27 April 2015

Beginners and Skill Builders Class

Are you just starting on your quilting journey? Would you like to know where to start and learn the steps to complete your first quilt, and maybe  stay on and learn a few more handy techniques in the skill builder class.

There are a couple of vacancies in my Beginners Class due to start next week.  Do you know someone who would like to learn how to make a quilt  See more details here on Pg 2.  Contact Patchwork by Sea and book in.  Classes are held Tuesday evenings 6.30 to 9pm.

Beginners Quilt 

 Skill Builder Quilt

26 April 2015

Sewing Day

School holidays are coming to a finish, we've been kinda busy and kinda just enjoying the lack of schedule.  I've managed a few extra days off from work which has been good to recharge heading into our busy part of the year.

The quilt for Handmade is nearly finished just stitching on the binding and need to write up instructions.  I'm unsure when it will be in the mag, probably about 6 months time.  I really love this quilt.  I used bamboo batting which is lovely and soft and a pretty voile on the back, it drapes beautifully and I think I might put dibs on the quilt for me before Squid decides she needs it.

Yesterday I had a sewing day with the girls, as usual the first hour or so was taken up with talking but I did manage to get a few blocks done of my Metro Rings quilt.  I can't explain how much these days mean, they are a sewing/soul recharge.  We sew, we bitch, we bounce ideas and we plan the next one.  Its a day in a creative bubble with no interruption apart from the occasional text message from home....pure joy.

We all ended up using the quick curve ruler, Helen and Sue started new projects, I bought 4 projects along just in case I needed a change after lunch but I settled on the Metro Rings for the day.

12 April 2015

Productive Weekend

Back at the end of March I pulled all my Tula Pink Fabric, I found stuff that I had forgotten about and added more Elizabeth to the mix.  So I have chopped up a small/large piece off everyone of the pieces I had and chopped those into smaller pieces.  Most nights for the last 2 weeks I have been making lots and lots of 4 ½" blocks and this weekend I finished the 21 larger blocks which are now all pieced together into a quilt.  I think there are at least 50 fabrics in the quilt top and it is a riot of colour but you will have to wait as I am still unsure if it is destined for a magazine or not.

Now I can go back to my Metro Rings.  Scrub that Handmade want quilt next month so looks like I will be quilting the quilt next. 

02 April 2015

Teaching Wrap Up

Been a bit MIA the last couple of weeks,  we've had Tennis Finals and breakup for the Summer Season. Maestro's Team got to the grand final but nerves got to him and the rest of the team I think and they lost.  Squids team got knocked out the week before but the Club as a whole went really well and came away with quite a few shields this year.

Both the kids ended up with trophy's, Maestro for winning the District Tournament for Div1 Doubles with a good mate and Squid for the Winter Grand final.  They have really enjoyed their tennis this year and that is the main thing.

This week was the final lesson for my Skill Builder Class.  This week I talked about different setting ideas for a Sampler.  Gave them the maths for on point layout as well as the sashed sampler that I made for the class.  I also did a demo of binding, which is hard to fit into the beginners class as the last week we are trying to get all the quilts basted.

It was a great class and every quilt is going to be different.  One of my beginner students from this terms class has even finished a second quilt on her own which is just fantastic because it means I have given them the confidence to branch out and do more.

I did some shopping today. I'm collecting fabric for my new appliqué project and I thought these fabrics might be good added to the mix.

The tiger and rabbit are what I have chosen for the cornerstones in my Metro Ring Quilt that I hope to get back to this weekend.

Wishing everyone a lovely and relaxing Easter.