24 February 2011

And the Winner is...........


So email me you snail mail address and I pop them in the post.

I have just added my lovely linen cushions to my Made It store.  I am so amazed that these didn't sell at the market.  So now everyone has a chance to own them.

I hope I get a chance later tonight to load a heap of Little Girl Wrap Skirts.

ps I know I have announced the giveaway winner I haven't forgotten and I will get to it soon.

21 February 2011

We Came, We Saw and We Bought the T-Shirt

Actually I bought 3 from Oi Boi.  Well 3 weeks of Twilight Market are over and Leanne and I can safely say we are not made for doing Markets.  My Chiropractor and Remedial Masseuse will probably agree.

I did try out all the food stalls and they were fantastic, the macaroons from The Almond Tree were devine and I ate my last one last night with a lovely pot of Chocolate Orange Tea from Scullery Made. I also got Orange Earl which I am having with breakfast this morning.

Probably should be getting ready for work this morning but I am feeling a bit mellow and glad that it is over.  I still have heaps of stock, and over the next few days I will taking lots of photos and loading them in my Made It Shop.

ps I will announce the winners of the Valentine giveaway tomorrow so you have until 7pm tonight to get your comment in.

18 February 2011

Favourite Things Friday


It was going to be Fabric but I can't narrow it down to that it has to be Textiles, because it involves, fabric, thread, ribbon, braid, wool, fabric, silk and more.  I think I can safely say that I love everything to do with Textiles and using it to make ... well ... stuff is my favourite thing this week.

Yes I am a textileaholic and I won't be flashing any photo's because then I will really have to come face to face with my addiction.

I don't know if it is a tactile thing or a visual thing but it is a hunger to have it that can never be satisfied (sick I know).  

It has been a couple of months since I have bought anything that wasn't market related I told you of my trip to Hetties yesterday then I got an email about some fabric that I just had to have so impulsively I purchased a bundle of that as well.  Don't ask what I am going to do with either of these purchases but as soon as I can find some space in my sewing room I will be chopping it all up to do something or maybe it will just go into the stash.....

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17 February 2011

Don't forget it is the final Grange Twilight Market this week

Originally uploaded by Messagemark
Here is Leanne & I in the shadows of our stall last week getting out of the sun.  This week is your final chance to catch us so come and have a look and say hello.

My Creative Space

Hi everyone just letting you know that there is a giveaway of the Valentine Day Hearts that I showed a couple of Creatives Spaces ago, so you know the drill leave a comment in the previous post for your chance to win.

Well the house looks like my Market Stall threw up on it.  There is stuff everywhere which I really need to get to and give it a bit of a tidy otherwise I will have to listen to Mr Neat Freak again.

I am feeling a bit mellow this morning as I have managed to not sleep very well, in fact got up in the middle of the night read a couple of chapters of a new book then went back to bed and slept in which has meant the morning was a bit of a rush.  I had a 9o'clock massage to get to hence the mellow me.

Mellow means I am in a wandering mood today,  that took me up to Hetties as I had a birthday voucher to spend.  Of course I exceeded the voucher and spent a bit more, a jelly roll, a charm pack and half metre of fabric destined for a project that I am doing for Country Hart' POM.  Just checked out the line up of designers and I think I am a little intimidated lol.  There are also a few things in the pipe line for QFD Creative Team so the first part of this year is going to be even busier that the first two months.  So there is going to be heaps of creativity happening here but I probably won't be able to show you much.

Last week I showed you my Japanese Kits and I have made a start.  Squid has seen the pussy cat and has claimed ownership which I knew she would.  I think I will sit and sew this tonight again, it is lovely doing lots of hand work again.

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14 February 2011

Not the 500th post giveaway!

Somehow over the last couple of weeks I have reached the amazing total of 500+ posts, we all know that milestones mean GIVEAWAYS.

Last night the weather was pretty much perfect for the Twilight Market, the crowd was smaller (which I was thankful for last week was too much) and it was steady consistent numbers throughout the evening which was nice.  I think the best thing about the Market has been the people watching, can I say that.  Just watching them interacting with your merchandise and also the funny things you see which I won't post on the www.  I did enjoy the night though it is a long few hours, the music was good and I spent more than I took on the stall which probably wasn't a good thing but ahh you do these things when it is the day after your birthday lol.

Well now for the giveaway, it seems Adelaide didn't get my quirky Valentine gifts so I thought I would let Blogland have a chance at them, I have a few needing a new home.  I know that it will be well past Valentines day by the time you get them but you will have the ready for next year (however I have my valentine tree up all year round much to the disgust of the men in the family).  So if you would like to have 4 Magical Winged Hearts put a comment with this post.  I will draw the name out of the hat next Monday.

13 February 2011

Week 2 of the Twilight Market

Skirts Skirts and more Skirts.  These are all heading down with me this evening. I have decided that I think that our stall should be the most colourful at the market by far and these will help make it so. Though the purple one in the last photo won't be going because the Squid spied it and decided that she had to have it.

Looking forward to this evening much more than last week. Last week I was a bundle of nerves,  this week I know what it will be like and I am going to enjoy it more.  For one I have to pick up my birthday pressie and do a bit more shopping.

I'd also like to Thank everyone  who wished me happy birthday on here and on Facebook that was lovely and I had a wonderful relaxing day and ate way to much cake.

Hope to see you tonight

11 February 2011

Favourite Things Friday

Today my Favourite Things Friday is my Birthday.  It isn't today though it is tomorrow.   I really enjoy my birthday, basically I use it as an excuse to shop, not that I need an excuse to shop but it usually ramps up a bit in February.  When I turned 40 I decided I needed to celebrate a lot and I decided to have a birthday month.  Lots of going out with the girls for dinner and what not and generally enjoying myself.

In true Birthday tradition I went shopping yesterday, my favourite store Flower, is having a sale and nothing is over $50, so I got a few options, including a great pair of jeans which will have to be taken up a heap but they fit ok everywhere else.  I have also got one of the stall holders to hold some jewellery for me which I will collect on Sunday, might even spring for a bit more.

My family (sorry the men in my life) don't get the birthday thing, my husband tells me you never tell me what you want and all I really want is a surprise… No actually what I want is for the family to know what is my perfect gift and get it without me having to tell them.  Not going to happen you might say.  Well it does, the quilting girls always know what I like and always get me something that I didn’t know I had to have. 

To avoid the fiasco of last year we did head to the shopping centre last night, they left me to my own devises in the Pandora shop (BIG MISTAKE) so they could at least buy me a card.

10 February 2011

My Creative Space

It seems I have overstocked for the 3 weeks of the market which is a good thing as now I can just no longer stress and head on down on a Sunday evening for the next two weeks and just have fun in the sun so to speak.  I might make a few more bracelets this week but that will be it no market sewing for me.
To celebrate I bought a couple of Japanese kits which were too cute to pass up (they have english instructions as well which is a bonus because my Japanese is non existent).  So I might start one today if I sit still long enough, its been so long since I have been shopping on my own that might take precedence today.

I am sure there are more exciting creative spaces here at kootoyoo

08 February 2011

Made It Store

I know I am going to have leftovers from the market so I have decided to start up a Madeit shop.  Gradually over the next couple of weeks I will be adding some of my goodies.  So if you are not an Adelaide local and you have seen something you like as the weeks have gone by.  You may be lucky enough to find it here.

Just to get the ball rolling we have a lovely large waterbottle holder.

07 February 2011

Well we did it

Very unattractive beginning.

Hopefully the end result was pretty good.

The wind was atrocious otherwise we would have been able to hang things from the top of the tent,   hopefully the next 2 weeks will be kind weather wise.  

The number of people through was a bit manic but it did settle down after a bit.  It was great to see lots of friends along to support us.  Thank you so much.  Maybe next week I will have some time for shopping lol.   

04 February 2011

Favourite Things Friday

My favourite thing Friday is something I can't touch or be with any more, but I think that I can safely say I that I think of her every day.  I chose her because it would have been her 69th birthday today and in two weeks time she would have been gone for 20 years, which I find hard to believe, when did a blink and all that time pass.  I have nearly been without her longer than I had her by my side.  I this this was a Deb Ball she is probably about 17 or 18.

This last 6 months have seen me thinking of her more than usual though.  I would have thought that after all these years I had put this grief behind me and then the sudden death of a mother comes up in our circle of friends and I have been surprised by the well of grief that bubbles up to the surface and it has the emotion has been very raw and I remember the despair of 20 years ago when I was 23.

Mum was always my best friend, we talked on the phone every day even though we still lived in the same house.  My life has had two half's before 19 February 1991 and after.  She has left a void that has never been replaced.  Happy Birthday Mum.

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03 February 2011

My Creative Space

Stall holders have been told to think outside the square when decorating their stalls.  Sometimes my outside the square thinking can be a bit out their but I checked with the quilt girls last night and they said they were fantastic so may be it will pay off.  Have a bit more fiddling the finish and we should be surrounded by these Valentine Favours.

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