29 December 2009

A Little bit Busy

While the kids were in the pool jumping all over their father I decided to do a little jewellery making.  Here are my efforts.  They are all for sale on my Etsy site. The blue pieces are called Ocean Breeze and the red below is called Firebrand.

28 December 2009

Christmas Aftermath

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  Mine was really low key and we had lunch and dinner with my in laws.  

On Christmas Eve I set off early for a massage, but the therapist didn't turn up and I am still waiting for her to return my call so I got back to the house before 9.30 and we made a quick decision (which in a household that everything is measured to the Nth degree..not by me I might add) is very unusual, to go to St Kilda Playground with the kids.  It was a lovely cool day with a fresh breeze after the heat of the day before and the kids were getting a bit stir crazy with being mainly inside the day before the all the excitement of Christmas.  

The decision turned out to be inspired.   The kids burned off some the exited energy and we filled in the day.  It also meant that when they went to bed that night they were asleep before their heads touched the pillow which hasn't happened over the last few years.  

Apparently St Kilda is always hotter than anywhere else so the day was perfect, I don't think I would want to go there when the sun was shining there is no shade and lots of metal.  The kids had a ball tearing here and there.  My husband was equally tired as he has to go on everything with the kids, I just took photo's and tried not to fall over.  I got some really good shots and plenty of plain awful ones as well the joy of digital photography is that you can just delete them lol.
We had hamburgers and chips for lunch at the local kiosk and then headed home.  

I avoided the shop on Christmas Eve which was wonderful and I haven't headed out to the sales as yet.  But I have been working on my Christmas Tree for next year and this morning I have finished the raw edge applique and it is ready to put the backing on and quilt.  

23 December 2009

Merry Christmas

I have just finished doing a quick scan of the blogs and you Northerners are all suffering or not from the cold and snow while down here we are heading for 42C today and it is going to be a real nasty day. Cool change is set to arrive tomorrow sometime where it is going down to 22 so at least we have some relief on the way and maybe even some rain.

I got up early and went for a walk then decided to go and do some last minute food shopping before the heat came in. Seems everyone was doing the same. There was a line up to get into the grocery shop which opened at 7.30. Luckily the bread shop and the fruit and veg was opened earlier so I filled in the time.

My hubby and I had a lovely dinner at The Sauce, in Dulwich with my Boss and his wife last night, the food was excellent.

For all of you out in Blogland Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year.

20 December 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

I am waiting for everyone to get ready we are heading out for a Christmas Party with my husbands family combined with my MIL's 80th. I thought that I would show you what I have started. It was traced a couple of weeks ago at Hetties and it took me all Friday afternoon to cut it out, I did this to keep busy while I waited for my key's to be returned (taxi driver kindly dropped them off late in the afternoon which was a big relief). Yesterday I glued the batting and top together and started stitching. I am not aiming having it finished this Christmas next Christmas will do. I have to do some shopping first as I want to stick crystals on it as well. I have made a good start and it won't be long. I'll just leave it on the machine and go and stitch some more when I feel like it.

18 December 2009

Melbourne Trip

I have returned from a flying visit to Melbourne for Christmas Lunch I did get to stay overnight but the having to get up at 5.30 for and 8 o'clock flight wasn't so good. We went to MoMo's and the food was absolutely magnificent. The meal didn't finish until 4pm when we were asked to move to the Spice Market Bar next door as they wanted to set up for the next session. Lets just say some of the people from Melbourne Office got a little messy and it turned out to be an interesting evening. Being the control freak I am I don't get messy and I obviously paced myself well because although tired I am not really suffering from any hangover symptoms. We checked into the Hotel about 10pm with one of the messy ones following along because he obviously didn't have a home to go to. The boss got saddled with him, while I headed to my room for a bath and of to bedfordshire.

The boss managed to surface for breakfast in plenty of time (he had headed out again with our tag along for further drinking) and we made it to the airport in plenty of time. All was well until I started looking for my keys on the plane, I didn't have them. I hoped at least I had left them in the taxi in Adelaide and a call to the company confirmed this. So I am waiting to here from them when I can get them back.

I did wear my necklace that I made and showed you a couple of posts back and of course I made matching earrings. It did get oohs and arrs from the Melbourne girls so I feel a bit better about it now, I was happy with it but I just wondered if it was a bit OUT THERE. They couldn't believe that I had made it, and how clever was I! I'm still deciding what to do but I think I'll make another set of earrings and maybe sell them as a set in my etsy shop..though it did go really well with my outfit yesterday but how much jewellery can one girl have.....

15 December 2009

Chrissy Tea with the Girls

I have been sewing these little sucker's. I am glad I don't know too many that drink wine as I didn't enjoy doing them they were a bit fiddly. As you can probably see they don't have wine but Organic Olive Oil in them. I gave one to Leanne who doesn't drink and she is going to use it for her drink bottle so it is a good size so I might have to make one more just for me.

Last night was Chrissy tea with the sewing girls and as usual we had a lovely time. It just doesn't feel like Christmas until we have met up with the girls one last time and talked about all things we are going to do next year... though we didn't do that so much this year lol but there was lots of laughing and good conversation anyway.

I am off to Melbourne for Chrissy Lunch with work on Thursday (hard life but someone has to do it) I get to stay overnight this time (last year the flew me back the same day which just was cruel I really can't drink and fly). Though they have got me getting back to Adelaide by 9.30 so you can imagine what time I have to get up on Friday...I am trying not to think about it.

Day 2 of the school holidays sees me taking the kids to the movies. We are seeing the Meatball one and then I am taking them to the Hairdresses with me while I have a cut and colour which will be an absolute joy lol! Can you tell I am looking forward to it.....but I think 4 days at nana's this week might be a bit much for all concerned. Hubby is off next week (fingers crossed something urgent has come up but he is doing his best to finish it by Friday) and I am only working 2 days next week then that is me till then end of January. Oh well better get the kids out of their jammies (and me) and get ready for the flicks.

14 December 2009


I have been busy really I have.

I have been working on these they are cookie bags for the kids teachers, sorry about the pictures, I am having all sorts of problems taking photo's at the moment.

I have also been making other pressies for my nail lady, hairdresser and the sewing girls... can't show you these yet that will have to be tomorrow.

I have also been cutting out leaves for this....I asked Kellie how many and she says about 600 which depressed me greatly then I went and cut another 70 leaves after I had already cut 120 to get over it. Only 400 +more to go. Must admit I am not happy with the glueing down the seams after the first 50 I had had enough. I have decided to use the Thimblelady Marking pen (not a marking pen as such but a kind of fabric folder) which made the hole process a lot quicker and I can get a nice sharp point which I was finding impossible. Also as I don't wash my fabrics and the sizing stopped some of the seams from sticking.... My solution might make it harder to get them in the right place on the fabric though only time will tell.

My colour way is pink with a twist, basically if it has some pink in it I am using it which will mean that there will be a few ringins like the orange one here but I think it will add a bit of zing to the quilt.

Next is my Material Obsession BOM and here is block 1 nearly finished (they are posting block 5 this week oops). Block 5 is a wonderful big applique centre which I might do next as it is a good take with you block and I am going to need that for a few days in January.

07 December 2009

Carols by Candlelight

Most women would kill for curls like this...mostly I just want him to brush it so it doesn't look like a bird could fly out of it at any minute. Here he looks quite angelic which is good as he was getting ready to sing in the choir for the local Carols by Candlelight.

My only complaint was the women compare who sang the Carols over the choir and her voice was not all that great.. and we couldn't hear the kids grrr.

Santa arrive by fire truck was mobbed by all the kids and barley escaped with his life. I had two grumpy kids to get off to school this morning too late a night for them. Only 4 more days to go.

05 December 2009

What Do You Think?

I don't seem to be able to take a good photo this morning and this is about my 15th try. Finally got one that kid of shows the detail, I need some new lenses...

I made this last night. I should have been making Cookie Bag's for teachers or starting the pressies for the girls.... as I signed up for Pat Sloan's FUI weekend for Christmas but I just wanted to get this out of my system.

Originally I was going to put a charm on that I got from here (mine is Sugar and Spice) but I don't think the setting was right so I made a charm from my fob watch faces. The saying is "It is never too late to be what you might have been" by George Elliot.

Let me know what you think. It is made with semi precious stones, a few swaroski crystals and the fibre is Sari Yarn.

03 December 2009

7 Little Surprises

My MIL rang me the other day to bring the kids over as she had some visitors in the back yard. The mother duck had nested in the hedge behind the veggie patch and she was now looking to move her brood to the river.

She said that she had been keeping them there all day but will have to let them out soon as the mother was searching for ways to get out of the garden without success. After school we went over to see them. Of course the kids would stay back and they headed for cover as soon as they got too close but I manage to get a couple of pictures with my phone before they disappeared into some more bushes.

My MIL was all for keeping them there as long as possible as the water rats down the river usually pick off babies fairly quickly but that's nature and I told her just to wait until the hoons had put their cars away for the night (there are a couple that use her street for a drag strip) and let them out.

02 December 2009

14 Years Ago Today

Where did that go...I blinked and I almost missed it lol. I had bigger boobs, a smaller waist and only one chin..... my husband had a bit more hair but as you can see he was well on the way to being follicly challenged here so it was not my fault... which he likes to tell everyone.
There are a few members of the family missing now... and of course a couple of extra's.

We both have the day off today so we are off to the city to do some Christmas shopping and then to have a nice lunch.

28 November 2009

Big Day

The squid is having her ballet concert tonight so we have a big day and I am trying to contain her excitement. This afternoon we have rehearsal at the theatre and tonight is the actual concert. Now this ballet school is very different from the sort I attended as a child. This is actually just for fun and there is no pressure and no costumes for me to make they are all hired.

I am a dresser which means I don't get to see them from the front but the sidelines but that is ok. I remember my mum use to do the same so it doesn't bother me and I thought it might be better if squid is a little nervous. My mum use to help on side stage because she was a bundle of nerves..can't say I was much better I use to have awful stage fright in the end I had to give it away because it was all to much.

I remember we use to train most of Saturday and during the week after school and extra sessions leading up to concerts and competition. I know she isn't going to be a prima ballerina but at least she has fun and at 6 that is the main thing and dressing up with the make up is the most fun of all.

27 November 2009


On what to do for teacher pressies. The quilting girls are all worked out but I wasn't sure about the Teacher's stuff. My son wants to make cookies which we make every year but what to put them in. Then the other day I got Natalie's Raspberry Cream from Hetties and thought that Rudolf would be perfect for the front of the bag. So last night I ironed on 3 copies (one for the quilt) of the transfer to crisp white fabric and started stitching ready for Cookie Sacks.

Did I buy the cute little sewing machine? OOOOH yes it is so darn cute, tiny little thing I am sure my daughter will love it.... My son will want one too but I have promised him he can use it too. It is very basic but just the thing for starting out without having to out lay much money. There are a couple of books from the girls from Possibilities about Machine Sewing for Children so I think I might add these to the parcel as well and some sewing notions.

25 November 2009

Christmas Birthday's and all the Planning

My daughter's birthday is the first week back at school so all the preparation for the Birthday Party has to happen now. A week ago she came to a decision about what she wanted and I booked a Mermaid and Pirate party at a this place. They use to just come to your house and bring there dressups and games and entertain the kids for a couple of hours but now they have a venue so you can go there and they clean up the mess. So the party is all booked just have to send out the invites before the end of school.

My daughter has been wanting a toy sewing machine since her last birthday, of course she found one a couple of weeks after her last birthday and I have been promising her that she could have it. But a search on the internet has failed to find one as well as every likely shop at Westfield on the weekend. But searching on the internet I discovered this. Which is a mini real sewing machine by Janome and they only cost a little bit more than the toy ones that I saw last year. I am off to the local Janome centre this week to check it out. According to the sales lady they have sold heaps for little girls and they love it. I am a little concerned about fingers and needles but the lady suggested a walking foot option to keep fingers away.

18 November 2009

Night at the Movies

My friend Sue and I went to the pictures last night and saw Julie and Julia. I must admit that I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I wasn't expecting it to be as funny as it was. Earlier this year some of the Sloanies on the forum were comparing the movie to the book mentioned and that they didn't like the character of Julie, but I quite liked her it was about her growth as a person. It was quite a love story too especially the story of Julia between Julia, her husband and of course food. So if you get the chance go and see it.

11 November 2009

Why do you need to go to classes?

Do you like my latest Etsy find. If you like it you can find more like it here. The problem with etsy is that there is so many talented crafters in the world and I keep finding stuff like this piece that I just have to have.

A couple of weeks ago my son asked "Why do you need to go to sewing classes?" and I have been thinking quite a bit about this question. Why do we jump at the chance to have a class with a favourite designer or teacher. There are a number of reasons that come to mind.

Firstly my son of 9 years doesn't appreciate that learning is a life long experience (which is something I won't be letting on for a while as he is hoping to finish school sometime and telling him it will go on for ever might be a bit depressing). Secondly there is always a chance that someone knows how to do something easier than you or you pick up a few little hints and tricks (learn about a new tool) that you can incorporate into what you do, even if you don't appreciate it at the time. Thirdly it is being in a room with like minded people, you can learn off them too they are after all kindred sprits. Fourthly it is inspiration for new things, new colour schemes, not everyone has the same tastes and it is wonderful to see everyone's interpretation of a piece.

Fifthly I love doing classes if I do it on my own or with a group of friends I always enjoy the experience.

Are you Hot enough Yet?

Yesterday was my class with the Thimblelady. It was held in one of the lecture rooms in the Mortlock Wing of the state library which was absolutely spectacular and surprisingly a great location for stitching though the lighting might have been a bit better. (See much better photo's on Leanne's blog). The class was needle turn applique.

I have to admit I struggled with the first half of the class I just could cope with her small needles. I like to use the Bohin long applique needles but I was trying to do it the Thimblelady way so thought I had better use her equipment but my nails just kept getting in the way. I was much happier with my results in the afternoon when I threw away the tiny needles and grabbed my crowbars.

I did enjoy the class, I thought Luixin was going to be more rigid in her teaching than she was and I was quite happy with how relaxed the class actually was. Applique is one of those amazing skills that there are hundred
s of ways to do it. And I will take what I learned yesterday and add it to my skill and use those bits that I am comfortable with and not use those bits that are far to fiddly for my tastes. I don't strive for perfection and probably will never enter a quilt competition I am really glad I took a class with the Applique GURU.

For all you northerners the reference in the title is that we are in Day 4 of a heat wave today promises to be 39C again. I have had enough.

07 November 2009

Bag is Listed

My second bag is listed on Etsy. Just click the link on the side bar to view.

06 November 2009

I'm Going to Do It Different

The other day when the girls were over for the sewing day, we were talking about Kellie' Quilt a long and how I had joined up. And I said "I am doing it but I'm Going to Do It Different" for which Sue replied "Of Course You are". I didn't realise I was so predictable. I was trying to tidy my stash yesterday and came across some very suitable fabrics left unloved in the boxes so I think that I have yet another plan for another quilt.

I finished my test block for the Sue Ross BOM here it is, I am very pleased with how it looks and am planning on doing another 3 of this block and make a wallhanging out of it. Problem was I couldn't get some of the fabric's anymore they were sold out on Pat Sloan's website but a quick email to Pat and she found me what I wanted and it is winging it's way to me as we speak. Must admit I didn't like this range when it first arrived but when I opened the bag to do the test block with it, the lipstick red just jumped out at me and I had to get some more which I did and a couple of other fabrics as well.

This the first time I have made a block totally hand piecing and I must admit I have really enjoyed it. I have started cutting out the fabric for the real block and I really love the fabrics that I received. I have started cutting out the second blocks test piece will do a bit more of that tonight that is machine pieced.

Next week I am going to a hand applique class with the Thimblelady with Leanne and Viv (no Blog). Hopefully we won't get in to much trouble I get the feeling she has a no nonsense approach to quilting.

My next bag is about 20 minutes away from being finished so it will probably go up on Etsy tomorrow, then I have an order for one from Viv to get on with. Then it will be Chrissy pressies to make.

04 November 2009

Jazz Hands

I fell in love with this quilt in Material Obsession 2 as soon as I opened the book. I madely purchased template after template in the hope that the exact shape would be in it.I knew that it was a Matilda's own template (now I have quite a good collection of the little darlings) but the right shape wasn't in any of them. Finally I got in contact with Sarah and she said that she was getting some made if I could wait. You can get the template if you really have to have it from Sewn. I've had the template for a couple of weeks and have been deciding on what fabric I was going to use. I had a thought the other night in bed and came up with the idea of using black and white fabrics in the centre and outside border of the blocks. To the left of the pile is a group of black and white fabrics that at the moment are out (when they photographed they came out medium). I want there to be a definite dark and light to the group as I will alternate these in the blocks light in centre dark on outside and light on outside dark in centre. This is probably not all the fabric I will use because I want it to be really scrappy but it is a start. I am waiting on the arrival of some of Amy Butler's new range and I think these will probably add a bit of zing to the quilt.

03 November 2009

The Sounds of Excavators in the Morning

I came home yesterday to a street filled with van's and they were digging up my Telephone inspection point. They all disappeared at about 3.30 and then reappeared bright and early this morning. Part of the neighbour's driveway is a big pile on the reserve, so it looks like Telstra did have plan's for getting rid of my "extension cord" they just didn't tell Bombay or Moombi or wherever the call centre is.

It's Melbourne Cup Day today but I don't think I can be bothered with watching it. I am avoiding 2 weeks worth of ironing which I really must get too then maybe I can have a half hour play in my sewing room this afternoon. So better get on.

02 November 2009

Girls Sew In

Sorry no pics from yesterday's Girls Night In afternoon.... I just forgot we were too busy sewing....fancy that (a bit of eating and drinking was done as well). I finished piecing the outside of my test block for Material Obsessions BOM. I got up to pinning it together before the girls left yesterday afternoon and last night I hand stitched it. Now I have to applique it to the background square and put in the centre circle. I love it so much I am going to make 4 and do a wall hanging out of it. But first I had better get on to the actual BOM block.

We did have a lovely afternoon out of the heat of the day. Spring/Summer has arrived in a burst of heat. The kids had a Pupil Free Day on Friday so they have had 3 days in the pool and are very tired today. It is already 28 and it is only 7am so it is going to be another warm one today but a cool change is set to hit tonight for a bit of relief.

01 November 2009


Last night I finished the first of my funky bags for Etsy. Here is the finished product. I really like this one, if it hadn't taken me so long to get it done I probably would have kept it for myself and made another one for Etsy.

During the week I got the latest Haute Handbags from Somerset Studio's which is jammed packed full of inspiration for new bags and I am going to have lots of fun putting different bags together over the next few months.

31 October 2009

Tangy Goodness

I am known for my cupcakes with Lemon Butter and Cream. They are adult indulgences. When I use to take them to the Playgroup Christmas Party they were reserved for the adults the kids didn't see them lol the mum's snapped them all up. I use to use a commercial lemon butter as I found one that was imported from Scotland and it was (I thought) like home made. My local shops stopped stocking it so I had to start making my own.

You may remember I have some girls coming over for a sewing afternoon to celebrate "Girl Night In" and I am making Lemonade Scones but no cupcakes but I thought the lemon butter would go with the scones just as well. I just wish it would make more than one jar.

And now to my fun with Telstra. My phone line has been noisy again so I rang Telstra on Sunday to get it fixed. They said it would be done by the 27th and I laughed. I got a phone message on the 27th to say that it would be fixed by the 28th. I got home on Wednesday to this debacle across my neighbours lawns (plural) but have heard nothing from Telstra till I rang yesterday. Apparently this is the permanent fix for my phone. Although I remonstrated with Telstra (via Bombay) that there is no way that they can consider this a permanent solution I got no where fast. So across two neighbours lawns, gardens and two drive ways we have in effect a telephone extension cord. Now I am sure this is an accident waiting to happen let alone there is no way that I am going to have a phone line for any length of time, kids are going to run through the front yard forget and pull the cord out. But apparently as I have phone service the fault is fixed and the neighbours have speed humps in their drive way. Should be fun when they mow the lawn.

29 October 2009

We Survived

Sports day that is. As mentioned yesterday I have had a bit of a tummy upset so today was always going to be a trial. Being on a low/no carb diet it has taken me a couple of days to let it go and just try and eat some dry bickies I have been trying to just do a bit of protein and of course that doesn't work. Last night had some dry bickies with a bit of vegemite and I started to feel human. Today it was water water water, dry bickies, a couple of ice blocks and some lemonade and I managed to stay for the whole day.

It was very hot, especially when we haven't as yet had many hot days so everyone isn't use to it. Both my kids were in their years relay and they ran really well. There was of course plenty of fun activities like the egg (golf ball) and spoon race and rob the nest.

The teachers were great at making sure everyone stayed hydrated and it all ran pretty well this year and they managed to finish a little early yeah. Cold showers all round.

28 October 2009

Another Good Day at the Letterbox

I while ago I purchased some watch faces on ebay and payed way to much for them but I just had to have them. Most of the cost involved was in the postage that the seller charged. Since discovering Etsy I have found lots of watch pieces that are way cheaper than bidding with all the lunatics on Ebay (me included). Here is my latest purchase I am sure that I can make some lovely bracelets out of these gems. The beauty of them is that most of them have magnifying glass on the face so this will make anything that is put in them appear bigger than they are. Now I know that I can get a steady supply I will be using these little treasures.

It is Girls Night In (Afternoon In) this weekend and I am really looking forward to catching up with the girls. Hopefully I will be able to face food by Sunday as I have been struck down with a horrible tummy bug the last couple of days but I am feeling almost normal today. Apart from not really liking the sight of food, but I have managed to have lunch so must be on the mend.

25 October 2009

What I am Working On

Pat Sloan is having a FUI (finish it up weekend) on her forum. Not that I think that I will be finishing big project up but I have made progress on a couple of smaller ones. I have completed the practice piece from last weeks class into a pillow which my daughter has taken ownership of.

Also I have made some progress on my bags for etsy. I thought that I might show you what they look like so far. They are different from my previous two but are still made from felted wool just the colours are a bit more funky. The majority of the wool is wool blanketing so it has been a bit more difficult to work with this time, especially the handles which have been fun pushing through the machine but the Bernina didn't miss a beat as usual.

23 October 2009

You Know When Your Having One of Those Days

Yesterday could best be described as the day from HELL. Not only did I have round 1 and 2 (before and after school) with the mother of girl who for a long time bullied my daughter, but it ended with me knocking the car keys out of my hand and them going down the storm water pipe beside the house.

The bully round happened because my daughter was invited to the girls birthday and my daughter didn't want to go (personally I was very glad of this and had decided I wasn't going to let her go anyway), I was just going to say we had something on but we got the spanish inquisition and it turns out that I am apparently breaking up a 2 year friendship (mind you it was a friendship that was ok with the other party as long as my daughter did as she was told and handed over the food she bought at the canteen but what does that matter). I don't mind being the baddy my daughter is happy has a lovely group of friends now and is a different girl at home and at school.

While all this was going on I was having problems with my Internet service provider who changed hands and decided my account wasn't one that they could migrate to there new system. Which they told me about on Tuesday evening then switched off service on Wednesday afternoon after giving me 30 minutes notice (well actually no notice because all they said was there would be an outage and then I got a screen telling me I need to transfer my internet connection). A big thank you to Adam Internet for picking up the slack and providing fantastic customer service. Big BOOOO to Bigbutton who has treated a customer who has been loyally with the company for over 10 years as just another number.

And then the Car Key saga: The car was in for a service I forgot about it and didn't ring up until 3pm to see if it was ready, which meant that the kids had to walk with me to the garage to pick it up. That was a fun walk NOT. We finally get home I have the car keys in my hand (minus all the house keys thankfully) I hit my hand on the wall as I get out of the car and next thing I hear clunk, and to my horror the keys have slid down the edge of the down pipe that cover pretty much all of the storm water pipe and fall down in the pipe. To retrieve them my husband had to pull the down pipe off the wall to get them and out got sprayed with debris from the gutters (luckily we had ducked out to ballet so we missed out on the swearing).

I will leave you with a picture of my lovely labels because today is a new day with no mistakes in it and I am very glad to be heading to work for some rest and relaxation LOL. I will fill you in tomorrow where you can get yourself these lovely labels which are going to be stitched into my bag's that I am currently working on.

18 October 2009

Don't Look Now

We had a lovely weekend at Hetties with Kellie from Don't Look Now. Lorraine did a wonderful job organising the weekend with lots of helpers, and wonderful food for morning tea and lunch and plenty of tea and coffee made to order. Here is my finished practice piece which I have told my daughter I will make into a pillow for her. I didn't show her the gorgeous bag that each of us received otherwise I am sure she would have claimed ownership of that as well, after seeing the name tag that we received she said that she was going to do sewing when she is bigger.

I bought home with me a couple more of Kellie's patterns. After seeing the quilts in the flesh you just have to have them. The Christmas Tree is just to dye for (and I also bought the fabric to make that one...I think I am going to add some Swarovski crystals to decorate). I also signed up for her stitch along because what the hell another project on the go who's counting. Kellie showed me the blocks for the stitch along and they are beautiful and much bigger than I thought they were in the flesh so very very achievable.

I did get the branches fixed down for the Willow and look forward to completing my version in the next few weeks.

17 October 2009


Here is my pile of stuff sitting at the door waiting for me to head off this morning for Kellie's class. The first picture is hiding my stack of fabric which I have been collecting since I signed up (I might have overdone it a tad lol). Wonder if I packed my machine manual.... I am sure there will be plenty of 440's there anyway and I am sure I'll work it out anyway.

Must remember to pack the panadol because I know the back is not going to last 2 days of sewing. Good job I am booked into the chiropractor on Monday and had a massage on Thursday so at least I am starting out moving really well.

Starting to get really excited about the class now. Better finished getting ready.

13 October 2009

Bag to Order

Here is my second bag order and Lorraine loved it. Which I very grateful for as I didn't ask what colour she wanted and just went ahead a made it. I got another order today but I will finish the two half finished bag's to go in my etsy shop before I start on that one and then I probably should make myself one and then the sparkles are expecting one for Christmas..... I see a lot of bags in my future.

12 October 2009

Scooters and Bowling and Goodies in the Mail

Someone got a scooter for their birthday and has been traveling quite quickly ever since.

We also ventured to Woodville Bowl for a Bowling Party with 10 kids in tow. It all went off without a hitch and I managed not to lose track of all 10 kids for the 3 hours that we were there. Probably the last weekend of the school holidays wasn't a good time to have the party but it was his actual birthday so thought it would be fun to have it then as it was megga crowded.

I placed an order with Material Obsession on Thursday and got it today which I thought was pretty good. The fabric's are reds and pinks that I thought might be good for my Don't Look Now Class on the weekend and they will be perfect (add them to the gigantic crate of fabrics that I have to take with me just in case).

I also received today this book which I am sure the Sparkle Girls will enjoy pouring over on Wednesday night.
Kaffe Fassett's Quilt Romance: 20 Designs from Rowan for Patchwork and Quilting

Work has finally calmed down and I managed to get through the 3 months worth of filing that has been piling up today so I feel so much better.

Leanne picked up her bag yesterday, she has an outing tomorrow and wants to use it. I have another bag finished will post pictures soon and that goes to it's new home tomorrow this one is blue with a hot pink flower. The other bags for etsy are still a work in progress, I need to get to the dye pot to dye the wool for the base and side again it just didn't come out right. I am please to say that I am up to date with my birthday swaps and have one ready to go again this week (just one more for the year in December). I suppose soon I will have start stitching Xmas pressies for the girls (might start early this year.. Now there's a plan ... but will I do it?). Better be off time to pick up kiddies from school.