28 April 2010


Have you found DMTV yet.  Design Matters is a wonderful Mother and Daughter team who are outstanding Art Quilters from the UK. I got a fab deal when they first launched there videos (12 months for 20 pounds).  It is a lot more now but I think I am going to have to find the money as this is the best Art Quilting Resource around.  I watched a heap of the video's while ironing last night as my subscription is due to run out soon.  Found some techniques that I have to try with those fabric oil pastels for resist on fabric, good job I have plenty of them ready to go.  It used fabric paint but I am hoping it will work with dye's will have a go on the weekend if I get a chance.  At least once a week a new video is posted so I have more than got my monies worth from it and the quality of video download is really excellent.

We are fast approaching She Sew's Sunday and and a couple of us are going to have a bit of a dye play day and I still have to get some supplies and see if the technique works with the fabric I have.  Otherwise I am going to have to come up with something else.  The technique above should be pretty easy to do as I have everything we need.    Also need to get some thread to dye, as in another video they showed how to rainbow dye variegated thread and I really want to do that.  Shouldn't have opened my big mouth I think ah well the girls will be introduced to my experimental approach to dyeing (the only colour I can reproduce with any certainty is LIME GREEN.

26 April 2010

Go Anywhere Purse

My latest tutorial is up on Quilt Fabric Delights Creative for you to download.  These are great little bags to throw you keys and phone in when you need to do the school run or go for your early morning walk and hold your ipod or if you are just ducking out for coffee with the girls and you don't need a big bag just your phone and some change.  All the bits and pieces for the Basic Purse and the Pocket of Daisy can be purchased from Sarah, the Spesh Version is just to show you that you don't have to be limited to ordinary fabric the sky is the limit for adding your own take on this little bag.  I hope you like it.

25 April 2010

Fill In Blocks

You have seen over the past few weeks blocks from "the quilt" which I hope to be my first pattern.  I have probably mentioned that I like gadgets so yesterday I fiddled around with a pattern template and got one that I was happy with.  Just wish Mac Office worked the same as Windows Office so then I would know what I was doing ... think I will be shopping for the Missing Manual Book soon.  As I have always been a Windows Office Guru it is a bit of a let down when I have to go searching for how to do stuff when I am using the mac.  Must say Office 2007 (windows) which we have just switched to at work has me scratching my head at times but I'll get there.

I have been working on filler blocks for  "the quilt" which will from this point be known as the Funky Flower Garden Quilt.  I decided that I wanted to do half square triangle blocks.  I have a love hate relationship with half square triangles.  I am never happy with my accuracy (I am at times a bull at a gate and have to get stuff finished yesterday) I have tried to remedy this by cutting the blocks larger then cutting them down but that add to the time it takes to make them.  Then Leanne showed me the Nifty Notions half square triangle ruler and I think it solves my problems not all of them but my half square triangle problems anyway.  You will see my lovely pin wheel blocks here don't have any cut of corners and they all meet deliciously in the centre.

You can get yourself a Nifty Notions Half Square triangle ruler from Hetties.   Their are also some other Nifty Notions rulers that I might just have to try in the near future but for now I am more than happy with this little gem.

PS head on over to Quilt Fabric Delights for a lovely tutorial by Lisa called Breakfast in Bed a perfect Mother's Day pressie.

23 April 2010

I have confession to make.

I'm in love.  I didn't think that I could use anything but DMC thread but at Inspired Stitches we were given Cosmo threads to try and they are DEVINE.  They feel like silk and went through the cloth like butter.  No tangles (except when I wound one of the skeins on a bobbin but that was my fault).  I search for a DMC conversion chart and decided to order some of my favourite colours from Sarah.  Here they are can't wait to get stitching.  Might have to go back and order some more.

19 April 2010

Block 4

This is by far my favourite block of 'the quilt'.  Not the sewing because that was quite NOT fun but I love the look of it.  Originally there was going to be another row of petals but I'd had enough after 2.    Also the fact that I don't cut the back out of my applique pieces (shhh don't tell the quilt police) it is quite textured already and quilting will bring out that depth beautifully.

There is another Sunflower block to make that one has a large stem and leaves to balance out the long tulip block.  Then I have to work out how I am going to put it all together which will be really fun because I haven't got that clear in my head yet its still a bit fuzzy... do I put in pieced blocks or just border all the blocks and fill in the blanks.  Decisions..... decisions....

18 April 2010

The Projects

I think everyone should be on their way now to IS for today.  Here are the projects.
Natalie Lymer's included a number of gadget bags of various sizes as well as a bucket bag and a lovely needle case.  

Natalie Ross's included a bag and lanyard and a doodah to go round the shoulder of  your sewing machine to stick you pins in.  

17 April 2010

Inspired Stitches Glimpse

Here is just a glimpse of the goings on today tomorrow I will post picture of the projects, wouldn't want to spoil it for all you girls who will be going tomorrow and missed out on the fun today.

I think we enjoyed it even better than last year.  It was way more relaxed this year and everyone had a lovely time.  Natalie Squared are lovely and we were at a table with some wonderful girls who flew in from WA for the fun.

The food was really yummy and we really had a wonderful time.  I think we will definitely be putting our name down for next year.

16 April 2010

Holiday Round Up

It was back to work for me today, so hand balled the kid's holiday entertainment on to DH.  They spent the morning at the beach, my son was doing his best sand wall building to hold back the outgoing tide and squid was playing with a tennis ball with dad.

Fishing was quite successful and we each caught a fish though nothing legal size.  Here is maestro's effort, a nice little bream which I would have thought was pretty rare at Grange but then again I haven't done much fishing at Grange jetty so maybe I am wrong.  You will note that Mum is holding the fish and taking the photo as he is being a girl at won't touch the slimy fish.  You can also guess who got to bait everyone's hooks, and cast everyone's line in.

I think I got my first fishing rod when I was about 7 and my dad made me practice casting on the back veranda with a sinker on the end of a line and we weren't allowed to go fishing until we could get the line caste out without making a hash of it.

Yesterday we headed to the Port (Port Adelaide) for lunch and a walk around.  The kids went up to the top of the light house and then we headed to the Maritime Museum for an hour or so.  There was a bit of a show at 2pm and the kids enjoyed the singing.

Can't wait until tomorrow for Inspired Stitches must say I am really looking forward to the day.  Mind you I haven't packed my stuff yet probably should get to and do that.

14 April 2010

Gone Fishing

I had to really search for a recent photo.  Most of my photography the last couple of weeks has been of stuff I can't show you yet,  some of my readers (who will remain nameless get a bit uppity if I post to many entries with out pictures, I found this one from a stop we made at Noarlunga when we went to Normanville the other week).

It sort of fits because we are going fishing again this afternoon, I promised the kids that after their first fishing trip to Normanville that we would go during the school holidays.  Today is the day, high tide is late this afternoon, Dad's at work and we will head to the jetty for a spot of fishing.  Suppose I will have to find somewhere to get some bait first, strangely there are no bait shops close to the beach, places you use to be able to get bait are now cafe's and a hairdresser.  Suppose I will have to head to the local GotOne...which after searching for a link I have found isn't there any more.  Wouldn't you think a bait and tackle shop near the beach would be a good idea. Oh well will have to go for a bit longer drive for bait today.

On another note, only a couple of more sleeps for Inspired Stitches on the weekend.  The girls and I are only going one day this year as it falls when a couple of us have birthdays to attend.  I think that I can probably do enough damage to the credit card on one day anyway.  Must say I am probably looking forward to catching up with the girls more than anything, the shopping and sewing will just be an added bonus.

11 April 2010

Can You Work Out What It Is?

My next tutorial is all finished and on its way to Sarah.  I am sure once Inspired Stitches is over she will post this little morsel.   Hopefully you like it as much as I do.  I have started another one today, it was essentially to get the final photo's but I will be giving it away to a friend who did something for me the other week.

08 April 2010

Day Trip

Today I told the kids we were going to give the new Tram Extension a go.  First we had to wait for the Termite Guy to come and give us a quote to spray the outside of the house, I needed an outing to overcome the shock of that.. it wasn't quite as bad as I thought it was going to be but it was still moderately horrendous.

The special deal for the next six months is to park at the Entertainment Centre for the princely some of $2 and then catch the tram for free.  You can then ride all the way to Glenelg if you want, I didn't realise we could go that far so I just plan for the trip to the city.  In relatively no time we were in the heart of Adelaide to do some shopping, without having to fork out huge amounts for car parking and we didn't have a time limit so all in all it was very stress free.

There was plenty of buskers in the Mall and this guy kept us entertained for quite some time.  His name was Mr Spin.  He is juggling 5 balls with a hoop spinning round his leg and balancing a ball on his forehead.

For the finale  he did this. Thats a glass of water on his head, juggling 3 baseball bats on a 3 wheel "Suicycle"as he called it.  Very impressive.  Apparently Adelaide Crowds are hard work.  I hope he made some money today he definitely earned it.

P.S.  My Quilt is featured here

05 April 2010

Lasy Day

Yesterday after the massive easter egg hunt, the boy's went off to the footy.  The less said about the footy game the better.  Of course their team lost.  I kept asking the squid what she wanted to do but she didn't want to do anything.  So I pottered around at home doing a bit of housework then at 1pm she said "Lets go to the beach".  She applied the sun screen and I grabbed some towels and my camera and we headed down to the beach.  We had a lovely hour or so, it wasn't too hot and the water was warm .... apparently.

Last night while watching the worse film that I have seen in a long time, I finished block 3 of "the quilt".  There is a petal still to go but it will go over the edge of the block so I will applique it in later when I am putting the quilt together.  Now to tackle sunflowers.    

04 April 2010

Great Easter Egg Hunt

I guess you are never too old for an Easter Egg Hunt, I looked at my son yesterday and it hit me that he is getting quite big and he isn't a little boy anymore, but today he was just as excited as he was as a 3 year old hunting for eggs and bunnies in Ma's garden.

The boy's are off to the footy today, somehow my son talked Chris into going with them.  He always goes with Ma and his uncle to the footy, as the thought of getting there 2 hours before a game is too much for my husband to take.  But Chris decided to go this weekend because he still has a day tomorrow to do "stuff".  Mainly I know that "stuff" will be nagging me about the housework or doing the housework and then complaining that I am not doing the housework.  

I might just do a bit today while he is out so I don't have any supervision and advise along the way lol.

02 April 2010

Tiniweeni Sneak Peak

The Creative Team are all furiously working on the next round of tutorials.  Here is a tiny sneak peak at my offering.  I have a couple more versions to include  but I think I am going to love this one the best.   I think I might even have to make a couple more of this one I am sure there are one or two friends that might like one of their own.