28 August 2010

I have a confession to make...


I have added to my stash, it arrived yesterday.  One of my favourite overseas shops is having half price shipping so I couldn't resist.  They also had fabric for a ridiculous price so it just called me.  They are also fantastic at stuffing those envelopes so 9 yards got posted for $6 US.

Last week I also received Roseville Album (US link who stock all her patterns) which I might leave for when life settles down and start Kim McLean's Quilted Heart from one of Kaffe's Books which Pat Sloan is doing as a sew along on her Forum.  Never heard of Kim McLean, she is an amazing Australian Applique designer.  Material Obsessions is running one of her quilts as a BOM (this is where I got the Roseville pattern) and you can find lots of people doing her quilts at this Blog.

Bee Inspired Pattern update, I got final edits from my wonderful friend Helen who did and amazing job at editing it.  Now I am depressed at the cost of printing ... I think I will be investing in a mono laser printer soon at least that way I only have to have the covers printed outside and do smaller runs of the patterns.

26 August 2010

My Creative Space

I am not showing much this week I kind of want to keep it secret for a bit longer as I have plans for this. Do you love the fabric I had to have it as soon as I found it on Funky Fabrix and it looks lovely with crisp white linen and matching red embroidery thread.  But that is all that I am saying.   I have way more of the Vintage Pop than I need for this project so I think I will be using it in something else unless the project gets super big super quick.   I don't usually like working with linen as it stretch but I got a new hoop which is a bernina hoop used for machine embroidery and it keeps it super taught and I can cope with it now.  

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24 August 2010

I forgot

I forgot to show you the result of my stash reorg... at the bottom of the last picture you can still see the bit that I haven't done, but I need to get rid of a bit more fabric yet before I want to contemplate this.  And yes you guessed it most of the shelves have 2 layers of fabric so there is a fair bit in there not mentioning what is boxed up as kits in the other shelves.

I haven't actually opened the cupboard since it has been done, I have been working with brand spanking new fabric lately.  I thought today as I was looking for a nice piece to back the quilt I showed in the previous post I thought I might have a rummage and I found a nice metre of Jason Jenter fabric from a gazillion years ago that I bought to do a Michelle Hill Class years and years ago before she was uber famous(she was only slightly famous then that was pre book release). That quilt still needs to be buttonholed which is probably the reason that it isn't finished, knew I should have needle turned the sucker.

Well the stash re org has worked as I didn't need to go out and buy fabric for the back and isn't all that fabric inspiring now that it is all out in the open to breath.  When I am next inspired I need to go through the book cupboards and the junk corner.  In there apart from junk is a mannequin that could become handy if I get back to making more clothes and my quilt frame which may or maynot be required in the near future.

23 August 2010

Pretty as a Picture Mark 2

I finished the applique on my Pretty as a Picture Quilt for Hetties.  It is lovely bright and fresh and hopefully this week I will get time to quilt it.  I also chopped into that lovely red and white fabric featured early last week.  I have decided to team it up with crisp white linen and matching DMC thread.

19 August 2010

Creative Space

Have to go to work today so not much is going to be happening in my creative space.  But at least that means I get a nice long weekend.  

First up is the first block of my new quilt, hopefully tomorrow I get another 1 or 2 blocks done.  Have a nice new cutting board so I can cut in my sewing room so that means no running back and forward from the dining room table where I was using my super big board that doesn't fit on the sewing table with my sewing machine up.

The second picture is my new version of Pretty as a Picture, which will hopefully help Hetties sell lots of my patterns, as all the fabric is available in the shop.  

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And if you head over here there is a freebee pattern of mine.

16 August 2010

Vintage Pop

This came in the mail today, it is so yummy.  It is exclusive to Funky Fabrix.  I think a red and white quilt is going to be the answer to my itchy fingers that can't wait to chop this up.  Just need to squeeze in a few extra hours in the day.  

I am working on another version of Pretty as a Picture.  The quilt pattern is on sale at Hetties but some ladies are having trouble seeing it in different fabrics, something I never struggle with as  I always have to make a quilt MY WAY.  So I am doing a Hetties version using Meadowsweet 2 and a few other fabrics.   I have to say I love this version way more than the original  and my daughter is loving it also I might have to make a 3rd version just for her.  

Pattern writing is having a rest for a couple of days as yesterday I started another quilt.  You may remember this pile of fabrics .. well I started chopping after I decided on a pattern which has now been altered considerably in my head so back to EQ for some more tweeking but the first block (which is 24") looks pretty cool.  Need to change this block a bit for the alternate block and add a pieced border and it will be done.  

15 August 2010

And the Winners Are

Squid the random number generated and pulled the following names from the tupperware container.

For Giveaway No 1 the winner is

Comment 12 August 2010  at 11.22 pm

For Giveaway No 2 the winner is

Comment 12 August 2010 at 10.44am

Girls if you email me your snail mail address I'll get your giveaway's off to your next week.

12 August 2010

My Creative Space

Here is the sneak peak of a finish for my creative space this week.  I am still working on pattern writing so I won't bore you with any pictures of that again.  At least I have made some major project and am up to putting the quilt all together but I seem to be putting that off for some reason.

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Don't forget to look in on my giveaways from the great destash, one is open to Aussies only and the other is for everyone so leave a comment.

09 August 2010

400+ Blog Entries

Well the giveaways were timely as I have snuck over the 400 blog post mark in recent weeks.  Don't forget to leave a comment in the giveaways.  I will draw on Saturday.

While looking at one of my regular blog stops I was given the link to an amazing table runner in the making.   According to the artist there are still 120 hours to go on the baby and it will be truly wonderful.  So go and check it out at Calamity Kim's blog, I have now added her blog to google reader so I can see the progress.

08 August 2010

Giveaway No 2

Somehow I ended up with a couple of copies of these patterns so here is the next giveaway.  So leave a comment if you would like the chance to win these.  This is open to everyone.

06 August 2010


This is open to Australian Residents only.  

Here are just some of the fabrics that are in my bag of Thimbleberrie fabric to give away. It weighs about 1.2kg and is mostly made up of 10cm & 15cm whole of width of fabric strips.  There are a few double ups and few bigger pieces.  There is easily enough to make a lap quilt at least.  So leave a comment and I will draw the random name on Saturday the 14th August.

OS girls I will post a giveaway tomorrow.  

05 August 2010

My Creative Space

I think this quilt should have been a BOM it is going to be bigger than ben hur ..... well not quite.  I really have only just started the writing but there are so many diagrams.  Hopefully today I will really get a move on.

Since writing the above I have found myself in avoidance mode.  Now with a Chai Latte a little retail therapy and out in my tidy sewing room I am hoping to be inspired more to write the pattern.

And then as a reward I get to hand quilt this baby which is doing all sorts of damage to my aching back, but the stitches are really big and I should have it finished over the weekend and then the seagulls can squabble over it.  The boys in the family have already put dibs on it.  Which is really unusual in this house but it is a flannel quilt and I don't make many of those and it has been really cold here the last few days.  And if you are wondering about the pattern it is a Pat Sloan (I think from one of her books) and the fabric is Jan Mullen from ages ago (this is one of my rediscovered quilt tops)

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01 August 2010

Its Over

I don't have a piles of fabric on the floor and my stash is neatly folded I even have a couple of shelves for storage.   I do have a couple of garbage bags of fabric which are going to go to new homes.  There is still one shelf that I haven't got to yet but I have had enough and I think that most of it will be heading to charity anyway so I will wait a while.

I have one big Glad snap lock bag full of Thimbleberries fabric that I will put up as a give away later in the week (Aussie residents only) there is probably enough in there for at least a lap sized quilt, and a couple of patterns that somehow I have managed to get double ups for overseas residents.  I will post pictures and give details later in the week.