01 August 2010

Its Over

I don't have a piles of fabric on the floor and my stash is neatly folded I even have a couple of shelves for storage.   I do have a couple of garbage bags of fabric which are going to go to new homes.  There is still one shelf that I haven't got to yet but I have had enough and I think that most of it will be heading to charity anyway so I will wait a while.

I have one big Glad snap lock bag full of Thimbleberries fabric that I will put up as a give away later in the week (Aussie residents only) there is probably enough in there for at least a lap sized quilt, and a couple of patterns that somehow I have managed to get double ups for overseas residents.  I will post pictures and give details later in the week.


Karen said...

Yippee!! More room for new Fabric.

Lorraine said...

Looking good Amanda.....it's a good feeling to get things more organised .....you have enough there to keep you going for a while I think.....!

Leanne said...

Remember Lucas is home in the evening you can pop down and do mine now you's is nice and tidy.