17 September 2018

Hate September

September is our busiest month at work.  Pattern writing has taken a back seat.  I have continued to quilt the Row by Row quilt and there are 3 more big rows to do background stitching on and then I will be adding texture to the appliqué.

I was up to date on the Pretty Circle Game blocks until the next package arrived this week.  But I think I get brownie points for keeping pretty much up to date on this one.

I've also been hand quilting  my Spring Fever Quilt and I'm down to the last 3 blocks to quilt.  I've decided hand quilting is really not for me again.

The kids are off to Kangaroo Island next week for a School camp to use the Drones in the wild so for 4 days we will be teenagerless can't imagine what we will do with all that extra time that I don't have to be a Mum Taxi... Knowing my luck but my husband and I will be working late.

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Kate said...

Sorry work has been so hectic. Hope it calms down soon. Ah, teenagerless for a few days. Look at as a dry run for when they take off for university. It's a bit different. Enjoy!