23 October 2023

15 minute Challege, New Start and Settled in to New Office

We are all settled into the new office, and last week the new guy started.  I don't think I've trained anyone in probably 20 years but luckily he is a quick study has been in the industry for a all his working life so he is picking stuff up quickly and I think will be a great asset to the branch.  That being said I was so tired by the end of the week who knew that talking so much could be exhausting.  He is off to Melbourne tonight for more training in Head Office.  

The boss is interstate but will be back later in the week and we are in winding down and consolidating mode. 

Hubby and I will be going on a holiday in a few weeks, the first big holiday we have had on our own since the kids were born, and as Maestro just turned 23 that is a pretty long time. Its a driving holiday round Tassie and we are both looking forward to a chance to recharge and hopefully  not kill each other over directions. 

Mo has been pretty busy, with a market (setup below), more competitions and both raising money and finalising the book catalogue for the Grad Show.  Last week it was a quiz night and movie night this week it is a Halloween party.  

She didn't win the beer label competition, but in the end she wasn't too fussed about that, she found out she would have had to appear on their podcast and receive more beer. She is a finalist in a Manga Competition next.  She has lots of deadlines over the next few weeks so apart from dropping off at places I don't think we will be seeing much of her.  

I have been doing some embroidery, and have finished a couple of motives from Cottage Gardens threads Field Journals Book 1. I spoke to Mo about the setting as I'm unsure about the business.  I thought I may start the hexagon border again and keep to one colour round each one, but she thought if we used the linen or maybe a single colour in the joining hexagons it may tone it down a tad.  Think I'll just concentrate on the embroideries for a while.  

I have another dolly body finished, but the hair will have to be redone, as it wasn't fitting the head.  

Took a picture of an amazing display of Kangaroo Paws on the verge on our Sunday walk.  Excuse the finger over the lens of my phone.  

02 October 2023

Its been a while 15 Minute Challenge

 Can't believe it has been a month, but it has been.  Last week we moved into our new offices, there are still a few things to do to get us fully settled in but I'm really enjoying the new outlook from my desk.  I think its going to be lovely looking out onto the balcony especially when I bring a few plants from home to decorate.   

It also looks like we found a new person to work with us.  I think they will be offered the job this week so fingers crossed they will be starting in a few weeks.  

Mo is a finalist in a competition to design a beer can for a local Micro Brewer Shifty Lizard Brewing Co.  Her design will go up tomorrow for voting.  The link to vote for Liquid Treasure is here.  The brief was to use your own style to for the design the label and name the beer.  I think her design is pretty spectacular but it is up for public vote so we will have to see how she goes she is up against another 3 designs.  

Her class had a successful stall at a Comic Convention they raised more money for the Graduation Show. She also was chosen to have a market stall and the Uni's Wellness, I have been helping her paint stands so the next week will be busy getting things ready for her stall.  

On the crating front I've finished 1 doll (no clothes yet) and have hair and an arm to do on another.  

And I've managed to do some stitching.  Using Katie Dawsons Tack it Easy tool and a hexy stamp to mark the fabric I've made quite a stash of hexies to go round the stitcheries for Field Journal.  Both these tools make taking hexies super quick and easy almost enjoyable.  I managed to almost fill this little box before I started putting them together.    The first stitchery is almost done, if I manage a post next week I should be able to show one finished block.