16 August 2010

Vintage Pop

This came in the mail today, it is so yummy.  It is exclusive to Funky Fabrix.  I think a red and white quilt is going to be the answer to my itchy fingers that can't wait to chop this up.  Just need to squeeze in a few extra hours in the day.  

I am working on another version of Pretty as a Picture.  The quilt pattern is on sale at Hetties but some ladies are having trouble seeing it in different fabrics, something I never struggle with as  I always have to make a quilt MY WAY.  So I am doing a Hetties version using Meadowsweet 2 and a few other fabrics.   I have to say I love this version way more than the original  and my daughter is loving it also I might have to make a 3rd version just for her.  

Pattern writing is having a rest for a couple of days as yesterday I started another quilt.  You may remember this pile of fabrics .. well I started chopping after I decided on a pattern which has now been altered considerably in my head so back to EQ for some more tweeking but the first block (which is 24") looks pretty cool.  Need to change this block a bit for the alternate block and add a pieced border and it will be done.  


Shay said...

OK that fabric is just beautiful.

Kris said...

I'm trying to avoid fabric shops, but it's getting hard with everyone showing beautiful pieces of fabric here on the net. I need to get to a shop now!!!

Rustic Tarts said...

You are a temptress! I shouldn't have followed the link to all of those gorgeous fabrics!!

Leanne said...

Have you found that wand that make extra hours in the day so you can fit in a red and white quilt. LOL