26 May 2009

Emma Louise

I have been waiting for a shipment of Emma Louise to arrive it has been on back order for the longest time.  I wanted a heap of it ... just in case... they stop making it... I don't trust those distributors once you find something you like they are sure to discontinue it.  Finally it was in so I headed to Hetties and got 6m of White Emma Louise.  What is Emma Louise? I hear you ask well it is the softest yummies finest quilters muslin around and it is all I use for my stitcheries and whatever else I am making.   I have also found that Ozquilts the best online Quilting Notions shop in Australia has all the various colours and I was amazed at just how many it came.  Might have to decide what colours I have to have and do a little bit more ordering.  Must admit I have never liked using plains in quilts because I was never happy with the quality of the homespuns that are around but I think they might be in my future now that I have found all the colours in Emma Louise.  There is a picture below (just because some people who remain nameless get a bit funny if I don't post pictures with my blog entry).

I also discovered yesterday while blog hopping that Lori Smith has a couple of new applique patterns that might have to wing there way to me.     
I can also tick off the latest birthday swap pressie.  I have taken photo's which I will release after the 11th.  

Had a win on ebay last night, it was some fob watch cases which I think will look fabulous in mixed media jewellery pieces.  I am employing a new auction strategy that is more nerve wracking but it was at least successful.  I have my eye on another couple of lots but the last one went for way toooo much hopefully who ever is bumping up the price will stay away for the next auction lot I am looking at.

I am happy to say work came to the party with early flights to Brisbane so I am having a mini break with my sister on the 13th and 14th of June.  Have warned her that I have to go to the Southbank Markets on Sunday which is just down the road from where I will be staying.  I am getting a little excited about my big trip all on my own best remember that I am going up there for work as well though he he seeings they are being so good to me.  With all that has been happening at home with kids being sick and tonsils and running here and there I forget how much I really LOVE MY JOB.

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Lisa said...

I've done my swap pressie too, just have to add one small detail. Your brissy break sounds great, you are lucky to work somewhere so co-operative. I am off to check out Emma Louise. I am working on a small quilt at the moment and because there is not much choice around here and I didn't know what to order online I am using spotlight homespun for the plain white...it's about three times as thick as the other fabrics grrrrr. So will take your word for the quality of Emma Louise and get on to it right away!