26 September 2022

15 Minute Challenge - Welcome Back

 I've been busy with work and running around lately so blogging just hasn't happened.  I've managed to keep up with the 15 minute challenge most weeks last weeks there were a couple of days where I just vegged and didn't do anything.  Springtime Romance got finished and in the Show but no ribbons which is fine at least it got finished.  

I also finished the shawl I was working on and then started a new CAL this one by Janie Crowfoot it has lots of colour changes and I'm having fun.  The CAL is done in 4 pieces each piece is repeated once and then joined together.  I have also collected more yarn for some other patterns on her website. There is lot of texture in her work which I love.

Most of the increase on the sofa runner below happened on the weekend.  Up to Row 85 this is really easy to do and the colour changes are so effective.  I've found another designer that does similar mosaic designs and I can see me doing more of these types of crochet.  

I am slowly closing down my etsy shop, just letting everything expire, I'm actually enjoying not having any deadlines or commitments, I'll pick up the machine and/or needle soon but I'm enjoying crochet at the moment but I will probably stop for a break once the weather warms up.  

We are house hunting for Maestro which takes up part of the weekend and a lot of our spare time during the week as well.  Hopefully we will find something soon.  

Mo is on a break from Uni this week and then she returns for a month and that is all for her 2nd year.

Head to Kates to see how everyone is going.