26 January 2018

So where did January Go

I can't believe the summer holidays are nearly over.  I have been back at work for 3 weeks, getting myself motivated to leave the house when half the house is still in bed or still in their PJ's has been hard but getting organised for February work load has been excellent.

Can't say that my stitching is ahead of schedule though as I have been pretty flat after getting home from work.  This has improved this week and I doing my final 2 flowers on the row that I am working on, then its time to put in the leaves which are super quick to appliqué.  I've also decided to add some tone on tone's to the mix of fabrics, as I'm just plain bored with the solids, I know they will look great when quilted but it needs a lift and I have a box of fabrics from a project I was planning 15 years ago which is perfect.

We are heading into 3 or 4 days of high 30's 40+ temperatures and it is a holiday weekend so I might escape to my sewing room as the air conditioner in there is super cool.

Mo had friends over last weekend to celebrate her birthday, she turns 15 on Sunday which is scary even more scary is that Maestro turns 18.  The summer break has been good the kids have been enjoying the great out doors even though Maestro spends a lot of time gaming they are still bike riding, walking and Mo's running.

The physio want Mo to road run as solely treadmill running is causing problems with her knees.  DH doesn't want to let her go on her own and she doesn't want to have someone with her.  So we have had a bit of a Mexican stand off over the holidays, he's relented this last week and she has done 3 runs. Her running has improved and running in the fresh air is what she needs at the moment.

We all go back to routine on Monday but I think life is pretty good at the moments.