31 May 2009

Pick Me Pick Me

Before the Christmas School Holidays I posted this photo it was one that I took when I was at the beach for a school end of year activity.  I found out later that it was a special cloud formation that only occurs when certain conditions are met so I was luck to be in the right place at the right time.  I thought it was a pretty cool photo and one of the local television stations has an extreme weather picture feature in their news bulletin so I thought why not email it in, it got on TV the following night.  

Last week I got another email from them and my photo has been chosen as one that is in the running to be in the calendar that they do every year to raise money for Variety.  This week I am sending off my best quality copy of the photo and it will go on the Variety web site soon so everyone can vote on it.  I'll post details when I know more but it would be great if all my blogging friends would PICK ME.

Off for a stitching day at Leanne's place this afternoon.  Looking forward to catching up with the girls for a chat and a bit of stitching.

26 May 2009

Emma Louise

I have been waiting for a shipment of Emma Louise to arrive it has been on back order for the longest time.  I wanted a heap of it ... just in case... they stop making it... I don't trust those distributors once you find something you like they are sure to discontinue it.  Finally it was in so I headed to Hetties and got 6m of White Emma Louise.  What is Emma Louise? I hear you ask well it is the softest yummies finest quilters muslin around and it is all I use for my stitcheries and whatever else I am making.   I have also found that Ozquilts the best online Quilting Notions shop in Australia has all the various colours and I was amazed at just how many it came.  Might have to decide what colours I have to have and do a little bit more ordering.  Must admit I have never liked using plains in quilts because I was never happy with the quality of the homespuns that are around but I think they might be in my future now that I have found all the colours in Emma Louise.  There is a picture below (just because some people who remain nameless get a bit funny if I don't post pictures with my blog entry).

I also discovered yesterday while blog hopping that Lori Smith has a couple of new applique patterns that might have to wing there way to me.     
I can also tick off the latest birthday swap pressie.  I have taken photo's which I will release after the 11th.  

Had a win on ebay last night, it was some fob watch cases which I think will look fabulous in mixed media jewellery pieces.  I am employing a new auction strategy that is more nerve wracking but it was at least successful.  I have my eye on another couple of lots but the last one went for way toooo much hopefully who ever is bumping up the price will stay away for the next auction lot I am looking at.

I am happy to say work came to the party with early flights to Brisbane so I am having a mini break with my sister on the 13th and 14th of June.  Have warned her that I have to go to the Southbank Markets on Sunday which is just down the road from where I will be staying.  I am getting a little excited about my big trip all on my own best remember that I am going up there for work as well though he he seeings they are being so good to me.  With all that has been happening at home with kids being sick and tonsils and running here and there I forget how much I really LOVE MY JOB.

22 May 2009

Was being delayed this morning by blog travel.  You know you start at one then jump to another and then you find you minutes and minutes have gone by and you are late for school/work or housework.  One blog led me to a new blog that of Patty Young of Mod Kids.  Which led me to a pattern purchase as so often happens.  I love Patty's fabrics Andalucia (you can get it here) I purchased quite a number of them at Inspired Stitches.  She has a new range coming out wonder how long it will be before it gets here I think I need some.

Another find I made at Vivian's Blog (owner of my Endurance Necklace) was a link to Blackbird Designs Blog. What a find that is.  Never knew they had a blog and as I have nearly all their books I must be their biggest fan lol and my google reader has been incomplete up till now. 

The picture is of me at Inspired Stitches, a reasonable picture of me is hard to find so I thought I would celebrate by posting it here, this was taken by my friend Sue, she has also got a few very unflattering ones so I have to be very good to her for the foreseeable future or they too might get into the public domain... 


21 May 2009

A Little bit of Sparkles

Last night we met up for our sparkles meeting (sewing girls) for what is really the first time for the year.  How sad is that, but with a knee replacement (not me of course) and a few other commitments we haven't been able to have a real get together in such a long time and I can't believe how much I have missed it.  Two and a half hours just flew by and did we sew, I didn't but Sue got a tiny bit done.  We just talked and looked at mags and books and talked some more and someone brought out the dk chocolate apricot balls and then there was the apple cake and I had been good all day.... no will power what so ever... I've had a stressful week lol.  

I am going to Brisbane for work in a couple of weeks am going to squeeze in a weekend as well as I haven't seen my sister in a couple of years and I have never seen her property so I am trying to get work to fly me up early Saturday so I can make the most of it.  Is that what Bridget Jones calls a mini break. 

19 May 2009

Another Night in Hospital

Possum had a night in hospital last night all in all it was 2 weeks from her last bout of tonsillitis to having them out.  Luckily we were able to see the specialist last Tuesday and he had a surgery spot free on yesterday.  I must admit I was wondering if we had done the right thing as she was feeling better by the end of last week but the surgeon told us that they were heavily scared which indicated there had been a lot of infections so we were right to have them out.  She was very brave and was eating jelly and ice cream within an hour of coming back to her room.  We had a few worries through the night as she had some bleeding which was a little scary but this morning she was ready to come home at 6am so I had a bit of convincing her that we had to wait until Dad arrived after dropping my son off at school.  She thought having breakfast in bed just the best thing in the world (hopefully we haven't created a monster and she expects that tomorrow morning).

I came home today to a parcel from the Thread Studio in which my copy of Quilting Arts DVD had arrived as well as some yummy rayon threads.  I sort of watched the first 3 episodes and there is some really great ideas and things I am going to try including a 365 day art quilt journal that has really started me thinking and planning.

10 May 2009


I have been playing with fabric since Thursday and did a few more hours Friday night cutting out flowers.  I started to do the raw edge applique quilting later this afternoon and have done a managed to finish a few flowers and a couple of the butterflies.  It is probably not as perfect as Kellie's but I am happy with what I have achieved so far.  Word for the wise don't wear fluffy slippers when working with Steam a Seam.  It took me a while to pick off all the fabric offcuts from the applique that were stuck fast with the stuff.

08 May 2009

Successful Day

My daughter tried her ballet class again last night and the whether it was the bribe that I would get her tap shoes or that she was feeling better than she obviously was last week we got through a whole class without tears and she didn't come running out half way through.  Now I will be shopping for Tap Shoes. 

My ME day was very successful I feel a bit rejuvenated and did get some sewing (well sticking) done and lots of fabric fondling and I also found some stuff in my stash that was perfect for the project I was doing...Of course I did! Have you seen my stash lately?  OUT OF CONTROL.

Here are my purchases from yesterday ..... yummy yummy Rowan fabric  and the next photo is my achievement for the afternoon.

Now I only have a gazzillion flowers to cut out and stick on. I could have picked the smaller cushion to begin with but those that know me know that I will alway go for something bigger (I am making it queensize).

07 May 2009

Its all about ME

Have been feeling a bit blah lately, have been fighting off something for the last week but I am starting to feel better so I am having  a ME day today where I only do what I want to do.  Which means a bit of shopping, probably of the fabric kind and maybe even a bit of messing up the sewing room.  At least between the hours of 9 and 3 then after that time it will be all about the other ME's.   So I have done the hair and makeup and am heading out as soon as school drop off is done.

Here is my first project from Inspired Stitches (sort of) it combines Melly's little girls with Janelle's glasses case.  It was a gift for a friend so went to its new home last night.

05 May 2009

Sick Possum

My daughter (Possum) is sick again, tonsilitis and we now have a letter for the specialist after 3 bouts in 6 weeks we are on the slippery slide again as we were at Christmas with my son.  My GP thought that hers would clear up once his were out and wasn't infecting her any more.  She did have a break for a few months when he was at his worse but since before the school holidays she has been sick every other week.  So I have company today on my day off, which means not everything that I wanted to do is getting done but oh well.  

Had a good mail day today, Block 10 of December Garden from Moore Patch came (Lyn has been very reliable to do a BOM with).  I also got some goodies from Snapfish for Mother's day pressies for my MIL and my final copy of Cloth Paper Scissors (I have digital subscription still going) and will wait for this to finish to go back to the paper copies and just pick them up from the Newsagent when I see them.  So now I am going to sign off and have half an hour to flick through the pages.

Had a nice surprise from Fishpond a $10 voucher to spend on books from my wishlist (as they thought they had been there too long ... how good is that) so grabbed 2 books to get free postage for little over $60.  I will be using the wishlist more often now.   

03 May 2009

Lost and Found

After 2 and a bit days I have found my sewing table and there are no longer a pile of unfinished projects on the floor.  I am now not ashamed to show of my sewing room.  I haven't started to tackle my 3 cupboards full of fabric.   That will be the next major job but I might have a bit of a break before I start on that mammoth task and do some actual sewing.  The new shelves have meant that I have freed up some of my some of my draw space and have been able to sort through all my mixed media supplies and put them in order.

01 May 2009

Hard Labour

Did the Ikea visit yesterday and ended up changing my mind and got a bookshelf to fit behind my door.  I had quite a bit of stuff outside my sewing room in the open and was racing against time to make the bookcase when I got a call from the school to say that my daughter was unwell (not unwell enough not to go to ballet but unwell for school) so dashed off picked her up and sat her in front of the box with a dvd.  In the mean time the rain clouds were building (my antique sewing machine is outside so quickly put it all together hammer a few nails where required then position the bigger than expect bookcase and it is perfect (sigh of relief). 

Half an hour to pick up my son so no time to get the room in order (which will take another week and a bit more ruthless throwing out of stuff) so threw everything back in on the floor then came in and had sit down and a coffee.  With some rearranging of shelves and draws I should be able to find some spots for everything that is now on the floor.   Might have to revisit Ikea because I found perfect size plastic boxes that fit neatly on the bookcase which means more room to pack stuff away.

Speaking of being ruthless does anyone want the Jinny Beyer Quilt Kit Round the World for a reasonable price.  I collected it as a BOM it is altogether not started in the travel box that it came in just email me if you are interested.  (SOLD)

My endurance necklace has arrived in Yukon, Canada and I got a very touching email from Vivian.  She loves the necklace which is wonderful.  Will have to start thinking about my next give away now that that one was so successful.