27 December 2008

Brilliant Sunset

My husband said to me last night "Hey it is one of those plastic skys you should take a photo". To which my reply was "What the!" but here it is.

Don't know if it was the new lens or just a brilliant "plastic sky". 

Had a great relaxing Christmas and spent yesterday doing not much but going in the pool and sorting out the next sewing project to start.  Decided to get Janelle Wind's Little Bluebirds out.  I had finished the centre stitchery and just had to do the applique border and the bluebird in the centre.  Both are nearly finished so might start on the next block if I get a chance.  

Got up at 5.30am and headed to Target (they were open from midnight but I prefer the early morning because there are hardly anyone silly enough to be there and you don't have to line up).  Got bathers for myself and the kids.... in a weeks time you won't be able to get bathers and it is the beginning of swimming season for us.  They have already got the winter clothes starting to come out...ridiculous.   All I really want from the sales is a new iron for my sewing room, steams gone on the one out there now so really need to do something about it because it is useless for quilting.

23 December 2008

Every year I like to buy flowers at Christmas. Here is this years bunch. I did spied some yummy bright red Kangaroo Paws in a white vase at the local florist but I resisted, if I was have Christmas dinner at my place I would have splurged because they were gorgeous but I couldn't justify them if I would be the only one to appreciate them. Christmas this year is going to be a hot one and we wish we were having it because at least the kids could have had a swim in the afternoon....oh well maybe next year.

I have a week and a bit off starting tomorrow, the boss says we can knock off early and go to the pub for lunch and who am I to argue (wonder if he is paying lol).

21 December 2008

Princess in a Green Dress

She lasted a couple of hours in the dress then put on something that she could tear around in.

20 December 2008

The Green Dress is Finished

I finished this tonight ready for a Christmas Party tomorrow....now all I have to do is get my husband to shut up about it being too hot to wear it.  Hopefully will get a couple of good photo's of the princess in it tomorrow to show you.

Drove along the seafront today and the water looked magical another great photo opportunity missed.  According to the news there was a Bronze Whaler at Grange and the beach was evacuated....glad we spent the afternoon safe in the pool.

19 December 2008

Whirl Wind Trip To Melbourne

I didn't realise how small Adelaide is until I saw a tiny tiny bit of Melbourne.  That said I had a great time.  Didn't really see much apart from the Airport, the Freeway and the Crown Casino.   I was worried about getting a dodgy taxi driver but I was lucky on my way from the Airport and the one back wasn't too bad though I looked at my receipt and there are a couple of charges on there that I don't understand (maybe they are airport fees grrrr) luckily the company is paying for it.

Food was fabulous and the wine and champagne was very nice and I really wished that they had organised an overnight stay instead of sending me home early because they were still partying when I left, but I was very very very tired by the time I crawled into bed at 11 it had been a very long day and I am very sluggish today.  

Just wish I had my camera because the view over Adelaide on the way out was magnificent and I really wanted to take a photo.

17 December 2008

I Love My Job

I might have said so before but I do love my job.  The company is sooo sooo good to its employees and my boss is the best.  I am getting flown to Melbourne tomorrow for Christmas lunch and today I checked my bank account and I got a Christmas Bonus as well I think I will be pinching myself for days.   Here's hoping that we have a good year next year so I can keep my job because I would still work there in a heartbeat on less money and without all the added extras (but the added extras are so nice).

Had dinner with the quilting girls last night, fabulous fun as usual and lots of goodies were exchanged.  

15 December 2008

Christmas Care Swap

This parcel is winging its way to Christina today she should receive it tomorrow or maybe Wednesday with the Christmas mail.  The ribbon will probably need a little fluffing when it gets there though as I underestimated the size when I purchase the post satchel but it should be ok it is wire ribbon and it was easy to posed it for for the photo.

If you love it and have to have some I got it from Hetties, it also comes in green...must get back there myself and get some more.

10 December 2008

Love those clouds ...cont

Sent the top photo to Channel 10 Weather yesterday and it is going to be on the news tonight..... How exciting.

09 December 2008

Love those clouds

Here are some photo's of the clouds that I took down the beach.  Luckily (or unluckily for Adelaide) no rain fell.  Although this one is under exposed I like it the best for its drama.

08 December 2008

Teacher's Gifts

Had a sickie today (is it still called a sickie if you are actually sick).  Took myself off to the Dr time for something more than panadol.  Been sick and coughing at night for over a week and this morning I woke up feeling worse than ever so some magic pills are in order. Planned to just have a quiet one but first I took myself to the sewing room and finished the teachers gifts that I have been stitching.  

As there was nothing on the box this afternoon went and got a dvd "Sex and The City" which I was surprised I quite enjoyed.   

Now back to the quilty girls chrissie pressies so more stitching tonight and that dress has got to be done.  

Off to the beach for my son's school party then running between his and my daughter's class for the lunch.  Then I might come home for a nanny nap before picking them up at 3.15  Only 4 more days of school then I might get to sleep in a little longer before work...

Next week I am getting flown to Melbourne for the day for my work's Christmas lunch (have I told you I love my job).  Looking forward to it, though I am a little scared about catching  a plane there and back on my own.  Picked up a little cardy to go with my little black dress.....

04 December 2008

Waiting for Tradesmen Again

I am waiting to have a pura tap installed today and the guy who put in the new hot water service is also dropping in the turn down the settings on the new Heat Pump and put a restrictor on our shower rose.  Now that we have an abundance of flow with our hot water it has been going everywhere, it is also a requirement by law that the restricter be fitted which I think is fine by us because we are so use to having minimal flow in the shower all this pressure is a bit much.   

Got my photoshop elements all set up and I have taken a couple of photo's for this post because the first shots weren't too good and it is so easy now just to connect it up to and download it to the mac.... love it.   Was looking at a couple of Digital Scrapbooking sites last night and am going to have a play while the kids are on holiday and in theory I have a bit more time.

After I had my nails and eyebrows done this morning I whipped up to Hetties to get some fabric for a project I have been thinking about.  Here it is isn't it yummy, it is called Charisma there is another colourway of the range coming out soon and Lorraine just received the Jelly Rolls so I put one of those on layby, that is in brighter colours than this range but I think this will be nicer for the project I have in mind.    The red and whites are for teacher's pressies which I had better get to on the weekend I have to make 3 (hopefully the pattern arrives tomorrow otherwise I am in trouble).


02 December 2008

You Guessed it I am avoiding again

The ironing is calling me but I am fiddling on the computer.  Just got my Photoshop Elements and have been loading it a my apple.  Looks a little different to how it looks on the pc but I should have too many worries I don't think.  Have managed to crop and downsize a couple of photo's pretty quick for this post so Sue will be very happy.  

Have managed to catch some bug off the kids, after avoiding colds all winter now we head into summer and I am a bit poorly.  It only seems to affect me at night, last night I was barking at the moon so to speak, the old ribs are a bit sore and sorry today but the
 cough is nearly non existent so I can almost function today (except for the lack of sleep).  

I am pretty sure everyone has their ornies now.  So here is a picture, aren't they fabulous as usual the girls all outdid themselves.  Ornie swaps are the best and all the girls are so talented it is such a privilege to be in it with them all.
Now what am I working on...well apart from a few chrissy pressies I am trying to get this dress together for my daughter before she is too big for it.  I have to attach the back skirt then do the arm binding and of course hem it but I think another hour or two and it should be finished just have to find them.  

Went to Hetties on Sunday for their fundrais
er to raise money for Women's Cancer and met up with Julie who gave me this as a thank you for Cyber Stitching Day which was lovely ..but you shouldn't have (see
 julie I love pink and it goes so well with my pink embroidery scissors).
Well better had stop and get on with some work... maybe I'll go for a walk.

28 November 2008

Girls Night In - Cyber Stitching Day

Just got a letter in the post thanking me for raising money for the Girls Night In promotion.  The donation was for $80 from the girls, which doesn't include my donation which I put through separately because I paid via visa.  So once again a big thanks girls for participating.  Please note that if you asked for a receipt it will take a couple of weeks for them to process it sometime before Christmas.


I am in a bit of a creative hole at the moment.  I don't know what to make for the girls for Christmas.  I have a dress for my daughter that needs to be put together before she gets too big for it which means it has to be finished for Christmas.  Got to start all this stuff and I don't feel inclined to do anything which is really bad, because I have a day home today as we are having a new hot water system installed. 

Now that the guy's are here I am going to pop out the shop (a book I ordered has arrived) and maybe the library and enlarge some of the patterns for the aprons that might get my mojo back...

Off to Hetties on Sunday (haven't broken the news to DH yet might spring it on him Saturday night lol) for morning tea. 

If any of you are in the market for and Ipod or anything else Apple they have a huge sale on right now (for today only).  Just picked up Photoshop Elements for Mac for a ridiculous price. So now I will be able to be a bit more regular with the photos on the blog (just for you Sue).  It is also free shipping when you spend over $100, though I got fee shipping and I didn't spend that much so check it out.

27 November 2008

Uber Amazing Blog

Thanks to Tan for awarding me with the 'Uber Amazing Award'.
The rules of this award are:
*Put the logo on your blog or post
*Nominate at least 5 blogs (can be more) that are Uber Amazing!
*Let them know that they have received this Uber Amazing award by commenting on their blog.
*Share the love and link to this post and to the person you received your award from.

Thanks Tan for the honor, sorry I don't do the nominating thing it's another one of those things I am thingy about (maybe I am thingy about more things than I thought). 

26 November 2008

Another Great Mail Week

The ornies are winging there ways to their new owners and a few have touched down with much excitement so I will be able to post photos soon.

This week I have had a couple of parcels of goodies arrive.  Two from QFD the first being some more Paris fabric.  I already have some of the black and white now I discovered the pink as well so of course that had to come home to my house.  This coincided with my reaching my bonus level of referals for QFD so I got some store credit and of course I had to spend it.   First was A is for Apron a fabulous book with every type of  apron you could possibly want to make and more (adult and children's aprons are included) and then a couple of patterns were on the list Vintage Christmas by Janelle Wind and Gail Pan's Blessings to All.  The next installment of Pockets of Posies arrived today which means I am only about 5 months behind.

Some of the apron are would make fabulous outfits in themselves I am sure I can modify them somehow.  Now all I have to do is find the time.

24 November 2008

2008 Achievements - Completed 1 Quilt

Gone are the days when I would make several quilts in a year, this year I have made one.  Gail Pan's Seasons.  You have probably seen it a couple of times on the blog in various forms completeness but here is it all quilted with binding added (my least favourite part) so it is the last time that you have to look at it.  I am really happy with the quilting, though I hated doing it sooooooooo boring doing straight line quilting, so it took a couple of months to finish.

The kids and I put up the christmas trees yesterday, must admit that was a bit stressful.  Now the girls from Cyber stitching now know that I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to catering....Now I have to admit to another thing I am thingy about and that is Christmas decorations, so much so that I have my own tree for my special ornaments.  I let the kids decorate their tree and I was very good this year and let them just do it without too much rearranging from me - except for the lights I did those first before I let them loose, but that was more of a safety issue.  Had a bit of a melt down when a glass ball got smashed and conceded that I needed to get some plastic decorations for use on the tiled floor.

23 November 2008

Carb Overload

Feeling a bit sluggish today... probably all those carbs and other things I ate yesterday but mainly the carbs like these.
Did I over cater... Yes (this is only a small snap shot of food on offer)

Did we have a good time ... Yes

Did we sewing, laugh and have a great time ... Yes

Thanks to Sue, Kay, Lorraine, Leanne, Julie, Teresa, Danielle, Sally for coming along.    Can you spot the bloggers? 

These are the thankyou the gifts I made for the girls. From  my hand dyed felt.

Here is proof that I actually did some sewing yesterday.. mind you it is still where I left it yesterday afternoon.

And last but not least my lovely gift 
from Lorraine.

p.s. Sue and Kay I'll collect the bribe for not posting your photo's the next time we meet.
p.p.s Thank you Leanne for the lovely flowers.

20 November 2008

Cyber Stitching Day 2 More Sleeps

I am currently waiting for a batch of cup cakes to cook so thought I would fill you in on the mayhem that will probably unfold tomorrow.  Teachers are on strike all day so I have the kids home on my day off,  fun .... not ..... and I am all booked in for a massage at 9am thank you for MIL's who are happy to look after them for a couple of hours while I do shopping and get relaxed lol ready for an afternoon of baking.

I inherited my Nana's Sunbeam Mixmaster, it is probably 50 years old and I am sure one day it will conk out here's hoping it won't be tomorrow lol.  I don't have any of the attachments just the beaters and 3 mixing bowls but it is just fantastic for mixing cakes.  Gets a little hot and bothered sometimes if the batter is a bit thick but it really is an old work horse.

Just checked the cakes and they look pretty good...nice big fat golden cupcakes.... ready for lemon curd and cream... girls are you feeling hungry.  Just to warn you my lemon curd cupcakes are legendary.  I use to take them to the playgroup christmas party and they were always reserved for the mum's and I never had left overs.  The Lime and Passionfruit Syrup cake came a close second so save room for that as well.

DJ VIP Night

Took my MIL to the DJ VIP night last night in the hope that she might start her christmas shopping (she did just).  I though did much more damage to the DJ card and managed to max it out and a quantity of it was toys for the kids.  Most of it though was spent on me lol.  They usually have great savings on shoes (30%) so I usually buy a pair (this year I bought 2) because I couldn't decide which ones I liked more.  The reason I bought the shoes was I bought a little black dress (I haven't had one of those since I was... well little).  And although I am not little yet, this dress doesn't cling in the wrong places so it gives the illusion of littleness. Husband was very impressed ... not so much about the new shoes though (good job I hid the second pair lol).  Said little black dress has a sparkly belt and to make it more versatile a none sparkly belt and DJ lady assures me it is a classic so I should be able to wear it 10 years down the track.

On another note got my Cyber Stitching Kit yesterday, have to decide which project to do and get that traced somewhere between now and Saturday, maybe I should of got up and done it at 2 or 3 oclock this morning when I lying awake in bed for no good reason.   

16 November 2008

Finished Again

I definitely work better to a deadline.  I wanted to have Seasons quilted by Cyber Stitching day and I put in the effort to finish it yesterday (when I should have been doing housework but couldn't find the enthusiasm).  It is only grid quilted which I might add took longer cause it is soooo boring to do, I am sure it would have been finished months ago if it had been free motion because I find that fun to do.  No pictures sorry will post after Cyber Stitching day so I have some show and tell.

14 November 2008

Off to The Fairies

My daughter and I are off to see The Fairies today.  One of the mum's from her class mates works for The Fairies and gave us a couple of free tickets to the concert today.  I said to her that the only reason I didn't say yes straight away (I thought about it overnight) was that I had to rush home from work to pick her up and then go back there because I work down the road from where the concert is and she has offered to pick her up with her child and drop her at my work..how great is that. My daughter is soooooooo excited she has been up since 6am jumping around the house, hope she still has plenty of energy by 3pm. 

Went to the Chiropractor last night and she said "your such and such vertebrae was out.... have you been dizzy and light headed?"  ummmm yes only on and off for a week.....have had blood tests and all manner of checks this week.  That might explain why the Dr couldn't find anything wrong with me.

09 November 2008


Had a day of finishing today.  Finished wrapping my ornies for the P4P ornie swap and finished my secret project.  Here they are ready to bed added to the rest of the ornies when they arrive at my place. 

08 November 2008

Cyber Stitching Day Count Down

Only 14 more sleeps to Cyber Stitching Day I hope all you girls coming have got your order in to Mrs Martin for your kits.  It would be really good if you had one of your stitcheries already marked onto your background fabric before got here so that you can get stitching as soon as you arrive.  Let me know if you don't have the time and I'll set up my light box.  I think I am all organised....well I have my mental list ready anyway and have got the day before off work, but they are proposing a teachers strike on that day so we might end up with a modified menu if the kids get involved with the cooking lol.

Watched the pageant at home this year...can't say I missed the crammed train and the long walk and the waiting...bribed the kids with lollies and cake in front of the box and they were quite happy sitting in the comfort at home.   But we did have to promise to take them again next year.

07 November 2008

Craft Fair Report

I have been told that my blog is a bit boring because there are no pictures (not mentioning names here), the fact is that I have to edit photo's on my other computer and it makes it not as easy as it use to be until I get elements on the laptop which may be a little while so quick picture is a bit harder but I will endeavor to get a bit more eye candy on the page in future LOL. 

Here is my purchases from the craft fair.  2 Silk Caps to make fabric bowls.  A new thimble from the Thimblelady (first purchase of the day).  A new wire cutter for my beading (I mangled mine trying to cut something I shouldn't have (can't remember what now).  Lovely pear tree ornie just divine and had to have it from the Christmas deco stall.  Fabric from Sarah at Quilt Fabric Delights.  The coloured scissors are cheap embroidery scissors that we try and stock up on every year because they are super sharp and you can just throw them in with your project and chuck them out when they are blunt.  Silk yarn to hand dye in what ever colour I need (got last skein and a ball of hand spun hemp thread I thought this would be a good prim thread.   And a christmas stitchery pattern because you can't leave the fair without one.

I took heaps and heaps of photo's of the quilt show but there were signs everywhere that you can't publish anything on the web so I can't show you my favourites.  I don't quite understand the judging though there was one piece that was absolutely breathtaking in the art quilt section and it didn't get a prize and some of the other selections were a bit well......  The best of show quilts from around Australia where magnificent especially one where they explained how many hours it took to complete (4 years work) and what was done by hand and machine, it was applique which metallic thread hand couched around all the pieces it was the most beautiful quilt.

03 November 2008

Craft Fair

I managed to sneak away from the 5 year olds birthday party which was looking like being impossible but with the first scream  from the Birthday girl (which was just wonderful bouncing off the hosts wooden floor NOT) I decided that it was very important that I get out of there so at the first opportunity I told DD that she didn't need me and bolted for the door.   This gave me 2+ hours on my own to do with as I liked so off I went to the sewing room and got on to the ornies for the Christmas Ornie Swap.  So while watching Northanger Abbey I cut, stuck glued and arranged to get my 9 ornies finished.    When the kids went to bed I finished them so I am way ahead of schedule.  Just got to fix something to hang them with and organise the wrapping and tag.

Yesterday I got out the Friends Guide to the Craft and Quilt Fair which starts on Thursday to give it a good study.   I printed off the list of exhibitors to sort out my plan of attack.  I see that the Thimblelady is going to be there so I might invest in another thimble because I can't sew without the one I have and there have been a few times when I have lost it and I have been absolutely beside myself until I had recovered it.  Unique Stitching is another must (Mixed Media Supplies) and of course Quilt Fabric Delights.  I have picked out 3 workshops that I would like to attend, two beading and one mixed media.  Might not get there will have to discuss with Sue.  And I have a little shopping list which I have just thought of something more to add to it.

01 November 2008

Clingy Stage

My daughter is going through a clingy stage at the moment which means that I have to stay at the 5 year old's party this afternoon where I could be home making in-roads into my ornies for the ornie swap.  I have all the pieces ready just got to put them altogether then work out how I am going to post them round Australia and keep them in one piece.  I can't show you a picture because I think most of the girls stop by here every now and the so I just have to tease them a little.  I was fiddling round with my prototype and even though it ended a little worse for wear I think the final result should be lovely .

I also started another secret project which I will reveal later in November when they are all finished.  I have quite a few to make and I might have to go shopping again because I can't find the felt I need to finish them off, I know it is in my sewing room somewhere but when I had my clean out the other week I put them somewhere safe and I can't remember where.  Maybe Sarah will have some at the Craft Fair on Thursday otherwise I will have to order some more because time is running out.

Talking about the Craft Fair I am heading there on Thursday with Sue.  We haven't gone together for a few years and it is always more fun with friends to egg you on.   I have arranged for MIL to pick up the kids from school so I don't have to rush back.  It is so much nicer to walk around after everyone has left to pick the kids up, probably be totally broke by that stage though.  I am not buying beads this year as I didn't use any of the beads that I bought last year and I am not going to buy much fabric because I have no more room for any more.  But I am sure to visit Sarah from Quilt Fabric Delights and say hello, and visit the mixed media store which will be there which means I need to check what I have because I am bound to be drawn to the same stuff again and I will want something different.

30 October 2008

Weight Update Continued

My weight update has meant there have been a few email flying around and I thought it might be a good idea to answer some of the questions on the blog.

How much weight have you lost?   approximately 20kg (it is approximate because for the first 6 weeks I was too scared to get on the scales)  I have lost 16kg since the shock of weighing so it may be a bit more than that.  I want to lose another 10kg.

What diet are you using?  It is called Body Trim and you can find all the details at www.bodytrim.com.au and if you want to take the plunge you can get at major bookshops like Dymocks and Angas and Robertson or directly through the website.  It is an Australian company so US girls may have to contact the website to see if you can get it.

Does it if in with the family?  Yes I just modify what gets served up to me ie no carb at lunch and dinner.  If they are having pasta I just serve the sauce with vegetables.  It does mean reading the food labels and making sure ingredients fit in with the diet's carb and fat restrictions but I know what I can buy now.

Is there much food preparation involved?  There can be as little or as much as you like.  I use protein shakes for my snacks only.  The diet strongly promotes real food for all main meals which I adhere to you are allowed protein shakes and bars for snacks only.  I use Natures Way Chocolate and Vanilla which is a soyabean based product (it did take a bit of getting use to in the beginning but it doesn't bother me now) you can also have a small can of tuna, a boiled egg,  cold meat for your snack it is up to you.

Have you been working out at the gym?  No the diet promotes moderate exercise ie walking and you are restricted to only this in the first 4 weeks if you want to do more after 4 weeks you can but I haven't.

How long have you been on the diet? I started Anzac Weekend and I have been taking it slow and steady but some people report loosing 1.5 kg every week however I am more than happy with my rate of loss.   

I was going to show you a before shot but I have chickened out.

28 October 2008

Weight Update

I saw a friend today that I probably haven't seen for about 5 months and she didn't recognise me so I guess the diet must be working.  I have been on a plateau for a while and although this has bugged me a bit I have stuck with the diet anyway and did a couple of things that were suggested by Bodytrim and seem to have broken through and have lost another couple of kgs in the last couple of weeks.

The good thing about this diet is that you don't feel like you are on a diet because you don't crave all the things you can't have.... you just don't want them.  This is a pretty big statement for me with the former megga sweet tooth and a person who has either been overweight or on a diet.  This really isn't a diet because you don't feel deprived and you don't have to spend endless time at the gym its just a new way of eating and a new lifestyle.   

26 October 2008

Dyed Cotton Velveteen

I  received some cotton velveteen in the post on Friday.  Now I have a special secret project for it but I can show you the first step which was getting the dye pots out.  I have lost my dyeing instructions but luckily I still have a couple of bottles of the dye bath mixed so I had enough to do this and hopefully replacement instructions will arrive soon from Country Dye Works.

The shop didn't have as much as I wanted of the cream plain velveteen so I also got some embossed which when dyed came out really yummy and I think I like that better.   Now all I need is the motivation to get this project finished in time.

22 October 2008

Quilting Arts Gifts

 My Quilting Arts Gifts has finally arrived.  The first copy sent never got delivered so they sent me another in a Global Priority Envelope.  Just in the nick of time as I am deciding on what to do for the next Christmas Ornie swap and although I have something in mind  I don't know if I will be able to get all the supplies I need to make it happen.  I also don't know whether they will safely arrive so might have to change plans at last minute but as I am swap mamma I might have an extra day up my sleeve.   

My latest purchase from the US just hit my bank account and I don't think I will be doing much US shopping for a while as the exchange rate is absolutely shocking,  I couldn't get the fabric here in Oz so it can't be helped.

21 October 2008

New Toy

Everyone who knows me knows that I love my gadgets and toys.  Well sick of the kids  fighting me for the computer I decided it might be time to get myself a laptop.  Then I started looking at Macs and decided that they look a whole lot better and then there was the rumours of the new Macbook so I decided to wait.  Well I picked up my new baby on the weekend and I am starting to really love it.  Getting my pc to talk to it has been fun (NOT) but I am gradually transferring what data I need to and soon the kids can have the pc to themselves and they can leave me alone. 

p.s. thanks Tan for letting me know what kind of bird my visitor is.

16 October 2008


For a couple of months we have had an early morning visitor (very noisy), it is an exotic bird of some kind obviously escaped from an aviary somewhere. Please let me know if you know what type of bird it is, I might have to find out who I need to tell so they can capture it.
p.s. to Jill (sorry you have noreply on your comment) Yes I am that one.

15 October 2008

Holly Jolly Christmas

Here is the first block from my Holly Jolly Christmas Quilt by Viv's Creations. It uses Jelly rolls so it is going to be super easy to put together. I have traced 12 Days of Christmas by Viv also but I don't think that either of these will be finished by Christmas this year, good thing they keep coming round so they both will be finished some Christmas in the near future. I am using a mixture of Sulky 30wt and Valdani machine embroidery threads on the embroidery and they are both nice to use.
p.s. Lorraine I think I have fixed that thing now so only this blog now shows.

12 October 2008

I don't know what happened to my time but I didn't set aside any for the usual Cake extravaganza that usually happens at the kids birthdays so a tower of cupcakes was the birthday cake for my son's 8th birthday with the family. As you can see from my daughters picture they went down all right.

10 October 2008

Did you ever have a day when...

Everthing you touch is a disaster. It all started with the modem...9am it just died... so I ended up taking it to the service provider to check it out. Then it was my mobile decided that it wouldn't charge so rushed down to the phone shop as I was waiting for the Tech to ring. Luckily that was at least fixable. Then I get the news that the modem is dead and buried so wait for hubby to get home and run down to office works and get a new modem which says EASY INSTALL. Get it home and take it out of the box and all its internal bits are rattling around in the case..so back in the car to the shop for another modem....back home and try and do easy install and the thing gets its nickers in a twist....so then have to wait for 9am to speak to tech again. Meantime husband is really concerned about the modem (he never worries about the computer). Turns out he needed to do some work from home as he was having the day off today.

In the meantime I decide to work a bit on my last birthday swap turn the iron on do a bit of work with the iron then some sewing then back to the iron and it is dead. At that point I decided not to touch anything more electrical and finished tracing The Twelve Days of Xmas Stitchery which kept me out of trouble till bed time.

Today was my son's 8th Birthday. This day started as early as possible, and then we headed out with a couple of his friends for a movie and lunch at Macca's with a hoard of kids on school holidays yuck. Once we dropped off the friends then we headed to the shop to spend the birthday money and now it is 8.30 and the kids are in bed and after making home made pasties and sausage rolls I am a bit pooped to say the least.

05 October 2008

Had to do something about this mess

I have really felt like making things lately only problem is the sewing room looks like a bomb went off and every time I go out there I lose all inspiration. I am desperate to make a couple of halloween dolls for the end of the month (they are all traced ready from last year) but I don't think anything is really going to happen until after school holidays if I am realistic.

Only one more birthday swap to do for the year, and I have no idea... well I have an idea but might be over reaching myself with what I thought to do in the time frame. And I have signed up for the Christmas Ornie swap with the prim girls (I think it will only be a small one this time fingers crossed)

Well back to the mess..... things were just piling up on the floor and it has just got to be a bit of a joke. It doesn't matter how much storage space I get I need more. I have got rid of a basket that I store scraps in ... I will be getting into trouble from my daughter as she likes to come in and sits there and spreads the scraps everywhere as I have never used any of the scraps for anything its going. I am pretty sure a friend of mine says she knows a group that takes fabric scraps so I have a couple of bags to donate.

Now I need to go back and work on the other side of the room I have a few projects waiting to be started (bom from a year or so ago that I was going to get to)... might have to decide that that was a bit unrealistic and put them in the UFO box for when I am more inclined.

02 October 2008

Cyber Stitching Day

Mrs Martin's Cyber Stitching Day is on 22nd November. This is just to let the 10 ladies that are coming to my house for an afternoon of stitching and yummy food that Mrs Martin is accepting deposits now so if you want the patterns and starter kit (you can also see the projects) head on over to Mrs Martins and put your name down and pay your deposit so that you will have some goodies to bring on the day.

I'll contact you all over the next couple of weeks when I get myself organised with all the details of time and place for those of you who don't know.

28 September 2008

I've Been Tagged

I have been tagged by Christina, gee thanks. I won't be tagging anyone cause it makes me feel guilty but there a 7 random/weird facts about me.

1. Had a breast reduction 3 years ago and lost half a stone (3kg) in a day.

2. Have lost 18kg over the last couple of months the hard way.

3. Hate the necessity of social kissing hello/goodbye.

4. Never forget a face but can never remember their names. Was at dinner last week for a reunion of playgroup mums and they were talking about some of the others that are still at playgroup and the mum sitting next to me said "you have got no idea who we are talking about have you?" and she was right.

5. My elbows are double jointed doesn't matter which way my hands face the inside of my elbow is always up.

6. I have always coloured my hair ever since I was 16 it was only allowed to grow out for 12 months after the birth of my son and I have just about been every natural colour there is haven't ventured into the blue/pinks/yellows and I think I am passed that now.

7. My husband is a neat freak and I am not and will do anything to avoid housework. He says I have worn him down over the years.

26 September 2008

Apron Strings

Another birthday swap is safely delivered. Here is my version of Leanne's House Apron Strings (click on the link if you just got to get the pattern).
This apron is super super easy the thing that took the time was the embroidery and of course you don't have to do that if you don't want to there are options for a none embroidered version in the pattern. You can do a mail version, without the flowers or a real girly version if you want. As this was for someone from my Prim Forum I choose lovely Pat Sloan fabric in suitable prim tones. The problem is I now have a few christmas orders from the girls so I might be making a few over the next couple of months.

25 September 2008

Trip to Town with children grrrrr

The kids had the day off school today as they both had a dentist appointment late morning and I didn't see the point in rushing them back to school for a couple of hours on the second to last day of term. My daughter needs new school shoes...well they wear runners to school and after trying on six pairs which none of them were ok by her standards Mum had had enough.

I was able to get to the Next Byte to ask a few questions about MacBooks and compatibility with my current PC and they answered all the questions I had so I think I might be getting one of those soon and set up a wireless network at home so that the laptop can travel with me to the sewing room and I can do what I want on my computer whenever I want instead of being pestered to get off so the kids can play.

My son ended up needing a total head X-ray because one of his new teeth to come through is a bit larger than normal and I think.... and after examining him the dentist agrees with me that it may be 2 teeth fused together (she said that most parents are worried about the size of their kids second teeth but in this case I was right lol).

20 September 2008

Winged Things and Halloween

Life is sweet, tender and complete
When you find the bluebird of happiness.
You will find perfect peace of mind
When you find the bluebird of happiness.
Two hearts that beat as one,
'Neath a new found sun,
We are in a world that's just begun,

And you must sing his song, as you go along,
When you find the bluebird of happiness.

The flock of Bluebirds were my contribution to the winged things Ornie Swap.

And here is the Halloween swap.

What do you call a lot of bats?

18 September 2008

Do we look like Rain Drops ... not quite

Finished working on my daughter's classes costumes today. At least this year they weren't that involved and have only taken a couple of hours to put them together with some help from a few mums. I picked the wrong day to go to school without makeup (I'm the one in the middle) apparently we might see the picture flashed up on the big screen at the concert so I think I can share it with you as 500 people are going to see it next week.

I got a couple of BOM's today Pocket of Posies from Mrs Martin and Little Blue Birds from Sarah QFD it is so great when BOM's come when they are scheduled to and you know that you can trust they are going to arrive on time. I am really glad that I have found these wonderful shops to do business with and are happy to recommend them. I am sure many of you have had BOM that don't arrived for months and it really takes the enjoyment out of the whole process.

15 September 2008

Love Dye-na-Flow

My order of Dyn-Na-Flow from Essential Textiles came today. Love this stuff really easy to use and heat sets. You can use it on natural and synthetics (great for nylon/poly lace) and paper as well. Blends easily and flows really easy. Purchased an Exciter Pack first to make sure I liked it now I am collecting all the colours. I looked at the picture and realised that I didn't get any yellows so will have to go back and do a bit more ordering I think.

The fabric behind is for my December Garden Quilt by Gail. I think I have enough to start now might get to it on the weekend.
I mentioned in my previous post that I was going to make a start on quilting Seasons, well I am now unpicking 2 hours of quilting because I didn't like it. I think I will be doing that for the rest of the week because I heavily quilted nearly a quarter of the quilt. I think I will just do 1 inch squares on the diagonal instead and maybe something different around the red borders on the stitcheries and the main border. Will see .... after 2 hours of unpicking last night get quite over it.

14 September 2008

Quilting Seasons

Basted Seasons last night ready for quilting, might get an hour in this morning with any luck. Am undecided how to quilt it might have to make it up as I go. Went to Hetties yesterday and it was packed (maybe there was a class) with people shopping. Saw Leanne there and said a quick hello but she was helping behind the counter.

13 September 2008

Strawberry Fields for Ever

Here are my first two strawberry pin cushions couldn't you just eat them.
Had another great mail day yesterday my ornies arrived but as they still haven't all reached their destination yet I can't show you. Got some lovely willow branches yesterday and found a great jar to put them in (just trying to get the label off now....why do they use so much glue) to display the Halloween ornies, my winged ones are all on the willow tree.
Also received an order from the Fabric Shack with fabric for Gail's December Garden and some cotton velveteen to make more yummy strawberries just have to get the dye pots out.

09 September 2008

Pin Cushion of the Month - My Favourite SA Spot

Sarah at QFD has asked all members of the Pin Cushion Club to put a picture of what she would see if she hand delivered the kits every month. But if you come from SA she wanted us to show our favourite spot so here is my favourite place mine. It is in the heart of the city of Adelaide and it is the River Torrens. I love the reflections of the trees in the water and the ornate walking bridge.
If you still haven't joined Pin Cushion of the Month just click on the Pin Cushion image above and it will take you directly to the page to order you know you want to. The Pin Toppers that you get with every kit are adorable. Can't wait for Janelle and Leannes months.

I Love the Postie

Have had a wonderful couple of mail days this week. Yesterday got not one but two deliveries of my Pin Cushion of the Month and some wool felt from QFD and some Dye-Na-Flo dyes from Essential Textiles. I just got primary colours but am going to put in another order for a few more colours this week as my little squeeze bottles are starting to look a bit low and I really love using this stuff because you don't have to worry if you have synthetic or natural fabric it works on it all.

Today I got this fabric from QFD. I originally received a fat quarter of it in my Michael Miller Black and White Fat Quarter collection and when I saw it on Sarah's site just had to get a whole metre because I love it. Am going to start collecting lots of Black and Whites because I think they make stunning quilts when you just add a splash of colour here and there and I have about 3 quilts in my head which must be made soon.

06 September 2008

Pin Cushion Heaven

I received in the mail on Thursday this pattern which I had been waiting impatiently for. The strawberry pin cushions are toooooo die for. Now to get my hands on some hot pink velveteen. Did get some hot pink wool felts so that might do though I don't think it will have the tactile yummyness of the velvet so will keep hunting. The pattern has strawberry, pears, tomatoes and apple pin cushion patterns and I just had to have it. If you want one go to Heather Bailey's web site.
Can't wait till Monday when I anticipate the arrival of my Pincushion of the Month from QFD (you can still sign up to get yours). Leanne and Janelle have treated us to some spoilers and guess what I can't wait for their months to come around, looks like most of the months are going to have more than one pin cushion to make so I think I will have my pin cushion fill by the end and a nice little display as well to go with it.

02 September 2008

Pocket of Posies

Here is my centre block for Pocket of Posies, it looks even wonkier in the picture, oh well I can live with it. I have lots of Blackbird's sampler fabric in different colours so I think I will be using them as backgrounds for most of the blocks I love them.

Colours don't show up as well in this shot cause it looks like they are blending in with the background and they don't at all in real life and on the camera.

Haven't got any big ric rac for the basket might have a look around and put some on later, though I quite like it without.

31 August 2008

Roxanne Glue Convert

Here is my gift for Relle, in the birthday Swap. Hope she likes it.

As you can see I have been having a bit of a play with Photoshop Elements and actually got it to work. I really need to do a course to find out what you can do with this program because I am sure there are lots more things I can be doing.

Have been working on my Pockets of Posies and have nearly finished appliqueing the centre block. I have tried using the Roxanne Glue to secure the pieces and just drawing round the template and I must say I am now a convert love the fact that there are no pins to get wrapped up in. I always liked using the freezer paper as it makes it easy to turn the fabric under but I am pretty happy with the results though some of my circles are a bit wonky I think it will just come with practice. I haven't done any applique for about 12 months and must say that I am really enjoying it, I needed a break from Seasons I had better go back to it soon though so I can start quilting it.

28 August 2008

Quilt Fabric Delights

I have joined a referral club with Quilt Fabric Delights where I earn points for everyone I refer to their website and they subsequently purchase. I am really happy to do this as Sarah's services is exceptional. Every time I have ordered through the site I have received my parcel the next day so you can't complain about that. I know that she is in Adelaide and so it only takes a day for mail to arrive but it also means that she is very organised and is able to fill her orders straight away.

I am doing a couple of BOM through her including the Pin Cushion of the Month which I can't wait for that one to start in September. So if you would like to help me help Sarah grow her business use the link on my side bar.

24 August 2008

Finished Another Birthday Swap

Friday I finished another birthday swap pressie and it is ready to post on Monday. Have taken a photo and will post it once Relle has opened it.

Went to the playground yesterday with the kids and I took my camera. Here is my favourite shot of the afternoon. My son was kicking the footy and every picture he was pulling a face so none of those were worth sharing but this one shot I was really happy with.
Might go to the Stamping and Scrapbooking Fair today, I need some stamp connections don't have any idea where to get stamps from in Adelaide and I want to for my mixed media collection. Have no money so won't be buying anything but will be scooping up business cards and ideas.

21 August 2008

Stash Shopping

Got the next installment of the Pockets of Posies from Mrs Martins yesterday and decided that I need to get some fabrics together so that I could start. I don't really want to buy any more fabrics as I should be working on decreasing the size of the stash which is full to bursting so went hunting through a few bags of "projects" that haven't been started or just started and which I don't think I am honestly going to get to and managed to pull about 20m of fabric without even trying as well as a stack of charm packs that will be good to use to get that scrappy look that the quilt has, all without spending any money. Does that make it free? Probably at a stretch. Did I make much of a dent in the stash not really...

Have been deciding on what fabrics to use for Gail's December Garden and am going to go bright so will be very different from the original.

Mrs Martin is also having another Cyber Stitching day and a little bird has told me I am hosting again, with the list of people the little bird thinks we should invite we might have to get a venue lol.

18 August 2008

You Have Mail

Got my order from the Fat Quarter Shop today and the next part of Little Bluebirds. This week is going to be a good mail week all round cause I have been a bit naughty doing far too much internet shopping.

Went to Hetties for some of her yummy flannel for some PJ's for me and it was bargain price and picked up the last piece of fabric I needed for Little Bluebirds so will be able to make a start soon as I finish a few things on my to do list.

I can strike off my Winged Things and Halloween Ornie swaps they are now complete, just have to parcel them up and then they are on their way to North Queensland to the Swap Mamma who will sort them all out and send them back to us in early September.

14 August 2008

Off to Market to buy.....

By popular demand (not really) here is a close up of block 7. Think I am going to have to save up for that macro lens, but first have to stop buying stuff on the internet. Cathy Penton just released some new charms and I have snapped one up and this morning I ordered that PJ pattern on QFD, because I saw some yummy flannel fabric on Hetties Blog (I do need new pj's though lol).

Headed to the Central Market this morning...I love shopping at the Market. Lots of lovely fresh food smells, must admit the bread stalls were very tempting but I resisted. Got lots of yummy things to cook for tea which I had better start now because the kids are starving.