19 May 2009

Another Night in Hospital

Possum had a night in hospital last night all in all it was 2 weeks from her last bout of tonsillitis to having them out.  Luckily we were able to see the specialist last Tuesday and he had a surgery spot free on yesterday.  I must admit I was wondering if we had done the right thing as she was feeling better by the end of last week but the surgeon told us that they were heavily scared which indicated there had been a lot of infections so we were right to have them out.  She was very brave and was eating jelly and ice cream within an hour of coming back to her room.  We had a few worries through the night as she had some bleeding which was a little scary but this morning she was ready to come home at 6am so I had a bit of convincing her that we had to wait until Dad arrived after dropping my son off at school.  She thought having breakfast in bed just the best thing in the world (hopefully we haven't created a monster and she expects that tomorrow morning).

I came home today to a parcel from the Thread Studio in which my copy of Quilting Arts DVD had arrived as well as some yummy rayon threads.  I sort of watched the first 3 episodes and there is some really great ideas and things I am going to try including a 365 day art quilt journal that has really started me thinking and planning.

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Sue said...

Best wishes to the little chick for a speedy recovery. Cheers S