ended up having to use my machine which was interesting, had to use my handy IKEA footstool so she could reach the pedal.  Her little machine seems to be dead, I think something might be bent inside so I might have to think about getting her something a bit more sturdy, maybe a second hand machine.  

I have made a start on "My Sewing Room" project and have done a very rough prototype.  When I say rough it has been unpicked half a dozen times re-stitched, remeasured, and is more like a shaggy dog than a piece of fine needlework lol.  I need to start again this week but I have measurements all worked out and a rough sketch of the stitchery which will be on one section.  I see myself making a couple till I get the steps all worked out but even my wonky prototype is fit to purpose so I am more than happy with the work so far.  Oh well that is about it for my creative week.

Want to see how the other's faired head on over to Kate's to see the other challenge participants.


Kate said...

Congrats on making 15 minutes most every day. Looking foward to seeing an update of your class project.

Shay said...

I didnt realise Miss Squid had her own machine - what a great thing for you guys to be able to do together.

Love the sewing room project (even if in your words it looks like a shaggy dog.(which I dont think it does!)

Hope you have a creative week Amanda.

Pat said...

Congrats on meeting your 15 min. challenge. I find it much easier to get to sewing now that I'm accountable.

thea said...

Sewing room project looks great! Hope you have another productive week this week.