15 September 2008

Love Dye-na-Flow

My order of Dyn-Na-Flow from Essential Textiles came today. Love this stuff really easy to use and heat sets. You can use it on natural and synthetics (great for nylon/poly lace) and paper as well. Blends easily and flows really easy. Purchased an Exciter Pack first to make sure I liked it now I am collecting all the colours. I looked at the picture and realised that I didn't get any yellows so will have to go back and do a bit more ordering I think.

The fabric behind is for my December Garden Quilt by Gail. I think I have enough to start now might get to it on the weekend.
I mentioned in my previous post that I was going to make a start on quilting Seasons, well I am now unpicking 2 hours of quilting because I didn't like it. I think I will be doing that for the rest of the week because I heavily quilted nearly a quarter of the quilt. I think I will just do 1 inch squares on the diagonal instead and maybe something different around the red borders on the stitcheries and the main border. Will see .... after 2 hours of unpicking last night get quite over it.

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Leanne said...

Unpicking urrrrr. Waiting for the dying lessons. That's not quite right is it!!!!!!!