26 February 2024

15 Minute Challenge & Melbourne Trip

 Its been a slow week on the stitching front, and even on the crochet front (only 3 days this week).  Spent 3 days in Melbourne on a business trip to celebrate the company I work for 50th birthday.  

There was lots of fun,  a quite a bit of work and schmoozing with big wigs. I was pretty spent by the time I got home Friday afternoon and have spent the weekend catching up on sleep.  

One thing the company does well is feed you.  Even though it was working lunch there was lots of food for both lunches.  Followed by a big dinner on the first night, we then went to see  Grease the Musical the seats weren't the greatest as you can see by my picture but the musical was great with a couple of veteran Australian stars in the cast.  Thursday night was a cocktail party which some people partied hard after, my coworkers were 2 that stayed up late even though we had a morning meeting with our biggest clients.  

We had a couple of inspirational speakers the first was Tim Cope who followed the trail of Genghis Khan on horseback from Mongolia to Hungary and the 2nd was a SolarBuddy workshop which helps children living in energy poverty providing them with light.   

Mo has got an extra day in her new job so now she is working 3 days per week.  

So not much stitching this week.  Maybe next week I'll be able to report more on that front.  


19 February 2024

15 Minute Challenge

 It was my birthday last week just before Valentines day so lots of nice flowers on offer in the shops.  Work has been busy, but most of February is locked down, ready for our Melbourne trip at the end of the week to celebrate the companies 50th birthday. 

The family got the presents right all I wanted were some plants for inside, so I have new plant babies to look after.  

We are going to see the Musical Grease on the first night and there are lots of things planned  over the 2 days.  We have to schmooze with the Board apparently, I'm hoping to blend into the background schmoozing is not my thing.  I really should think about packing but I haven't even thought about it yet.  

Mo got the job and last week she signed all the paperwork.  The job is doing the graphics for the nightly news.  Its a contract for a couple of months with an option to extend.      She had her first day last Friday and is back again today, it is 2 days a week on casual wage so the money is really good and it will be great experience for her.  She was terrified going into work on the first day thinking that they made a mistake but it sounded like she had a good time and they are prepared to train her so I think she will settle it is great experience being able to use her degree. 

On to the challenge I think I've managed at least 15 minutes each day over the last 2 weeks.  I'm still working on the CAL.  I'm not rushing it just cruising along keeping my pace.  I'm still not sure if I will do the big version, but I will probably have to make that decision soon.  

06 February 2024

Milestone Birthday and a bit of Crochet Progress

 Mo turned 21 last weekend.  We had a couple of dinners one with her boyfriend and another with Maestro when he could have a day off.  She then hosted a picnic and a trip to a new bowling/amusement centre in the city with her friends from Uni.  It was all low key and typical Mo.   

She also had a big week on the job front doing a phone interview and another interview/tour of one of the local television stations for a contract job in their graphics department.  She doesn't know if she got the job but at least it wasn't as bad as she thought it was going to be, it sounds like she didn't sell herself enough but its all good experience.  

Our internet/NBN is on the fritz at the moment its been patchy for weeks. We were completely offline on Sunday, which wouldn't have mattered if it hadn't been a swelter of a day (think it got to 41C).  I was fine I read a physical book for once under the air conditioner but all I could hear from the lounge was DH lamenting the lack of anything decent on free to air TV.  

There has been a bit more progress on the CAL, not much sewing but I did sort my threads tonight, so there may be some progress on the sewing front in the next fortnight.  

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