26 February 2023

15 Minute Challenge and now where did February go

 Seems to be a bit of a theme so far this year.  I know that come Monday I've been feeling pretty beat when I get home from work.  February is a really busy month (January genuinely is own only slow month) and clients always are slow to give us the information we need in a timely fashion they are still on holiday timetable.  This means lots of followup holding cover for them until they get their act into gear which is lots of extra work for me.  We are also looking for new office accomodation.  Our head office wants us to find serviced offices which in Adelaide is slim pickings, but the latest place is pretty good and cuts both my and the bosses commute by about 20 minutes at least.  We are waiting on head office's decision but all we are hearing is when we are going to put someone else on which until we get a new office isn't going to happen.  

This boss is having his appraisal soon so hopefully he can push the new office situation in talks as we need to jump on it soon if we get the office we want.

I have been doing a bit of sewing (well supervising sewing) Mo has wanted to make a T-shirt which she did with not too much interference from me (she told me I wasn't allowed to take over) and she made two bucket hats for herself and her boyfriend for the return to Uni tomorrow.  She did a great job on the projects and I only really helped when there was unpicking to be done.  

I got the panel that goes with the latest Homespun Block of the Month and have started doing the embroidery.  I don't see me making the quilt unless it is just the embroidery blocks, but I've had fun doing a bit of embroidery this last week as we have had a heat wave with a week of 38+ temps and it was too hot to crochet. 

Its back to crochet this week, I have Mo's bed runner to finish but it also means a trip to the yarn shop soon as I have run out of white and will need more of all the colours to finish it.   It is pretty easy compared to the Persian Tile so it shouldn't take long to finish once I have more supplies.     


Since the last time I blogged I finished my Persian Tile blanket.  

We are in the count down to settlement of Maestro's house in a little over two weeks, he will be glad to get  in and start to settle in.  

That's it for me today.  Head to Kate's for the round up.  

06 February 2023

15 Minute Challenge Where did January go

January always seems to be the longest month and yet when its over I can't remember what I did.  Last week the boss and I did some new office searching,  at least I know what the boss doesn't want now.  I said to him today, working from home is looking more and more attractive by the day but that doesn't help us get a new person to work with us.  

I'm half way through the border on my Persian tile blanket and I did a bit of fabric shopping last week.  

I picked up Mo's picture from the printer today.   Maestro's commissioned her to draw something for his computer room in the townhouse.  He sounded pretty happy with the result.  Will have to get it framed.  

Thats it for the week nothing much to report I'm afraid.