24 February 2020

15 Minute Challenge & a Tiring Week

I always struggle in February and I think I've worked out why.  Work goes from nothing to full on in those weeks and I'm pretty sure that I struggle emotionally too. By Friday I kind of had enough I'd had a headache since Tuesday and was really feeling like I'd had enough so ended up just dropping tools after extending my working day by an hour.

Feb is not only my birthday but it was my mums birthday too and also the anniversary of her death and there are a few other disappointments to do with her family (well my family) that really come home to me at this time of year.  So it was good to have a quilting class to look forward to this weekend.

The class was with Marg Sampson George.  I haven't ever done a class with her before, my girl friends weren't going so I was a bit apprehensive about going it alone but I survived and although the class had a few strong personalities I did quite enjoy it.  The first day I was pretty quiet my head was still pounding a bit but I got into the swing of things on Sunday and after completing and getting tips on how to for the 2 blocks I was interested in got enthused about another appliqué project from her book and one of her students work which was in a softer colour way than Marg's original quilt.

Marg uses a lot of antique quilts as inspiration and she does a lot of broidery perse and paper piecing which I don't particular like, but she has excellent techniques to share with the group and I picked up some handy hints to add to the technique vault.

Border 4 is still going strong for Springtime Romance and hopefully I can stay awake enough tonight to add a bit more to it.  I am going to do a bit of reverse sewing as well as I am not happy with a couple of flower centres they need resizing.  Maybe 2 more weeks and it will be done and the top will be finished.  Fingers crossed.

Well how did I go this week it was a 6 out of 7 this week again.

17 February 2020

15 Minute Challenge and Another Year is Added to the Tally

Another 6 out of 7 this week.  One night I just couldn't do it I just vegged, it was probably my birthday that did it to me.   Work that day was pretty meh, but I came home to the most magnificent bunch of flowers, which my husband had arranged for Maestro to go and get which made everything much better.   He just told him what to spend and said no flowers starting with C carnations because I can't stand them or chrysanthemums because I only really like a certain type. Which meant they had to remake a new bunch there were lots ready for Valentine's day.    But it had all flowers that I love so it was worth Maestro going through some pain to get them.

Here they are when I first got them and the other picture is from this morning with the lilies open.  It's nearly a week and they are still going strong.  I think the orchids will last the longest and the lisianthus.  

It was my birthday on Wednesday, but hubby got Thursday off so that we could have lunch together for my birthday, and Maestro wasn't working so he tagged along for a free feed.  We tried a pub we hadn't been to before down the coast a little bit (about 4 beaches along) and the meal was pretty good, the day was sunny and we had a lovely view of the beach and the boys mostly behaved themselves.

Mo made me a card, though I told her next year she doesn't have to include my age.

I went to see the new adaption of Emma, on my own because I couldn't get anyone to go and see a Mr Darcy film.  It was the best Emma I've seen and the costumes were magnificent.  I think I'm going to go again with the girls in the next couple of weeks it will be worth it to study the embroidery some more.

I'm off to a quilting class this weekend at the local quilt shop.  Think I'm looking forward to it.  My usual partners in crime wont be there this time, I think that is why I'm not feeling it just now but I have all my fabric and tools just about ready.

Here is a progress shot of the last border for Springtime Romance.  Lots more flowers to go but it is starting to look like the pattern.  The flowers for this border are a lot bigger so hopefully it won't take too much longer.

How has your week gone.  Head to Kate's to see how everyone is getting on with the challenge.

12 February 2020


Its my birthday today and I have decided to celebrate by having a sale.

Starting today 50% off all PDF patterns (except Springtime Romance) in my etsy shop.

10 February 2020

15 Minute Challenge and the end of holidays for some

My hubby finally went back to work last week, he started his time off the same time as me but had lots of hours built up that he hadn't been able to take so they made him take them as part of his holidays.  He is counting down to retirement which he is planning on in 3 years time.

Maestro is glad he is gone, something was said about him cramping his style.  He has been having bunches of friends over to hang out, swim, play table tennis and drink.  At least they have all been responsible with their mode of transport home and haven't been too noisy.

Mo had her "party" on the weekend.  She met all her friends at one of the local beaches and they went to a sunset market and had noodles on the beach.  Most of her friends have their license only her and her boyfriend haven't done anything about it yet so we are still playing taxi for the pair.

The final border for Springtime Romance is moving along, most of the leaves and the open book is finished I am now onto the flowers.  The flowers in the bottom border are slightly bigger so I am hoping that it won't take too long to finish.

I missed one day this week so it is 6 out of 7 for me.  One day I just needed to veg in front of the TV and not worry about stitching.

I'm booked into Marg Sampson George's class at Hetties in a couple of weeks so I was trying to decide which quilt to start.  I purchased one of her template sets and order the pattern and templates for another quilt that I like the look of from her Etsy shop hopefully it will get her in time.  Here are the fabrics I have pulled for the 2 projects.

03 February 2020

15 Minutes & Schools In

Mo headed back to school last week.  She wasn't too impressed with her home group after being with the same kids for 3 years they've made a big change and this year each home group class is made up of senior school from year 10, 11 and 12.  She managed to land in a class that didn't have any of her friends in it.  At least home group generally is only 10 minutes in the morning, though she had to spend her whole first day (her birthday) in home group.

We took her out to dinner after the first day of school and she was a bit quiet to begin with but then brightened up as the night went on.

Things seem to have settled down with her by the end of the week and she is starting the power on with her studies.

I have been stitching like a mad women all week to try and get the top border finished of Springtime Romance, its done and attached to the quilt there is a progress picture in my previous post.

Block 8 can be downloaded for free for a few more days.

I've now started on the bottom border which features an open book.  I think it is starting to look like an open book.  It will probably take a couple of weeks to finish but I really need to get on with it.

Well its been a 7 out of 7 week this week I really can't slow down until its all finished.

Head to Kate's to see how everyone else has got on.  

01 February 2020

Free BOM Springtime Romance Block 8

Here we are at block 8.   Back basting really lends itself to this block.  It helps with keeping everything where it needs to be.  

One more block and the centre of the quilt is nearly finished.  There is only one set of templates for this block no need for a mirror image.  

Sorry you have missed out.  You can purchase the block here.  Also check out my sale starting 12th of February 50% off all PDF patterns (except Springtime Romance) in my shop

 Border Progress shot