31 October 2022

15 Minute Challenge and More/Less House Hunting

 We only saw one property last week on Thursday it was one that our buyers advocate found and it isn't going on the market until next week.  Unfortunately Maestro couldn't make it but we were really happy with the look of the place and it was in a good location for transport, close to his work (in fact he could catch a bus down the street) and only 20 minutes to the city and 25 minutes to our house.  The only problem is that it may end up being above our budget so fingers crossed the downturn in the market that is everywhere else in Australia hits Adelaide but so far we haven't seen prices going down yet.  

We decided to just take the weekend off of house hunting.  There wasn't really anything we were desperate to see so we just had a break and that was really good and enabled us to have a bit of a recharge.  Maestro has pre approval for his loan so that gives us a bit of peace of mind to make an offer when something comes up.  

I did a bit of crochet this week, I really wanted to finish the 4th motive for Persian Tile Blanket but as you can see I'm only nearly there.  

The Mosaic rug is coming along, I was planning to give it to Maestro at some point when he has a sofa in his new house. 

That's it for me this week.  Head to Kates to see how everyone is going.  

24 October 2022

15 Minute Challenge

 It was a bit of a slow week on the 15 minute challenge this week.  I only managed 4 out 7.  There were a couple of days of not picking up the crochet hook just because I was being lazy and we went out on Saturday night to my boss's 60th birthday so nothing was done that night.

I did finish another motive for the Persian Tile Blanket  and a couple of rows on the Sofa Runner.  

We only looked at one house on Saturday and we still haven't found anything worth making an offer on.  We are a bit closer to Maestro getting pre approval so that one stumbling block will be removed.  

My local quilt shop has announced that it is closing down at the end of the year which is sad.  I haven't been going regularly since their Thursday classes have stopped.  I probably have enough fabric in the stash for plenty more quilts in the future, but we all love looking at something new.  

In other news Coco's has finally got over her ear infection and my wallet is very happy about that.  She is back to he nutty self and is happy to go on long walks again.  

Head to Kate's to see how everyone is going this week.  

17 October 2022

15 Minute Challenge & More House Hunting

 The house hunting continues, we thought we found the perfect house, but they have already had offers exceeding the price indicator and we needed to get a offer in within the next 24hours.  Our buyers advocate said that he could get our offer in if we are interested but he also found out a few things about the property that we weren't ok with and could cause issues down the track so we have backed off.  

Maestro couldn't get time off to go and see it anyway and it is a lot of extra money for us to spend on his behalf without him actually seeing the house.  So the search continues and more time he has to get his pre approval sorted as the bank keeps asking for more information.  

Crochet update.  I'm heading into the pinks and purples for the sofa runner now and I'm loving the colours.  

I decided to make the square to join the first 2 motives of the Persian Tiles Blanket.  I just have to decide which motive to do next 2 more to join below these or continue in a row.  

I purchased a couple of books which have more mosaic crochet in them. I really like the density of the fabric they create.  I have found a few more Mosaic designers on instagram as well.  I'm a bit obsessed with this technique.

10 October 2022

15 Minute Challenge and the Money Pit

 Lots of crochet this week.  Giving up on the CAL for a while has been good and I have finished the first block of a project I have been wanting to start for a while.  I have nearly finished the 2nd block and will continue with this in conjunction with the Sofa runner which has grown this week as well.  

The pool is proving to be a bit of a money pit at the moment.  The chlorinator was hardly working last autumn and we decided to just leave it until spring to replace the cell.  With all the rain we have had and intermittent warm weather, we ended up with a pretty green pool.  We replaced the chlorinator cell which cost quite a lot and it was just starting to clear when the pool pump started making a loud noise.  DH managed to find a pool place that was pretty sure it was just the bearing that could be replaced without replacing the whole pump for only a 3rd of the cost of replacement pump.  Fingers crossed that is all that needs doing.  

More house hunting on the weekend but nothing turned up worth a 2nd look.  Maestro was able to go with us and he was pretty quick to dismiss both the opens we went to.  We did some drive passes of a couple of places and he decided they weren't pursuing  either so I think we will be looking for a while yet.  

Head to Kathy's to see how everyone is meeting the challenge.  

03 October 2022

15 Minute Challenge - Long Weekend to Recharge

 I pretty much hit the wall this week, haven't been feeling well and work just got a bit too much.  There was a couple of early nights because I just needed it.  I think this week was only a 3 out 7 because a few nights I just sat and stared at the TV not really taking anything in.  This week is a long weekend and apart from looking at a few houses on Saturday we have done nothing but a bit of washing and staying close to home.  

The boss and I sat in the office on Friday and just had a bit of a whinge fest.  The last couple of months have just caught up with us.  The boss has had to deal with health issues with family members and we have had to cover holidays for manager's interstate, our office internet being cut and there are also lots of legislative changes happening that mean more work for us.  

The crochet hasn't been all that successful this week.  I've decided to stop doing the CAL for a bit as I am struggling with one of the sections and I have unpicked it that many times I need to just put it down for a bit and go back to it in a couple of weeks.  The Sofa Runner has been unpicked as well but I'm back on track and have managed a couple of extra rows on last week.  I've pulled out another pattern to try tonight.  

That's me for this week.  Hoping to have a better shorter week this week.