01 May 2009

Hard Labour

Did the Ikea visit yesterday and ended up changing my mind and got a bookshelf to fit behind my door.  I had quite a bit of stuff outside my sewing room in the open and was racing against time to make the bookcase when I got a call from the school to say that my daughter was unwell (not unwell enough not to go to ballet but unwell for school) so dashed off picked her up and sat her in front of the box with a dvd.  In the mean time the rain clouds were building (my antique sewing machine is outside so quickly put it all together hammer a few nails where required then position the bigger than expect bookcase and it is perfect (sigh of relief). 

Half an hour to pick up my son so no time to get the room in order (which will take another week and a bit more ruthless throwing out of stuff) so threw everything back in on the floor then came in and had sit down and a coffee.  With some rearranging of shelves and draws I should be able to find some spots for everything that is now on the floor.   Might have to revisit Ikea because I found perfect size plastic boxes that fit neatly on the bookcase which means more room to pack stuff away.

Speaking of being ruthless does anyone want the Jinny Beyer Quilt Kit Round the World for a reasonable price.  I collected it as a BOM it is altogether not started in the travel box that it came in just email me if you are interested.  (SOLD)

My endurance necklace has arrived in Yukon, Canada and I got a very touching email from Vivian.  She loves the necklace which is wonderful.  Will have to start thinking about my next give away now that that one was so successful. 


XUE said...

How funny! We too went to Ikea (twice this week!) for some wonderful value-for-money storage boxes! And a shelf too! I love Ikea & thank goodness they're here in Tokyo too!

Kellie said...

My sewing room is also decked out in Ikea! I spend my whole day telling my kids that if they get something out then put it away once they have finished with it ... why don't I do that in my sewing room????? Enjoy your Sunday!