26 February 2016

Check out my latest Post on Quilting Focus

I have done an article on free BOM the links at the bottom especially the first one are great to have a quick look in one place of a lot of BOM that are on offer at the moment.

23 February 2016

I'm Still Stitching

Borders are a work in progress and I have the vines stitched down on two corners. I think it will be a while before its finished.

So far I have used the vase from block 1 and the bowl from block 7.  I'm not worrying about making the opposite corners the same apart from the base that the flowers are in.  I will try and keep the flowers evenly balanced and will keep a track of how many flowers of each block I use to help you along the way.  I will keep the final block up for another month and then publish the border setting and what I have done so far.

Handmade Vol 34 No 8 is out by the end of the week and it has my quilt North and South.  I was stitching it this time last year so I am a bit ambivalent about it now.  But the spread looks pretty spectacular and the colours are pretty true to the original quilt so you have to love that.  I even made it to the magazine index page.  

13 February 2016

Working on Borders

I have been less apathetic about finishing the borders on Flowers for Alison, I think it is because I see the end in sight and I really am enjoying figuring out what to do.

I have added a small cream writing border and then a 12 ½" border of black script fabric to the outside.  As I needed to mitre the corners I underestimated how much border fabric I needed so there are quite a few joins in one of the borders but I don't think you can really tell as it hides pretty well in the print and I will use appliqué to cover where it looks obvious.

The finished quilt will be 220 cm square which will fit nicely on my queen size bed.  Haven't made a quilt this big for quite some time but I am looking forward to the challenge of machine quilting it, but I think I have a few more hours of appliqué before we need to jump through that hoop.

I am also going to have to work out how I am going to photograph it when it is finished.

01 February 2016

Flowers for Alison Block 7

Here is the final block for Flowers for Alison head over to the BOM Page to download.  Now this one is my all time favourite for the quilt.  

I will start working on a border option for you next month.  However you may decide to just leave the quilt as is it us up to you.  I am thinking of doing a wide border and I will use the templates from the various blocks to fill the area.  

Here is the finished quilt centre.  I'll let you know when the border option is ready so stay tuned.  

Remember if you want to join in now you can purchase all the patterns from my Etsy shop.