29 July 2011

Favourite Things Friday

My Favourite Things Friday this week is really a bit of a confession.  I am addicted to sewing gadgets, you know that irresistible wall of thingies that are the part of every quilt/sewing shop I have ever visited that say you need me your sewing perfection relies on it.

I am sad to say that this little collection is by no means all of my gadgets in fact it probably doesn't even touch the edge of the iceberg.  I decided to have gadgets as my FTF because guess what I added to it today... today I got the Sewline Trio....did I need it probably not but I am a sucker for a marking tool looking for the elusive Nirvana of marking tools that I am truly happy with.  Yet to happen apart from my .01 Brown Pigma Pen that I use for Stitcheries (which is really hard to get as everyone has .05 to thick).

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28 July 2011

Our Creative Spaces

As I said in Tuesday's post there is lots going on and it continued yesterday with one of my projects being the day's download for QFD.

I have now finished the cushion cover for the applique class that I am teaching next weekend.  Now all I have on my list is Applique Notes and Pattern writing for the cushion and the table runner.  

I have a big pile of Little Apples by Aneela Hoey calling my name and I am planning a applique quilt with that.... it might make a start today.

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26 July 2011


July/August are becoming big months at Seabreeze.  Christmas in July is underway and  I will have 3 designs posted over the next few weeks.  One of my Patterns made it to the Craftumi Newsletter (major happy dance).  And tomorrow I have my interview with Creating My Way to Success.

My class at Hetties Patch is pretty much full but we can probably squeeze a couple more in if you would like to go and haven't got your act into gear.  The cushion will be in the shop later this week, it is on the machine at the moment and I am halfway through quilting it.  One of the students asked if I thought Kaffe fabrics would be ok.  "Of course" was my answer.  Can't wait to see that version.

25 July 2011

Christmas in July Starts today

And it isn't too late to join in the fun.  The First project is by Brenda Ryan and it is gorgeous.  I think this may be a very expensive month for ordering kits for me.  

21 July 2011

My Creative Space

This is what I am working on at the movement which is the cushion version of my bed runner.  I have had to shrink the size of it which wasn't in the plan but I think it is quite cute.  Going to love making it in a different colour way which I think I might do for the class working piece.  
It is still school holiday's still and I think we are going bowling today.  Think I will just watch lol I don't think it will be safe for me my nails are a bit long at the moment.

Here are a few sneak peaks from my Christmas in July projects that starts over at QFD on the 25th.  Great Value and great fun.  Melissa Grant has a sneak peek of her lovely offering and I can't wait for that one.  

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17 July 2011

Needle Turn Applique Basics Class

Check out Hetties Patch blog for all the details of my Needle turn Applique Class which is scheduled for the 7th August.  It will be basic beginners class but you will learn enough so you can go an tackle something more complicated down the track if you want to.

The cushion will be a 40cm square the same as the centre panel but shrunk to 2/3 the size... I'm working on it at them moment but it will be finished for the class.   I was planning on doing another version in brights but I don't know if I will get there lol.



15 July 2011

Favourite Things Friday

My favourite thing this Friday is giggles and puppies.  Coco the wonder dog is now able to keep up with the kids most of the time and the rough and tumble that has been happening around here has been hilarious.   Squid and the puppy run through the house making so much noise I am almost happy to go to work to get a break lol.  Although my son is happy to play fetch and run and take coco for walks but I think the coco/squid bond is a bit different.  I am quite sure that Coco thinks Squid is a puppy and they roll around on the floor together play fighting and playing hide and seek under one of my quilts .... don't know that I like that bit few too many teeth involved.

Squid's hands are covered in scratches at the moment from Coco's remaining milk teeth, but Squid is giving as good as she gets as she rolls around on the floor with the dog or carries her around like she would carry around a favourite teddy bear (under the arms around the chest).  All this with Coco totally relaxed and accepting of the treatment and always coming back for more.

Last night I think Coco was happy for Squid to go to bed there is only just so much playing a puppy can take before it starts to take its toll and she just plonked down at my feet when she was safely tucked into bed.

Both the kids were up at 6.30am and we have already had round 1 of wrestle mania/hide and seek under the quilt... but now all three are tucked up watching kids tv.

Loving all the giggles and hardly any fights because of it this school holidays.

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14 July 2011

Our Creative Spaces

It is the first week of school holidays, unfortunately I haven't got any extra time off this holidays so my hubby is on child care duty when I am at work.  We have one day next week when we are all off at the same time and we are going to see Harry Potter.

On the crafting front I am writing tutorials this week for Christmas in July at QFD.  Here is another project I decided to pull together while taking photo's for my tutorials.  I really love this range of fabric it is just so fun.

I finished my Project of the Month for Country Hart that I was working on last week and it is currently being pattern tested.  With luck next week I will be folding lots of patterns to send up to Robyn.

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12 July 2011

Christmas in July

 Sarah has announced details of this years Christmas in July head on over here for a FAQ on the event.  The girls attending Saturday Inspired Stitches got to see my projects but the rest are all a secret.

07 July 2011

Our Creative Spaces

I have had kids and husband sick, my son also injured his arm playing footy during lunchtime which meant the Friday afternoon spent getting it checks and x-ray's so I am really looking forward to the last day on my own before school holidays start tomorrow.

Today I am sewing my POM for Country Hart and checking the pattern.  No one is staying home from school today!!  2 are awake and well just waiting for squid to wake up and fingers crossed she will be happy, well maybe not happy but at least well and I get my free day.

Here are my draft instructions which I will be using to make POM and getting it all right then off to the Pattern Tester on the weekend.  All very exciting, can't wait for the patterns to be winging their way round the world.

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03 July 2011

Inspired Stitches Day 2

With all this inspiration is it any wonder I didn't sleep very well last night.  All the plans and the excitement of heading back for another day of fun.  I managed to finish Janelle's flower and start stitching Gail's wall hanging.  It was another lovely day with great food and great company.  Thanks Sarah another good weekend of Inspired Stitches, can't wait till next year when we can do it all again.  

02 July 2011

Inspired Stitches day 1

Had a ball first day of Inspired Stitches.  Can't wait to get back tomorrow.  Perfect weather for sitting and stitching it was pouring with rain outside but we were snug and warm and having a lovely time.  We might even do a bit more stitching tomorrow.  We didn't actually start doing anything till about 11am we were to busy, shopping and talking and eating and talking and laughing and having a lovely time.  And i need to take more photo's tomorrow because I don't have much to show.

01 July 2011

Favourite things Friday

Been a bit MIA this week on the blog front, its been one of those weeks.  I have finished a couple of deadlines, well the sewing bit anyway just have to write them up and the kids have been home from school 2 days which means we had to scramble a bit one of us to stay home to look after them, hubby did first day and MIL did half day and I did half day.  They are going back today, just hope they haven't given me the bug because this weekend is Inspired Stitches.

I haven't packed my sewing gear, and am not organised in the slightest but I am so looking forward to this weekend and so are all the girls.  The top project is my one finished article from both Inspired Stitches.  I keep saying I am saving kits for my retirement lol.

It is a great weekend, with great food, good company, a lot of laughs and maybe a bit of sewing thrown in.  ONLY ONE MORE SLEEP.

Want to check out more FTF head on over to Mrs P.  Have a good weekend I know I am going to.