26 June 2007

I Know Its Boring but here it is anyway

The most exciting thing in my life at the moment is the fact that I am moving furniture into my lounge/dinning room which has been empty (apart from paint cans) for the better part of six months. Here is my new table, chairs and buffe which has been sitting in the garage since January. In the photo the table and chairs look totally different colours to the buffe but they actually blend quite well in real life.

I now have to make that table runner and placemats that I put on the backburner. Maybe this weekend (fingers crossed).

Here is a picture of beads that I made up for my friend Sue's birthday. Yesterday I got the requirements list for our Road Trip to Loxton to meet Leanne Beasley , Gail Pan and Viviane Robinson (who replaces Rosalie) for a wonderful three days of sewing. Just about ready to start counting sleeps. Might go shopping tomorrow to the Keeping Room for Vivianes Project. After looking at the requirements list I have enough for possibly 3 quilts(leanne) and 2 bags (gail) so I have to go and look for fabric for a basket and possibly a basket.

23 June 2007

Big Change

The carpet went down yesterday wow and the house actually is beginning to look like a house instead of an op shop. Unfortunately while all this was happening a had a recurance of an inner ear problem, I am hoping it was just an infection but I have bouts of this in the past and I suspect in has come out of remission and I may be woosey for some time to come. At least now I know a nice ENT so that will be half the battle. My husband and I stayed up and put our bedroom back together we shifted everything around which may be the reason why I am so disorientated today (crossing my fingers). I decided to put in a picture of my Pat Sloan COF 2005 quilt which has been hanging on the wall in the quilt shop for over 12 months and I finally bought it home and decided it could go on the bed for a while

17 June 2007

It's SOOOO Cold and I've got one

Well the kids were sick last week and of course they have been very sharing and I have got the lurgy. Luckily not as badly as the kids just a stuffed up nose so I can at least carry on.

Had a good time at the Choccy Crow auction on Friday night but missed out on the two items I had my eye on. They went way beyond my limit which was good for the girls selling, not so good for me and all the others that missed out.

I received Cinderberry Stitches new patterns last week and have spared no time in starting the Needle Keeper and will post a picture when they are completed. Natalie also has nice blog which keeps you up to date on her latest designs and what this talented lady is up to.

We took up the carpet our bedroom yesterday and today I painted the skirting. Carpets go in on Thursday.....yeah.... the house will start to get back to being a little tidy. I know we are going to regret not taking the wallpaper down in the bedroom and painting before the new carpets go in. But I just feel like this painting is never ending and I really don't know what colour I want in the bedroom. I was thinking today maybe a dusty pink might be nice but my husband probably won't agree and I need a year or two to work up to that argument lol.

14 June 2007

Best Greek Restaurant

My quilt group decided to go out for tea for one of the girls birthday's this week and we went to Kefi's in Glenelg North. It is the best food and the place was packed and for a freezing Wednesday night that was saying something. It is a small family run business and the food was just yummy and there was sooooo much of it. We started with dips then the four of us and we shared 3 main meals, lamb Souvlaki, char grilled Chicken and meat balls with sauce all served with pita bread, on a bed of roast potatoes and greek salad. We couldn't decide which was best. We will have to make a return visit or maybe we will settle on takeaway which was doing a roaring trade as it was very hard to hear us chat. Here is the beads I made to wear out.

Here are some pictures of the latest purchases that will be going on the Road trip to Loxton to use in the projects, Chez Moi (bottom) is for the Gail Pan Bag. The Roman Holiday (left) is for Leanne Beasley project and the Mod Girls is just in case.

09 June 2007

Busy Busy Busy

What a week, my son has been home for most of it with tonsilitis, I had to do some web page updates for the shop where I works Riverlea Quilts and I have been feeling a bit flat so not much on the craft front. I did make a necklace and bracelet for my step mother's birthday in June last night. She and my Dad are currently on their 3 month journey to a warmer climate (taken every winter) and are spending a month in Kingscliff and then will travel to Maroochdore and then call in to see my sister's new property. I will have to post it soon so that it gets to Kingscliff before they move on.

I ordered the beads from Beadworld on Thursday and they were in the letterbox on Friday morning all ready for me to play with last night.
I also got a delivery of fabric Roman Holiday by 3 Sisters to use on the road trip in July for Leanne Beasley's project. My friend Sue and I made an online order together to save on postage, I am expecting another couple of parcels in Tuesday's mail (its just like Christmas) will post photo's when I get it all.

03 June 2007

More House Stuff

Haven't managed to get into my sewing room again this weekend. I am counting down to the 21st of June when the bedrooms will be carpeted and I can just start to spread out and live in all the rooms in the house. I have been working on Miss Milly's Flower Patch at night and am up to stitching the third block. I am also doing Polka Dot Girls also by Red Brolly but am doing this as a block of the month and have just finished the fourth block. So I am still being creative I suppose.

As we have three weekends until the carpets come, we have decided to do one of the bedrooms a weekend. So now our lounge room my daughter's room, which she delighted in spreading all her toys across the floor about an hour ago. We demolished an ugly built in cupboard and ripped up the carpet, romoved the underlay and then relay the carpet to cover up the spikes. So she has a room with a bed in it. This week I will have to paint (yuck) the skirting boards and the patches where the cupboard was attached to the wall and hope that the sample pot I got is a match for the original point work. The room really needs repainting but I am not doing it for a couple of years I am waiting for her to grow out of her destructive stage (which has been ongoing since birth).