03 October 2022

15 Minute Challenge - Long Weekend to Recharge

 I pretty much hit the wall this week, haven't been feeling well and work just got a bit too much.  There was a couple of early nights because I just needed it.  I think this week was only a 3 out 7 because a few nights I just sat and stared at the TV not really taking anything in.  This week is a long weekend and apart from looking at a few houses on Saturday we have done nothing but a bit of washing and staying close to home.  

The boss and I sat in the office on Friday and just had a bit of a whinge fest.  The last couple of months have just caught up with us.  The boss has had to deal with health issues with family members and we have had to cover holidays for manager's interstate, our office internet being cut and there are also lots of legislative changes happening that mean more work for us.  

The crochet hasn't been all that successful this week.  I've decided to stop doing the CAL for a bit as I am struggling with one of the sections and I have unpicked it that many times I need to just put it down for a bit and go back to it in a couple of weeks.  The Sofa Runner has been unpicked as well but I'm back on track and have managed a couple of extra rows on last week.  I've pulled out another pattern to try tonight.  

That's me for this week.  Hoping to have a better shorter week this week.  

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Kate said...

Sounds like a completely un-fun few months. Fingers crossed that things improve even just a little. Hope this week is much better and you feel better.