20 March 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Got my first pay on Wednesday, love getting paid weekly again and I haven't spent it very virtuous and unlike me. I am afraid the heat has really got to me so haven't done very much but I am loving the cool sea breeze that is with us today and although my weather girl today says that it is raining I haven't seen any though there are lots of dark clouds they don't seem to want to get rid of their load of water. It really needs to rain steadily for about a week I think.

I am really enjoying work, I feel like once I know the ropes I will really be able to help the boss' work load.

Last week I had another delivery from Amazon, this time "Pretty Little Things" by Sally Jean Alexander she makes wonderful collage jewellery and trinket and this book is full of lots and lots of eye candy and inspiration. I started on some bits and pieces for my sister's birthday and I am just waiting on a delivery of a few essential requirements to complete some "things" to put together, hopefully I get it early next week so I can finish the pressie by the end of the month (well before then because I need to post it before the end of the month).

15 March 2008

Virgin Ornie Swapper

I embarked on my first ever ornie swap with the Passion 4 Primitives Forum that I am a member of and here is the combined effort of all the girls. Every one of the ornies is fabulous and they are all so different. From Altered Art to stitcheries from sewn to painted to collage they are all wonderful. Of course I signed up for the next one in June it was such a joy to open all the little parcels (note to self next time wrap them all) I even kept most of the labels becaus they were just as good as the ornies themselves. Next year my ornie tree is going to be overflowing.

13 March 2008

First Day and Wild Women

Yesterday was my first day at the new job and I really enjoyed it, there is lots to do to sort the office out but it seems to be a good working environment and I think the boss and I will get along just fine which is extremely important in a two person office. The hours are great because it means that I can go off to work after I have dropped the kids off and they don't even know that I am not home so there is not real impact on them.

I also got a delivery of a book called Wild Women which is a book on how to make 20 Stitched Art Brooches by Sarah Lawrence (its under the Paper/Misc category at the thread studio) and it is absolutely fantastic. Going to have to do some serious shopping to get all the faces arms and leggies but they are all just fabulous and every one is different.

09 March 2008

Sew Along with Pat Sloan

Pat Sloan's Yahoo Group is having a SeW AloNG Quilt Day Retreat Weekend... Next weekend. I will have to work out the time difference which at this time is a little hard for me but I think I should be able to come have a look first thing on Saturday morning and they will be a bit of action at Pat's Blog. Get all the details on her blog (just click on the button). It should be fun and there are give aways along the way.

07 March 2008

I Got the Job

Had my second interview with the client, the agency had told me I pretty much had the job but he was making it sound like he still was interviewing others which gradually changed to me be in the position by the end. So I just came out and said to him "Well how many others got a second interview" which he sheepishly replied only you but he couldn't make a decision until after the weekend. I worried all the way home thinking that I probably had pushed a bit too far, but by the time I had got home the agency had rung to say he was happy for me to start subject to reference checks. As he is putting me on as a Temp to begin with I don't see what he is worried about, but he has worked on his own for 10 years so he is probably a bit weary of someone coming in and taking over his space.

The picture today is of Gail Pan's Seasons Block 1. It looks a bit washy in this photo and I have added some new colours in the stitching for the next block and all subsequent blocks because I thought it needed a bit more variety.

04 March 2008

Fingers and Toes all Crossed

I rang the recruitment agency yesterday to find out if they knew when the decision would be made on the job interview I did on Friday. Apparently the client was very happy with my interview and said that I would be the benchmark for all other applicants. She said that she was struggling to find anyone with my experience and my test scores on their books, so unless they pull out wonder woman (which I might add has happened to me recently) I might have a job next week I find out for sure on Thursday. The best thing about that is I don't have to do any more interviews, I did 3 last week and it was way to many my whole week was a mess.

I had a comment asking where to get the border fabric for the kit Ocean Breeze. The range is Clara by P & B Textiles and I did a little searching Fabric Shack has most of it but not the border in blue (they have yellow), but Hancock of Paducah have all the colour ways of the border print and a few others so happy shopping.