18 September 2008

Do we look like Rain Drops ... not quite

Finished working on my daughter's classes costumes today. At least this year they weren't that involved and have only taken a couple of hours to put them together with some help from a few mums. I picked the wrong day to go to school without makeup (I'm the one in the middle) apparently we might see the picture flashed up on the big screen at the concert so I think I can share it with you as 500 people are going to see it next week.

I got a couple of BOM's today Pocket of Posies from Mrs Martin and Little Blue Birds from Sarah QFD it is so great when BOM's come when they are scheduled to and you know that you can trust they are going to arrive on time. I am really glad that I have found these wonderful shops to do business with and are happy to recommend them. I am sure many of you have had BOM that don't arrived for months and it really takes the enjoyment out of the whole process.


Julie (Paddymummy) said...

It really is lovely to deal with a great place like Quilt Fabric Delights. As I was stung badly by another well known shop it is great to deal with someone like Sarah. I am really enjoying the Little Bluebirdes also Amanda...all the best Julie

Unknown said...

Nice Piccie...I agree I have been stung before with BOM's really puts you off when that happens.
Enjoy them.