10 May 2011

15 minute Challenge

I didn't do a post for the challenge last week as things just seemed to be getting on top of me.  My work days have been changed round for a couple of weeks and it has really upset my routine and every facet of my life.  I have kept up with doing 15 minutes a day at least of sewing though.

This week has seen me make a start on the sample for the Applique Class I am teaching in August.  The sample has to be done by early June which I think I will make with ease as long as the wheels done fall of. I have decided to do a large tablerunner with an smaller cushion option also available.  The centre panel of the table runner is almost complete just have one more flower and the leaves to finish as well as some more detail work on the circles.  When designing I was mindful of including all the basics that the ladies will need to learn so when they go home they know everything they need to complete the project and any subsequent projects they want to tackle.  I also made the pieces large so that they are easier for beginners to handle.  Also decided on a subtler colour combination than I usually use.

I almost forgot I also did some soy wax dyeing which was quite fun and great learning experience.  I think next time i will use two completely different colours when overdyeing as my results were a bit mixed. Well I think that pretty much covered my week.  Next week I am hoping to baste my single bed quilt and start on my next deadline as well as start a birthday pressie.

Want to see who else is working on the challenge head on over to Life in Pieces


Leanne said...

It is looking good. I might have to do the class.

Shay said...

I still think work froufrous notwithstanding you managed to achieve greatness!

Is that the applique sample? It's lovely.

Good grief- how many things can you finish in a week. I feel exhausted looking at your goals !

Kate said...

Sounds like you're going to have a great class with all the prep you are doing. Love your sample so far.

Great that you kept up with the 15 minutes a day even with a hectic week. Hope this next week is just as productive.