28 March 2023

15 Minute Challenge and some Me Time

 We only spent a couple of hours this week at Maestro's place and it wasn't too bad this time  though he is still pushing to get things done, some which just couldn't happen.  He is doing TAFE (trade school) at the moment as well as working so his time is limited.  Work want him to finish all his modules in the next couple of months.

I've worked on a few more blocks from my Hatched and Patched Quilt but there was a couple of days missed.  

This weekend I did a class at the local yarn shop with Shelley Husband.  The class was quite nice though a bit short, I'm use to all day classes.  

On Sunday I went to FibreFeast which is a market for all things yarn and fibre and happens once a year.  
The green block is using some of the wool I purchased which is Poll Merino and is super soft and has a lovely drape.  I'm going to make an infinity scarf from it.  Don't ask me what I am going to do with the rest I don't know but I had to get them.  

Mo has been experimenting with cup shapes, she has been doing this petal shape which is quite nice to drink out off.  She is obsessed with white clay and hasn't been able to get clay white enough without going to porcelain which is hard to work with.  She was advised to underglaze with white to get the effect she wants and it worked.  

19 March 2023

15 Minute Challenge and an Exhausting Week

AHHH not great on the challenge this week in fact I only managed 1 day of sewing and that was today.  I've spent the day in my PJ's after heading to the shops to get a few groceries and returning some of the curtains and hardware that we purchased.   All the blinds in the top on the top floor are block out and were fixed in such a way that putting curtains in as well was really difficult so we opted not to. 

Maestro's room had curtain rails (but no curtains) as well as blinds so we were able to get ready mades for his room.  He wasn't too keen on the colour at first but once they were up they he realised that they were perfect.  

By yesterday after 5 days of walking up and down the stairs my legs were really complaining, but most things are done and Maestro is pretty much settled in.  He has TAFE for the next 3- 4 weeks, he was only going to work 2 days but I think he feels he needs the extra money to get things with the house right.  We knew there were the curtains and the showers needed resealing but all the down lights were too dull and had to be replaced as well as the tap in his bathroom so $500 that we weren't expecting to spend happened as well as a few other things.  The joys of home ownership.  

His tenants have moved in and they are pretty quiet and seem to be easy going so hopefully it will be smooth sailing for  a bit and will help with his mortgage.  

My fuchsias are finally blooming and the begonia which I received for my birthday is flowering.  

13 March 2023

15 Minute Challenge New Quilt Start

Our Office search continues, head office didn't like the fact we found a place out of the CBD, so last week we had to start again.  We visited 5 places and found somewhere that we think head office will approve of.   The office is western side of the city which suites both of us and I can take public transport and leave the car at home, but my boss may be fighting to get a paid car park.  

I've been a bit unwell the last few weeks, I think things are just getting to me too many ball's in the air coupled with a change in meds which I don't think has agreed with me.  Will head back to the Dr's after Maestro moves in this week.  

Settlement on the house has been moved up and is tomorrow.  I have taken a day off on Friday to help, I'm sure it will involve more trips to shops  and will probably be back and forth for most of the week.  The place has no curtains so that will probably be a priority. 

Sewing wise the last two weeks I have been keeping busy and I think I only missed one day of the challenge.  I ordered a  kit from Annie Downs from Hatched and Patched.  I've cut all the blocks out ready to stitch but am working on the appliqué blocks first.  Annie's style is pretty quirky and simplistic which is about all my appliqué is up to at the moment while trying to get me groove back.  

That's it for me this week.  Hopefully I can have some house pictures next week but won't hold my breath about getting Maestro to pose.  

Head to Kates to catch the round up.