30 September 2010

My Creative Space

Take a set of these from QFD.  I chose a white set and used the middle size case to make this.  Click on the picture if you have to have a set.  

First I stitched a top then I set about lining the case. 

A made it for a friend that has helped me with editing my patterns and also doing a bit of running around to get a couple of new toys for me to play with.  One which came last night that I need to sneak into the sewing room.  I am now the proud owner of an Embellisher.  

On Tuesday I did some felt dyeing which I haven't washed out yet so I can show you.  But there is a yummy tub of colours waiting to be washed sometime today.  

Trying for something a more subtle but this is ok for first attempt.  The hand felted wool came out softer which was more the look I was going for but I am sure I can use it.

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25 September 2010

While the Footy is on

I started this last night and have been making headway today.   It isn't taking all that long and I am surprised at how much I have actually achieved.  All the tree flowers have been quilted now is the task of doing the fill in which is going to take quite a bit of time and then I can start on the border flowers but I think that I will quilt out to that.  I am not a great fan of linen so I do worry about the stretch factor.  By doing the middle first I am hoping to avoid any bubbly bits, have managed to quilt them out so far.    And no I can't claim this as a quilt that I have made it was made by Karen and it is all button holed by hand. 

24 September 2010

My Favourite Thing Friday

I was a bit stuck for a favourite thing this week, mainly because I had one planned and then decided that I wouldn't do it, maybe later.  After a quick think this afternoon I have decided to talk about my camera.

Now I know that I am not the best photographer, I find my good shots are more pure fluke that photographic expertise.  I do take more good shots now than I used to with my previous digital camera and photoshop fixes up a few of the really bad floors.  I did make it onto the Channel 10 Weather Calendar last year and got to meet Jane Reilly, I was the only lady photographer all the others were funny old men and one young boy (who I think took the best photo).   

But I do love my camera and trying to get that perfect shot is quite fun, every now and again I get one that I think wow and if they are all rubbish the delete button gets rid of them quick smart.   

Forgot again ...
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23 September 2010

Creative Space - Sparkles

I am not sure if my Creative Space is on this week so I thought I would do something a bit different I am going to talk about my quilting group Sparkles who are a wonder to my Creative Head Space.  Life at Seabreeze Central continues to be manic this week so creatively I am a little bit spent, and when things are going down the toilet the options are a big bowl of chocolate or go shopping.   I am trying to do the second option as winter has added enough tyres around my middle so am going to go and order a new toy this morning and hit the shops....more on that later.

Once a fortnight(ish) I meet with a group of kindred spirits, to talk quilting, look at mags, books and fondle the latest editions to my stash.  There are 5 of us now and to say that I look forward to these meetings is a understatement.  We feed each other's creativity and addictions (fabric, book and latest pattern kind). In between we keep each other informed via email and the occasional text.    Collectively we probably have a lot of textile knowledge (wonder if we should insure it lol).  And these girls are REALLY GOOD FRIENDS.  So Kay, Sue, Helen and Silvia can't wait till next Wednesday so we can plan the big project for next year.

And now for some pictures.  Last night Squid had her primary concert, so here are a couple of happy snaps.  The mums who helped with the masks did a fantastic job.  They did the Circle of Life.

20 September 2010

Craftumi Website

Craftumi is madeit's sister site for buying and selling supplies and equipment used in the creation of art and craft projects.
Craftumi is the perfect place to find supplies for your next art or craft project from painting to scrapbooking, from card making to jewellery making.
Visit craftumi for all your craft supplies.


17 September 2010

Favourite Things Friday

Ok Ok if you read my blog you have seen this picture before but it is one of my favourite things so I am going to use it as I am not organised and I doubt I will be by tomorrow morning (I am trying to schedule this post fingers crossed that it comes up tomorrow).  The chair was originally from my Great Grandfathers house.  My nana got a few bits of furniture when he died, when I cleaned out my Pop's house when he moved into hostel accommodation I made him take this with him as a remembrance and for me to sit on when I visited him.  When he died it came to my house.  I think every carer in the place was eyeing this seat off and quite a few commented on it.  I have a few more pieces from Nan's house that will probably come up in the coming weeks, but this is a definite favourite.  

16 September 2010

Pattern Release

I kinda got carried away organizing this today so no sewing got done but I still have Monday to look forward to.  And if you are desperate for a copy of my new pattern you can get it from my Etsy Store or my Craftumi Store.   

My Creative Space

Today is a proclaimed ME DAY.  I will not be running all over the city taking kids/me or other member's of the family to drs/dentists/excursions etc or going to work because I have the guilts because I couldn't get everything finished yesterday.   I am going to lock myself in my sewing room and do what I want to do.... thinking I might also schedule another ME DAY on Monday as I have swapped my working day because the boss has to go to Melbourne and I miss out on sewing AGAIN.

Things have not been running smoothly at Seabreeze Central the last few weeks and I am feeling as though I am juggling to many balls at the moment.

This is a quilt that I offered to machine quilt for a lady at my sewing class.  She hand button holed the whole quilt it is absolutely gorgeous.  Yesterday I pin basted it all so now I am ready to get stuck in.  I also will be working on another secret project which is a gift so there will be no photo's until it is finished and in the recipients hot little hands.

I am sure there are more creative spaces for you to check out at kootoyoo.

13 September 2010

Fantastic Book for Bags

I thought that this might be a winner when I ordered it and it is.  This is the most comprehensive book on bag making that I have found, and I have a few.  Lots of fabulous hints on altering pattern and also different finishes, pockets, fasteners, zip inserts and more.  When I get a minute I will be reading this cover to cover.  Want to find out more Lisa's blog is here and I got the book from the Book Depository gotta love free postage.

10 September 2010

Favourite Things Friday

Sorry this is a little bit hastily put together in the 5 minutes before school pick up.

Those that know me well know that I cannot hand sew without my trusty thimblelady thimble, so much so that I have been known to get in an absolute panic when I lose it (so now I have 2, one of which is still in its original package put somewhere safe, just don't know where at the minute).   This is the old style of her thimble, which can be used for all sewing not the funny cone one that is for hand quilting (which I don't do very much of).  The blue one is a new silicone one that I have been using to save my index finger and when I really do too much there are two more in the packet that I can use on my left hand.  You see I find that I use different fingers when I sew (especially embroidery) not just the one with the thimble on it and they all get red raw.

So my silver thimble is my favourite thing this week and has been for quite a number of years and doesn't show any sign of wearing out so I might be old and grey by the time I have to use that other one.
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09 September 2010

My Creative Space

Not much creatively happening here today but there has been all week so look at earlier posts.  We have given the kids the day off school and are heading to the Adelaide Show.  If I am lucky I might be able to go to the Handicraft Pavilion (hasn't happened yet with the family, did see it last year on a school excursion).

The weather forecast said rain and possible thunder, with any luck there won't be millions there today.  Beats staying home and doing housework.

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06 September 2010

While I Was on Roll

I put the final touches to my pattern yesterday and it is ready to go to the printers.  Well there is another story,  the cost of printing left me in a bit of a spin the last week.  So I am off to buy a mono laser printer this week which will allow me to print the patterns off when I need them and will just have the front page printed professionally for now.

Here is Pretty as a Picture in its new colours all finished and ready to be sent off.  

I am off with Squid to a school excursion to the Central Markets tomorrow so no sewing this week for me.  Might have to do a bit of shopping for myself while I am in there.  Should be fun I am looking forward to it.

05 September 2010

Wild and Wet

It has been a very wild and wet weekend here in Adelaide.  The Royal Show organisers are probably lamenting the weather which will effect their bottom line.  Well we will be going on Thursday and I am sure my husband will make sure that we make up for all the money they lost because the kids can't live without 5 showbags each and go on at least 5 rides.  Wonder if he will let me go through the handicraft hall instead of heading to side show alley and I'll meet them later on (fingers crossed).

Today I put the binding on PP2 of course as usual I refer to Rita's binding tutorial for getting the ends joined.  I have been quilting for 15 plus years and get dyslexic when it comes to the final bit of binding but I find Rita' tutorial the best and easiest to follow for mitering the final join.  So I take the laptop out to the sewing room have the couple of pictures that I need on the screen and it works everytime perfect flat join that you can't tell where it starts and finished.   More hand sewing tonight in front of Midsomer Murders I think.  

03 September 2010

Favourite Things Friday

Better late than never. For my Favourite Things this week I have chosen the beach at sunset.  Last night while squid was at ballet we walked to the Henley Jetty and the beach was dead calm and the sunset was a beautiful pink.  Sorry about the quality of the picture as I didn't have my camera and had to settle with my phone.  The last few weeks the waves have been splashing up onto the jetty, so it was a stark contrast.  As it has been raining all day today I think this was the calm before the storm.

02 September 2010

My Creative Space

My creative space has been sadly lacking in the creative department this week.  My son has been unwell, and work (the paying kind) has really got in the way.  In fact it is getting in the way a big lot today my day off when I have to go into work this morning then rush back to my side of town for an appointment. I have to admit this week I really want to get off the world for a bit.  

So my creative space is purely in my head this week. If any of you read my blog you will know I love Stampington Publications.  

This is the first time I have got Apprentice and it is an indepth technique magazine which I am going to read cover to cover.  Somerset Studio I have looked at a couple of times already this week when I have had a minute and there are lots of things in there that have me wishing to head to the sewing room to get out my paints and bits and bobs.  It has lots of Halloween stuff in it which I don't know if I like all of it but some of it I love.   There is also an article about when to Buckle Down and stay in the Studio or when it is time to leave it all alone, which in my current frame of mind is quite interesting.  The last mag is the Holiday & Celebration and there are quite a few things in there that I can draw inspiration from.

When the urge to create comes back I also have these to think about.   Kim McLean Patterns that I just had to have.

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01 September 2010

Christmas Pattern Releases

Was it only a month ago that Christmas in July finished.  Here are my two pattern's which will be released as patterns in my etsy store as PDF downloads.   Songs of Christmas is already done.  Hopefully tomorrow I will finish the Christmas Tree.