05 May 2009

Sick Possum

My daughter (Possum) is sick again, tonsilitis and we now have a letter for the specialist after 3 bouts in 6 weeks we are on the slippery slide again as we were at Christmas with my son.  My GP thought that hers would clear up once his were out and wasn't infecting her any more.  She did have a break for a few months when he was at his worse but since before the school holidays she has been sick every other week.  So I have company today on my day off, which means not everything that I wanted to do is getting done but oh well.  

Had a good mail day today, Block 10 of December Garden from Moore Patch came (Lyn has been very reliable to do a BOM with).  I also got some goodies from Snapfish for Mother's day pressies for my MIL and my final copy of Cloth Paper Scissors (I have digital subscription still going) and will wait for this to finish to go back to the paper copies and just pick them up from the Newsagent when I see them.  So now I am going to sign off and have half an hour to flick through the pages.

Had a nice surprise from Fishpond a $10 voucher to spend on books from my wishlist (as they thought they had been there too long ... how good is that) so grabbed 2 books to get free postage for little over $60.  I will be using the wishlist more often now.   

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