25 April 2014

The Better Bag Maker

We haven't been overly busy but have been pretty much just chillen with the occasional adventure in fishing, there was a couple of those.   Lots of playing of Minecraft (not me).  A bit of sewing that bit was me.  A mega bike ride (the kids a DH they did this while I was at work thank god).  Yesterday we traversed the city trying to find glasses for Squid (now she needs to make a decision. Apparently they shouldn't be too nerdy because then she would be trying to hard to look cool).  And we have only been to the pictures once.

Yesterday I received my copy of The Better Bag Maker by Nichole Mallelieu.  This is the bible of bag making.... there have been bag making bibles before but I think this is the ultimate.   Having done a class with Nichole which was amazing this book has all the bits that I took in at the time and forgot about.... so I found myself go ... yeah I remember that.... that's right...   There are lots and lots of instructions, hints tips and knowhow before you even get to the projects.  And the projects start from basic for beginners through to challenging and each project gets incrementally more complex towards the end of the book so you learn as you go.

There are a couple of the tougher bags that are on my have to list.  But I think I may be sensible for once and when I am in the mood for bag making I may just start from the beginning and work my way through.

The skills you will learn in this book will help you make any bag you want to in the future  it is well worth the money and it will be a go to book for bag making advise.  I got my copy from Can Do Books and they were quick with delivery and $5 postage.  

18 April 2014

Introducing Twilight Stars

This is the pattern I have been working on for the last few weeks.  The finished quilt measures 122cm (48") but it could quite easily extended to make a larger quilt.

The pattern is available in my Etsy Shop here and it is available as an instant digital download.

13 April 2014

A Finish ... well almost

Just finished pattern writing the quilt I have been working on.  Need to find time this week to do a photo shoot so that I can show you the finished product and add it to the shop.  But first I have to stitch the binding on.

Have been thinking about what to do next I have another quilt in EQ7 ready to roll but I also would like to do some embroidery work or maybe appliqué can't quite decide.  Thought up a project this morning on my walk and took some photo's to act as a prompt.  This is the Henley Jetty there were lots of dogs on the beach this morning.

There is also a Xmas Project I have been dreaming of and that might be next.  Depends on what comes out of the pencil first.

School holidays are here and Maestro came back from his trip to Canberra, sound like he had lots of fun and may have even learnt a bit too.

08 April 2014

Where do you get your best ideas

Just putting it out there.  I usually have my best ideas when I am driving to and from work or going for my morning walks.

The going to and from work can be handy as I can zip in to Hetties on the way home if I am in desperate need of starting something.  The morning walks is usually where I nut things out.

Now if only I had the time to put all these good ideas into action.

07 April 2014

A bit of a freshen up

If you follow me on Facebook you would have seen the new Do.  Its all part of the getting serious part of my little business.  I now have to work on new templates as well for my patterns and few more cosmetic changes to the website.  But first I have to finish quilting my latest quilt which I want to release the pattern for shortly so I think there may be a few late nights for me over this next week.

The Maestro headed to Canberra yesterday for a school camp.  He didn't sleep the night before he was worried about the plane trip, with the Malaysian Airline and then an emergency landing at Adelaide Airport on Friday he managed to work himself into a state.  Though once he got to the airport with all his friends he settled down a bit.

We got texts from Sydney airport and then Canberra and a phone call when he got to the accommodation.  I got some more texts this morning and all is going well... the exciting news this morning was that there was free wifi at the National Museum.... hope he was concentrating on what they were supposed to be looking at instead of catching up one some app on his phone.  

Back to the quilting.... my fingers aren't bleeding yet but they are close.

03 April 2014


Are you an Austen tragic, got to admit I am.  I like nothing better than to sit and stitch and watch or listen to one of the many screen adaption, except for that terrible version of Persuasion with Rupert Penry-Jones and Sally Hawkins.

Austenland came up on Quickflix and I quickly looked at the trailer and thought it might be good for a laugh, and it came the very next delivery.  I have watched it twice now.   Last night with Squid ... the trouble with watching movies with my daughter is she asks a lot of questions during a picture if she misses something.  But we were both in stitches through it which meant there were lots of questions as we missed bits.  I watch it today without all the questions and laughed even harder.

Its stars Keri Russell, JJ Feild, Jennifer Coolidge and Jane Seymour as the posher than posh Austenland operator.

If you love all things Austen and can laugh at a fellow tragic look for this video.  There is lots of male eye candy at every opportunity and lots and lots of laughs.