14 March 2022

15 Minute Challenge and a visit to the Hospital

 This weeks fun included day surgery to remove a benign tumour from my leg.  I found it about 8 weeks ago and got in to see a surgeon pretty quickly.  Because of the elective surgery ban, the surgeon scheduled it for 6 weeks from my appointment and he was pretty spot on with the timing the ban lifted 3 weeks ago so the big rush was over and I went under the knife on Thursday.  The tumour had made sitting uncomfortable for long periods of time so a full day of work sitting in an office chair hadn't been fun the last couple of weeks.  Today is the first day that I have been able to sit in the office chair since the op so I am healing, just in time to head back to work tomorrow.  Probably did a bit much yesterday so was limping by the time I went to bed.  Will be glad when I can get back on the treadmill and walk around freely, hopefully only a couple more days.  

To while away the hours I have been sitting and crocheting.  Finished the big square I was working on last week and added a border and have started on another square the same size but in a different colour.  Will border this one as well then join them up at this point it will be 4 squares which will make a nice sized throw.  I ordered more yarn for a CAL (Crochet along) and another stash for another pattern I have decided to try.  

I've been doing my of 15 minutes this week and binge watching lots of British Crime Shows on ACORN.  

The last picture are of a heap of pots and mugs Mo got fired this last week.  The picture doesn't do the speckled glazes justice they are like sprinkles. These glazes are hard to get and she was only able to get small tubs but she thinks she is trying to source a bigger tub elsewhere.  

07 March 2022

15 Minute Challenge Missing in action

 The week before last was a bit of a shambles, Maestro had had a big blow up with the owners of the restaurant.  He got blamed for something that he didn't do and got yelled at over the phone on his day off right before he was set to start at trade school.  He was already to just quit and head up to Queensland with a mate who has a side hustle.  But it turns out he will have to repay for his apprenticeship which the owners have stalled for 6 months.   It will all blow over once he goes back to work because that's how these guys operate, a couple entitled rich kids who have never had to work for what they have been given. 

He has got through his first 2 weeks of trade school and passed his first exam.  Another 2 weeks to go for this session.  

That Monday I was functioning on no sleep whatsoever so I just crashed, Monday night which is my usual blog, everything was still up in the air, but by Wednesday the Queensland plan was off and though still angry he was accepting that he needed to stay where he is.  He spoke to the Head Chief who is going to have a word with the owners.  

I was all set to blog last Monday night when we got a thunderstorm struck over 3 suburbs in Adelaide ours being one of them.  We were hit with between 60mm and 80mm of rain in an hour.  Our backyard was a foot underwater and the pottery shed got flooded, Mo's wheel was up to the motor in water when rescued it.    Maestro's old room which is detached from the house leaked and a big part of the carpet were soaked as well as some electrical equipment.  We have spent the last few days cleaning up.  Luckily the carpet was just a room sized edged piece (no underlay just like a mat) on a tiled floor.    DH use an old carpet cleaner that we had in storage to suck most of the water out of it and the weather has been warm so we were able to drag it out onto the veranda to dry.  Day 3 and it is finally done.  There was a whole day of washing towels that we used to soak up the mess.   Nothing like the floods on the other side of the country but enough to be a nuisance.  

Mo started back at Uni last week and she had her first life drawing class yesterday.  They started them off with a Male, he did wear a mask but that was all.  Mo said she was fine until the last hour when he faced her and kept making eye contact.  She said he had a blank face for so long because she couldn't sketch it while he was looking at her.  She is only doing 3 classes this semester but we haven't seen too much of her since she started so there is lot of home work to do.  2 of the classes are animation related which is the part that she likes the least about the course, she much prefers illustration.

So what have I been doing.  Well no sewing but plenty of crochet.  I finished a blanket and started a couple of squares to try.  The small one is for a blanket that I want to do down the track and the large one was just to see how I'd fair on a really large square.  I still have another 10 rows to go on that one, there is another progress shot from today, it will be about 20" when finished.  Might just do 4 and put them together or choose another of the same size squares from the book (Granny Square Patchwork by Shelley Husband) and do 2 of each with a border.  Will have to order more yarn, think I only have 2 balls of this one.  

I signed up for a CAL which is to start soon and I was going to do it using mu
lti colours but I've seen  the finished one in one colour and  I've changed my mind.  Might doing it in hot pink which means I need to buy more yarn but have enough to start.

Have spent the weekend drooling over cross stitch patterns from the Nashville show.  

Since my last report I have only had 1 or 2 days off from doing my 15 minutes.  

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