10 October 2022

15 Minute Challenge and the Money Pit

 Lots of crochet this week.  Giving up on the CAL for a while has been good and I have finished the first block of a project I have been wanting to start for a while.  I have nearly finished the 2nd block and will continue with this in conjunction with the Sofa runner which has grown this week as well.  

The pool is proving to be a bit of a money pit at the moment.  The chlorinator was hardly working last autumn and we decided to just leave it until spring to replace the cell.  With all the rain we have had and intermittent warm weather, we ended up with a pretty green pool.  We replaced the chlorinator cell which cost quite a lot and it was just starting to clear when the pool pump started making a loud noise.  DH managed to find a pool place that was pretty sure it was just the bearing that could be replaced without replacing the whole pump for only a 3rd of the cost of replacement pump.  Fingers crossed that is all that needs doing.  

More house hunting on the weekend but nothing turned up worth a 2nd look.  Maestro was able to go with us and he was pretty quick to dismiss both the opens we went to.  We did some drive passes of a couple of places and he decided they weren't pursuing  either so I think we will be looking for a while yet.  

Head to Kathy's to see how everyone is meeting the challenge.  

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Kate said...

Very pretty projects in the works. Those blocks are so pretty! Sorry you didn't have any luck with the house hunting, hopefully something pops up soon.