17 September 2018

Hate September

September is our busiest month at work.  Pattern writing has taken a back seat.  I have continued to quilt the Row by Row quilt and there are 3 more big rows to do background stitching on and then I will be adding texture to the appliqué.

I was up to date on the Pretty Circle Game blocks until the next package arrived this week.  But I think I get brownie points for keeping pretty much up to date on this one.

I've also been hand quilting  my Spring Fever Quilt and I'm down to the last 3 blocks to quilt.  I've decided hand quilting is really not for me again.

The kids are off to Kangaroo Island next week for a School camp to use the Drones in the wild so for 4 days we will be teenagerless can't imagine what we will do with all that extra time that I don't have to be a Mum Taxi... Knowing my luck but my husband and I will be working late.

02 September 2018

More Hand Stitching & Pattern Writing

The last couple of weeks I have been catching up with Pretty Circle Game.  I have finished 2 more blocks and have a 3rd cut ready to stitch and I will be up to date.  There is only 3 more months to go I think with 3 more blocks and then block surrounds and borders to go.  This is the first BOM (someone elses) in a long time that I have managed to keep up to date with.

Patterns for Rows 1, 2 and 3 are now for sale in my Esty shop.  Row 1 is discounted until 30 September, Row 2 is discounted from 1 October, and Row 3 from 1 November.

I'm currently quilting the quilt and testing out a new poly batting which I am finding very much to my liking.  It is Double Request Quilter Dream Poly.  It is very low loft and even with heavy machine quilting its drape is still soft.

The school year is zooming through, both the kids go on a school camp in a couple of weeks to Kangaroo Island as part of there Drone Project.  Maestro is unsure if he should go as a major assignment is due the same week and so far the teacher hasn't been very accomodating when he has needed time for the Drone project (even though we were promised that this would be the case when he signed up) so we are unsure if he can go.  But the work experience of flying a drone and doing actual tasks that drones are able to do in real life situations will be invaluable.